Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Aderemi Ibirogba, specifically advised the citizenry to be wary of the activities of alleged fraudsters who were reportedly making spurious claims about their ability to provide cure for the deadly virus.

Aderemi Ibirogba情報戦略担当は、恐るべきエボラウィルスに対する治療を提供できるという誤った主張をしているとされる、疑わしい詐欺師たちの活動に注意するよう、国民に助言した。

[Be careful of Nigeria pastors claiming to cure Ebola (2014/07/31) on CAJ via Washington Post]

Speaking at a press briefing in Lagos, Professor Abdulsalami Nasidi of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) said some of the affected people with EVD in neighbouring countries might want to come to Lagos, Nigeria, where there were many healing houses that claim to have cure for diseases.

According to him, such healing houses and churches should be warned as they could be used to spread the deadly virus all in the name of trying to heal victims of the disease.

Nasidi appealed to healing houses or miracle centres that have patients with symptoms of EVD to quickly report such to the government for immediate action to curtail any possibility of spreading the disease.

ラゴスでの記者会見で、ナイジェリア疾病予防センター(NCDC)のAbdulsalami Nasidi教授は「近隣諸国のエボラ感染者たちが、エボラを治療できると主張するヒーリングハウスが多くある、ここナイジェリアのラゴスに来ようとするかもしれない。そのようなヒーリングハウスや教会に対して、治療の名のもとに、エボラウィルスを拡散することになりうると警告する。」と述べた。

[GEORGE OKOJIