An analysis authored by epidemiologist William Finkle and researchers at UCLA of insurance claims for more than 55,000 men looked at the rate of heart attacks within 90 days of starting testosterone. In men 65 and older, the risk more than doubled. In men younger than 65, with a history of heart disease, the risk almost tripled.

Testosterone treatment is approved by the Food and Drug Administration only for conditions linked with so-called "low T" - documented low testosterone levels. But many men without low T are being treated for a variety of symptoms such as fatigue and diminished libido. A study earlier this month found 43 percent of men receiving the hormone had a normal level.

"We don't know very much about this therapy," said Dr. Steve Nissen, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. "What's going on is a giant experiment with American men's health at stake because we don't have the long-term data on the safety of these products."

One possible way testosterone might be causing problems is by increasing clotting within arteries supplying the heart. The FDA said that right now heart attack is not on the warning label and that the agency is reviewing today's study.

UCLAの疫学者William Finkleと研究者たちは、55000人以上の男性の保険金請求の分析で、テストステロン使用開始から90日以内の心臓発作を調べた。65歳以上の男性では、リスクが2倍以上になっていた。65未満の男性で、心臓の病歴がある場合、リスクはほぼ3倍になっていた。

テストステロン治療は、いわゆる"low T"すなわち文書化された低テストステロンに関連した症状についてのみ、FDAに認可された治療法である。しかし、"low T"ではない多くの男性の、疲労や性欲減退など様々な症状の治療にテストステロンが使われている。今月初めに発表された研究によれば、テストステロン治療を受けている男性の43%は、テストステロンのレベルは正常だった。

Cleveland ClinicのDr Steve Nissenによれば「我々のこの治療法について多くを知らない。これらの製品についての長期的安全性のデータがないので、米国の男性の健康を危機にさらして、大規模な実験を進めているようなものである。」


[ONATHAN LAPOOK: "Testosterone supplements linked to heart attacks in new study" (2014/01/29) on CBS NEWS]
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Smithsonian Magazineによれば...
[Rachel Nuwer: A Surprising Number of College Students Struggle to Find Enough Food (2014/01/29) on Smithsonian Magazine]


Food insecurity, a problem normally associated with poverty, also plagues college campuses

Food insecurity, defined as the "limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe foods, and limited or uncertain ability to acquire acceptable foods in socially acceptable ways," is a problem normally associated with economic hardship. In 2011, around 15 percent of all U.S. households suffered from food insecurity, many of which also fell well below the poverty line.

According to new research, however, this problem might also impact another cohort of people: college students. In a study conducted at Western Oregon University, scientists found that 59 percent of around 350 surveyed students reported conditions qualifying them as food insecure during at least one point in the last year. In a statement, the researchers said they expected to find some degree of food insecurity on the campus, but that the actual prevalence revealed by the study was "shocking."

Increasing cost of tuition, rent, books, supplies and other higher education-related expenses may be drying up funds that students would otherwise use to feed themselves and maintain a healthy diet, the researchers hypothesize. Lacking in nutrients, the researchers say, might also impact a student's ability to perform well cognitively and excel at school.

While the study was confined to a single university, the team speculates that the results would likely apply to other campuses across the country.


新たな調査によれば、しかし、この問題は別なコホートの人々、すなわち大学生にも及んでいる。Western Oregon Universityの研究によれば、科学者たちは、調査対象の約350名の大学生の59%が、昨年1年間に少なくとも1回は食料不安の状態に陥っていたと回答した。ステートメントの中で、研究者たちはある程度の食料不安が見つかることは予期していたが、研究によって明らかになった実際の数値は「衝撃的」だと述べている。



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A sixth-grade teacher's advocacy of creationism is at the center of the complaint in a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana on January 22, 2014. The lawsuit was filed by the American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Louisiana on behalf of Scott Lane, Sharon Lane, and their three children, including their son, C. C., a Buddhist of Thai heritage. Documents from the case, Lane et al. v. Sabine Parish School Board et al., are available from the ACLU's website.

2014年1月22日に合衆国ルイジアナ州西部地裁が受理した訴状によれば、訴えの中心は6学年担当教師の創造論の宣伝にある。訴訟はScott LaneとSharon Laneと、 タイ仏教徒であるC.Cを含む3人の子供たちに代って、ACLU(米国自由人権協会)及びルイジアナ州ACLUが行ったものである。Lane et al. v. Sabine Parish学区裁判の訴状は、ACLUのサイトで読める

According to the complaint (PDF), C. C.'s former sixth-grade teacher "treats the Bible as scientific fact, telling students that the Big Bang never happened and that evolution is a 'stupid' theory that 'stupid people made up because they don’t want to believe in God.'” She tells her students that "if evolution were real, it would still be happening: Apes would still be turning into humans today." She "repeatedly instructed students that evolution is not valid as a scientific theory and that God made the world 6,000 years ago." She skipped the chapter on evolution in the science textbook. In addition, she includes religious material on her science tests. On one examination, students were expected to fill in the blank in the sentence "ISN'T IT AMAZING WHAT THE __________ MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" C. C. was penalized for not supplying the word "LORD." The teacher similarly grants extra credit for writing "Isn't it amazing what the Lord has made" on assignments and examinations.


[Creationism in Louisiana lawsuit (2014/01/28) on ncse]

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「さて、太陽も月も星もなく、第一日目には天すら存在しなかったのに、「第一日」、「第二日」、「第三日」と言われ、おまけに「朝」と「晩」があったとされているのを、合理的である解釈する人が誰かいるだろうか、私は尋ねたい」と書いたオリゲネス(184/185 – 253/254)は、他にも聖書を字義通り読むことの奇妙さの例を挙げていた。

10. 「主はこう言われる。あなたたちは、慎んで、安息日に荷を運ばないようにしなさい。エルサレムのどの門からも持ち込んではならない。」 (エレミヤ書17章21節)
11. 「作り話や切りのない系図に心を奪われたりしないようにと。このような作り話や系図は、信仰による神の救いの計画の実現よりも、むしろ無意味な詮索を引き起こします。」 (テモテへの手紙一/1章4節)
c. バビロニアのタルムード Sabbath VI,2

[オリゲネス(小高毅 訳): 諸原理について (第4巻3章一, p.298)]
MISHNA III.: One who carries out anything in the right or in the left hand or in his bosom or on his shoulder is culpable, as so was the manner in which the sons of Kehath carried (their burdens). 1 But one who carries out a thing on the back of his hand or with his foot, with his mouth, with his elbow, with his ear, with his hair, with his waist bag, the opening of which is at the bottom, or between his belt and his shirt, with the edge of his shirt, with his shoe or sandal, is not culpable, because he carries it in an unusual manner.


GEMARA: R. Elazar said: "One who carries out a burden ten spans above the ground [not on his shoulder, but in the air] is culpable, because in this manner the sons of Kehath carried their burdens." Whence do we know that the sons of Kehath carried their burdens in this way? It is written [Numb. iii. 26]: "Which is by the tabernacle and by the altar round about." Hence he compares the tabernacle to the altar. As the tabernacle was ten ells, so was also the altar ten ells; and whence do we know that the tabernacle itself was ten ells? Because it is written [Ex. xxvi. 16]: "Ten ells shall be the length of the boards." Or we may say that we know that the sons of Kehath carried their burdens in this manner from the ark, as the Master said: The ark was nine spans high, and with the cover, which was one span higher, it was ten. Experience is to the effect that when a burden was carried on the shoulders by means of poles, one-third of the burden was above the poles and two-thirds below; then as the ark was ten spans high and one-third of it was carried above the shoulders, it was certainly more than ten spans above the ground.

Elazar師は言った「肩の上ではなく、空中で、地上から10スパンの高さで荷物を運んだ場合は違反である。Kehathの子らが荷をそのようにして運んだからである。」どうやって、我々がKehathの子らがそのように荷物を運んでのを知っているのか? 民数記3章25節に「幕屋と祭壇を囲む庭の周りの幕とその入り口の幕、綱、およびそれにかかわる仕事をすることである。」と書かれている。したがって、彼は幕屋と祭壇を比較している。幕屋は10アンマであり、したがって、祭壇は10アンマだった。では、どうやって、幕屋が10アンマだったことがわかるのか? それは出エジプト記26章16節にある。「一枚の壁板は縦十アンマ、横一・五アンマ」 あるいは、Kehathの子らが彼らの荷をそのようにしてアークから運んだことを知っていると言ってもいいかもしれない。主が言われるように、アークは9スパンの高さがあり、1スパンの高さのカバーがあった。したがって、10スパンである。ポールを用いて肩の上で運べば、荷物の1/3はポールの上に、2/3はポールの下になる。アークは10スパンあり、1/3が肩の上で運ばれたので、確かに地上より10スパン以上ある。

[Babylonia Talmud Sabbath X (English Translation]

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Missouri's House Bill 1587, introduced and given its first reading in the Missouri House of Representatives on January 23, 2014, is the fourth antiscience bill of the year and the second in the state. As is increasingly common with antiscience legislation, HB 1587 would, if enacted, in effect encourage science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased − proponents of creationism and climate change denial are the usual intended beneficiaries of such bills − and discourage responsible educational authorities from intervening. The bill specifically cites "the theory of biological and hypotheses of chemical evolution" as controversial.


HB 1587 would require state and local educational authorities to "assist teachers to find more effective ways to present the science curriculum where it addresses scientific controversies and permit teachers "to help students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of the theory of biological and hypotheses of chemical evolution"; it would prevent such authorities from "prohibit[ing] any teacher in a public school system of this state from helping students understand, analyze, critique, and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of biological or chemical evolution whenever these subjects are taught."


The sponsor of HB 1587 is Andrew Koenig (R-District 99); its cosponsors are Rick Brattin (R-District 55), Donna Lichtenegger (R-District 146), Kurt Bahr (R-District 102), Galen Higdon (R-District 11), Sandy Crawford (R-District 129), and Paul Wieland (R-District 112). Koenig was the sponsor of a string of similar bills: HB 179 in 2013, HB 1276 in 2012, and HB 195 in 2011. All failed. Koenig is also a cosponsor of House Bill 1472 in 2014, a bill that would require equal time for "intelligent design" in Missouri's public schools, including introductory courses at colleges and universities. He cosponsored the similar HB 291 in 2013 and HB 1227 in 2012; both failed.

[A second antievolution bill in Missouri  (2014/01/27) on ncse]
ミズーリ州1個目の反進化論州法案HB1472の提案者Rick Brattinは、これの共同提案者となっている。HB1472が親に対して子供に進化論教育を受けさせないようにする権利を与えるのに対して、このHB1587はよくある「強いところと弱いところ」州法案である。







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[非常時国民行動要領 (2013)]
1976年作成の英国のProtect and Surviveとあまり変わらないノリである。一般国民向け核攻撃避難施設は存在しないので、できることはこんなところのようだ。
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Across Texas, Arkansas and Indiana, Slate reports, about 17,000 students in publicly funded Responsive Education Solutions charter schools are given textbooks that put creationism in the classroom on the sly. The Supreme Court ruled creationism unconstitutional, and a federal court judge equated so-called intelligent design with creationism and declared it unconstitutional.


And the Council on Foreign Relations adds its data to frightening findings that in parts of North America and Europe where parents are refusing to immunize their children, childhood diseases that vaccinations all but wiped out two generations ago are sickening and killing children again, in no small part because so many parents are rejecting more than 150 years of scientific proof that vaccines work.


[ "What creationists and anti-vaxxers have in common" (2014/01/23) on LA times]
They are about refusing to acknowledge the facts in evidence, to the detriment not only of themselves but of others. There are undoubtedly creationist parents who vaccinate their children, and anti-vaccinator parents who wouldn’t question the truth of evolution. But they have this in common. The consequences of their beliefs reach beyond their own sphere of believers. These are public schools, and this is public health.


[ "What creationists and anti-vaxxers have in common" (2014/01/23) on LA times]

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How can so many people, in the name of skepticism, promote so many absurdities? The answer is that people who suspect conspiracies aren’t really skeptics. Like the rest of us, they’re selective doubters. They favor a worldview, which they uncritically defend. But their worldview isn’t about God, values, freedom, or equality. It’s about the omnipotence of elites.

かくも多くの人々が、懐疑論の名のもとに、不条理を宣伝するのか? 答えは、陰謀を疑う者たちは本当は懐疑論者でないことにある。我々同様に、彼らは選択的に疑っている。彼らは、ある種の世界観を好んであり、彼らはその世界観を無批判に擁護する。しかし、その世界観は神や価値や自由や平等についてではない。全能のエリートたちについての世界観だ。

[William Saletan: "Conspiracy Theorists Aren’t Really Skeptics" (2013/11/19) on Slate]
Many studies and surveys have documented this pattern. Several months ago, Public Policy Polling asked 1,200 registered U.S. voters about various popular theories. Fifty-one percent said a larger conspiracy was behind President Kennedy’s assassination; only 25 percent said Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. Compared with respondents who said Oswald acted alone, those who believed in a larger conspiracy were more likely to embrace other conspiracy theories tested in the poll. They were twice as likely to say that a UFO had crashed in Roswell, N.M., in 1947 (32 to 16 percent) and that the CIA had deliberately spread crack cocaine in U.S. cities (22 to 9 percent). Conversely, compared with respondents who didn’t believe in the Roswell incident, those who did were far more likely to say that a conspiracy had killed JFK (74 to 41 percent), that the CIA had distributed crack (27 to 10 percent), that the government “knowingly allowed” the 9/11 attacks (23 to 7 percent), and that the government adds fluoride to our water for sinister reasons (23 to 2 percent).

多くの研究や調査がこのパターンを記録している。数か月前、Public Policy `Pollingは米国有権者1200名に、良く知られた陰謀論について調査した。51%がケネディ大統領の暗殺には巨大な陰謀が背後にあると回答した。25%がLee Harvey Oswaldの単独犯行と回答した。Oswald単独犯行と回答した人々と比べて、巨大な陰謀を信じる人々は、調査で質問した他の陰謀論も支持する傾向があった。1947年のRoswellのUFO墜落(32% vs 16%)や、CIAが米国の都市にクラックコカインを撒いているについて(22% vs 9%)、2倍がイエスと回答している。逆に、Roswell墜落事故を信じない回答者たちと比べると、ケネディが暗殺された(74% vs 41%)や、CIAが米国の都市にクラックコカインを撒いている(27% vs 10%)や、9.11の攻撃を知りながら見逃した(23% vs 7%)や、政府が不吉な理由で水道にフッ素を添加している(23% vs 2%)にイエスと回答する比率は明かに高かった。

[William Saletan: "Conspiracy Theorists Aren’t Really Skeptics" (2013/11/19) on Slate]
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まだ以前の水準にまで静かにはなっていない (Update 〜2014/01/23)

震源(北緯24-50, 東経122-152)のM≧4の地震の推移(週次)を見てみた。(2010年12月あたりのピークは父島近海の地震である。)(回数が少ないところは、最大値50回/週の下図で)
[Source: EQLIST + 気象庁]
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「ノアの洪水」が本当に起きたと信じている米国人がどれくらいいるかを調べた世論調査がないか、さがしてみたところ、ABCによる世論調査が2004年に行われていた。それによると、「Red Sea: モーゼは紅海を割った」「Creation: 神は6日間で世界を創造した」「Noah's Flood: ノアの洪水は起きた」を文字通り信じているかについて...
Red Sea Creation Noah's Flood
All 64 61 60
Catholics 50 51 44
Protestants 79 75 73
Evangelical Protestants 91 87 87
Non-evangelical Prote
59 55 50
No religion 32 24 29


Are Jews today responsible for the death of Jesus?
Yes No
All 8 80
Catholics 6 82
Protestants 11 78
Evangelical Protestants 12 77
Non-evangelical Protestants 12 83
No religion 3 83 <
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Missouri's House Bill 1472, introduced in the House of Representatives on January 16, 2014, is the third antiscience bill of the year, following Virginia's HB 207 and Oklahoma's SB 1765. If enacted, the bill would require "[a]ny school district or charter school which provides instruction relating to the theory of evolution by natural selection" to have "a policy on parental notification and a mechanism where a parent can choose to remove the student from any part of the district's or school's instruction on evolution." Parents and guardians would receive a notification containing "[t]he basic content of the district's or school's evolution instruction to be provided to the student" and "[t]he parent's right to remove the student from any part of the district's or school's evolution instruction."
The sponsors of HB 1472 are Rick Brattin (R-District 55) and Andy Koenig (R-District 99). Both have a history of sponsoring antievolution legislation in Missouri. In 2012, Koenig sponsored and Brattin cosponsored House Bill 1276, a "strengths and weaknesses" bill, and Brattin sponsored and Koenig cosponsored House Bill 1227, which would have required equal time for "intelligent design" in public schools, including introductory courses at colleges and universities. In 2013, Koenig sponsored and Brattin cosponsored House Bill 179, a "strengths and weaknesses" bill, and Brattin sponsored and Koenig cosponsored House Bill 291, which would have required equal time for "intelligent design" in public schools, including introductory courses at colleges and universities. All died.

HB1472に提案者は、Disctrict-55選出の共和党Rich Brattin州下院議員と、District-99選出の共和党Andy Koenig州下院議員である。彼らはいずれも、これまでにもミズーリ州で反進化論州法案を提案してきた。2012年には、Koenigが提案者、Brattinが共同提案者として、「強いところと弱いところ」なHB1276を、Brattinが提案者、Koenigが共同提案者として、「公立学校及び大学の入門コースでのインテリジェントデザイン等時間教育」なHB1277を提案した。2013年には、Koeningが提案者として、Brattinが共同提案者として、「強いところと弱いところ」なHB179を、Brattinが提案者として、Koeningが共同提案者として、「公立学校及び大学の入門コースでのインテリジェントデザイン等時間教育」なHB291を提案した。いずれも廃案になっている。

[Antievolution legislation in Missouri (2014/01/17) on ncse]








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HDC 77


15. During a period of crisis and when so directed, Health Authorities should arrange for all patients in hospitals, nursing and convalescent homes, whose retention was not medically essential, to be sent home. The purpose of this evacuation would be to free hospitals to deal with later casualties, to afford patients the greater protection that dispersal to their own homes would provide and to allow for the redistribution of equipment and staff. It is hoped that there would be sufficient warning of an attack to allow seven days for the discharge of patients, but plans should allow for a more rapid discharge should this become necessary.


[Home Defence Circular HDC 77 1 quoted inhills borough independent gov uk]
強制的な退院のシーンが「Threads (BBC 1984) 32:53」にある。

62. Despite any damage and the disruption of public utilities and service, the surviving hospitals might be expected to offer the best facilities for surgical procedures. The Director would have to enforce strict priorities for the admission of casualties to prevent hospitals being overwhelmed. In general, hospitals should, initially, accept only those casualties who, after limited surgical procedures, would be likely to be alive after seven days, with a fair chance of eventual recovery. The more complete the recovery that could be expected, the higher the priority for admission. People suffering from radiation sickness only, should not be admitted. There is no specific treatment for radiation injury, although spontaneous recovery may be assisted by good nursing, and all radiation cases should be nursed in the community. Hospitals would call forward priority cases from CCCs as space for their treatment became available. Casualties would be returned to the community as soon as their clinical condition allowed.


[Home Defence Circular HDC 77 1 quoted inhills borough independent gov uk]
かなり強力なトリアージを定めている。これに相当するシーンが「The War Game (BBC 1965) 25:28」にある。

The single most harrowing paragraph, perhaps, comes from Health Circular HDC 77 with instructions to hospitals:

"Hospitals should accept only those casualties who would be likely to be alive after seven days with a fair chance of eventual recovery. People suffering from radiation sickness only should not be admitted. There is no specific treatment for radiation injury"


[Mary McGrory:"The Sacry Acceptance of Nuclear War (1981//05/10) on Toledo Blade]

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Senate Bill 1765 (document), styled the Oklahoma Science Education Act, is the second antiscience bill of the year. As is increasingly common with antiscience legislation, SB 1765 would, if enacted, in effect encourage science teachers with idiosyncratic opinions to teach anything they pleased − proponents of creationism and climate change denial are the usual intended beneficiaries of such bills − and discourage responsible educational authorities from intervening. No scientific topics are specifically identified as controversial, but the fact that the sole sponsor of SB 1765 is Josh Brecheen (R-District 6), who introduced similar legislation that directly targeted evolution in two previous legislative sessions, is suggestive.

SB 1765 would require state and local educational authorities to "assist teachers to find effective ways to present the science curriculum as it addresses scientific controversies" and permit teachers to "help students understand, analyze, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught"; it would prevent such authorities from "prohibit[ing] any teacher in a public school district in this state from helping students understand, analyze, critique and review in an objective manner the scientific strengths and weaknesses of existing scientific theories covered in the course being taught."

オクラホマ理科教育州法に合わせたSB1765は、2014年の2晩めの反科学州法案である。反科学州法案で共通するようになってきたように、SB1765は成立すれば、特異な意見を持つ理科教師に、教えたいものを教えることを推奨し、教育当局がそれを阻止することを思いとどまらせるものである。このような州法案では、創造論や気候変動の支持者が意図された受益者である。論争対象として科学的トピックは明示されていないが、SB1765の提案者であるDistrict-6選出共和党Josh Brecheen州上院議員は、過去に2回、進化論を直接ターゲットにした同様の州法案を提案していることから、意図が示唆される。



[Antiscience bill in Oklahoma (2014/01/16) on ncse]







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ホメオパシーについて英国人が考えていること by Edzard Ernst

昨日取り上げた補完代替医療について英国人の考え方についてのStoneman et al 2013の研究について、Edzard Ernstが自分たちの結果とかなり異なっていると述べている。
Perhaps because they are more up-to-date, these findings are considerably different from our own results obtained from the Health Survey for England 2005. We used data of all 7630 respondents and showed that lifetime and 12-month prevalence of AM-use were 44.0% and 26.3% respectively; 12.1% had consulted a practitioner in the preceding 12 months. Massage, aromatherapy and acupuncture were the most commonly used therapies. Twenty-nine percent of respondents taking prescription drugs had used AM in the last 12 months. Women, university educated respondents, those suffering from anxiety or depression, people with poorer mental health and lower levels of perceived social support, people consuming ≥ 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day were significantly more likely to use AM.

In the new survey, a quarter of those not using homeopathy said this was because they had never heard of it; a third because they had never been advised to use it and/or that they’d never had an illness that required it; and 3% said it was because homeopathic remedies were too expensive. About a quarter of non-users said that they avoided homeopathy because they didn’t believe that it worked, or that conventional medicine worked better.

Of the homeopathy-users, 49% said they were “willing to try anything and didn’t think it could do any harm”. Only 16% claimed to use it because they believed it worked better than conventional medicine. This means that only around 3% of the population have used homeopathy because of a belief that it works where conventional medicine doesn’t. The rest either have not used it, or used it for other reasons.

彼らのデータが新しいからなのか、我々がHealth Survey for England 2005から得た結果とはかなり違っている。我々が使った7630名のデータでは、生涯及び過去12か月の代替医療使用が44.0%及び26.3%であり、過去12か月に医師の診断を受けたのは12.1%だった。マッサージやあろアセラピーや鍼は、最も使われている療法である。処方薬を使っている回答者のうち、29%が過去1か月に代替医療を使ったことがあった。女性、大学卒の回答者、不安や抑鬱の人々、精神衛生が良くなく社会的サポートも低レベルの人々、1日5個以上の果実や野菜を食べている人々は、有意に代替医療を使っていた。



[Edzard Ernst: "What Brits really think about homeopathy" (2014/01/14)]
Edzard Ernstたちの調査結果では、ホメオパシーを効くと信じて使っている人々は、全体の3%である。それくらい少ないので、Stoneman et al 2013の研究でも、「通常医療不支持・代替補完医療支持」が統計的に見えなかったと考えることができて、Edzard Ernstが言うほど違った結果ではないかもしれない。
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Yet while binary opposition between support for homeopathy (and other complementary and alternative (CAM) treatments) is how public debate is framed, it is far from clear that the public thinks and does the same.


In research we carried out using the Wellcome Monitor Survey, we interviewed a random sample of 1179 UK adults aged over 18 about homeopathy and other CAM. We also wanted to know why some people chose or not to use these treatments.

Wellcome Monitor Surveyを使った我々の研究では、18歳以上の英国人1179名に、ホメオパシーや代替補完医療について質問した。我々は、人々が何故これらの治療法を選択するのか、あるいは選択しないのか知ろうとした。


[What does the public really think about homeopathy? (2014/01/13) on TheConvesation]
To explore this further, we used a statistical modelling technique called latent class analysis, which helps identify groups of persons that are similar to each other in their profile of survey responses. We selected questions for analysis based on the key dimensions of public debate: the importance of science education, belief in the effectiveness of homeopathy, use of CAM, trust in medical doctors and optimism about medical advances in general.

さらに深堀するために、調査回答プロファイルの類似した人々の集団を特定することに役立つ、Latent Class Analysisと呼ばれる統計モデルテクニックを使った。科学教育の重要性、ホメオパシーの効果についての信条、代替補完医療の利用、通常医師への信頼、医学の発展への楽観性という、人々の議論の主要な軸に基づいて、分析の質問項目を選定した。

We found that we could split the public into three groups. The first, who we called the “disaffected”, comprise just under 30%. They are generally pessimistic about medicine, don’t see the value of science education and don’t believe in the efficacy of homeopathy either.

A second “conventional” group, accounting for just over 30% of citizens, are likely to be supportive and trusting of conventional medicine, reject CAM and value science education.

The third and largest group (just over 40% of the population) is the most interesting. This group is likely to have used CAM and to think that homeopathy is effective. Yet they are overwhelmingly trusting of medical doctors, value science education and are optimistic about medical advances. We call this group the “dissonants” (although they are unlikely to call themselves that).




[What does the public really think about homeopathy? (2014/01/13) on TheConvesation]

[Paul Stoneman: et al"Incommensurable Worldviews? Is Public Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicines Incompatible with Support for Science and Conventional Medicine?, PLOSONE 2013]
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Collier's 1950年8月5日が描くマンハッタンへの核攻撃

Collier's の1950年8月5日号に、John Learによるマンハッタンへの原爆攻撃の予測記事が掲載された[Copy]。この記事は、米国を代表するSFや科学をテーマとした画家・イラストレーターChesley Bonestell(1888-1986)による、マンハッタンへの原爆攻撃の想像図を使っている。
[Colliers, 1950/08/05 (copy on japanfocus)]

[Colliers, 1950/08/05 (copy on drexel)]
[Colliers, 1950/08/05 (copy on drexel)]

このような核攻撃想定記事は週刊誌ばかりでなく、新聞にも掲載されるようになる。たとえば、1956年7月20日のBuffalo Evening Newsや、1956年7月21日のThe Grand Rapids Heraldなど...


粉砕される 43% (人口50万以上の都市住民 63% 人口5万以下の町の住人 25%)
粉砕されない 38%
わからない 19%

生き延びられない 38%
生き延びられる 29%
わからない 33%

[The Lewiston Daily Sun - Jul 11, 1956]
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Meanwhile, not all homeopaths are happy with the Cabinet decision. They believe homeopaths will lose their distinctive edge if they start following allopathy. "It is definitely the darkest period in a real homeopath's life. Soon my science will become extinct, thanks to the unfortunate decision," said homeopath Dr Shreepad Khedekar.

一方、内閣の決定をすべてのホメオパスが歓迎しているわけではない。彼らは、通常医療に従い始めると、ホメオパスは際立った強みを失うと考えている。「現実のホメオパス人生のまったくの暗黒期だ。この不幸な決定で、私の科学は滅びてしまう」と、ホメオパスDr Shreepad Khedekarは述べた。

[ (2014/01/11) on Times of India via Doubtful News]

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LIFE 1945年11月19号が描く核戦争(2/2)






[LIFE 1945/11/19 PP.32-33 ]






[LIFE 1945/11/19 PP.34-35 ]

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In a move that could benefit over 60,000 homeopaths practising in Maharashtra and one that has invited shock and anger from MBBS doctors and others, the Maharashtra government has given its nod to a proposal to permit homeopaths to prescribe allopathic drugs after they complete a year-long course in pharmacology.

The Indian Medical Association has opposed the decision, threatening to approach the Bombay High Court and calling it a move to promote quackery.



[Homeopaths can do one-year course, prescribe allopathy drugs: Maha govt (2014/01/10) on FirstPost]
"Most hospitals face an acute shortage of MBBS doctors and have to recruite ayurveda practitioners and homeopaths. The bridge course on pharmacology will upgrade doctors' skills," said Bomi Bhote, chief executive officer (CEO) of Ruby Hall Clinic.

Senior surgeon Dhananjay Kelkar, medical director of Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital, said after the year- long training in pharmacology, these doctors will do well in general practice. "They are covered by the consumer protection law. It is a sensible step," he added.

「大半の病院が通常医師不足に直面して、ホメオパスやアーユルヴェーダ療法師を採用せざるを得なくなっている。薬学のブリッジコースは、これらの医師のスキル向上させるものだ」と、Ruby Hall ClinicのCEOであるBomi Bhoteは述べている。

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospitalの上級外科医で医療ディレクタであるDhananjay Kelkarは、「一年間の薬学トレーニング後は、これらの医師たちは一般医療行為をうまくできるだろう。これらの行為は消費者保護法の対象である。公的監督下にある」と述べた。

[Umesh Isalkar: "Opening doors for homeopaths makes sense to some medicos" (2014/01/11) on Times of India]
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Colorado officials are considering tightening the rules for vaccinations, and may make it more difficult for parents to claim religious exemptions for their kids. Right now, opting out of inoculation is typically as easy as filling out a form. But if health officials approve the new policy, parents who want to exempt their kids from vaccine requirements for non-medical reasons will need to receive more education on the benefits and risks of vaccination first.

The state’s health department is considering the rule change in light of recent outbreaks of infectious diseases, like whooping cough and measles, that have been linked to vaccine denial. Federal officials have repeatedly warned parents that failing to vaccinate their kids leaves them vulnerable to contracting these illnesses, which have been on the rise lately.



2012-13学校年度において、予防接種をしなかった幼稚園の比率 (白色<1.0% ..... 赤茶色≧6.0%)
[A Booster Shot for Vaccines (2014/01/05) on Washington Post]

Other states with high vaccination refusal rates, like Oregon and Washington, have also made it more difficult for parents to opt their kids out of vaccines.


[TARA CULP-RESSLER:"Colorado May Become The Latest State To Crack Down On Vaccine Denialism" (2014/01/06) on ThinkProgress]

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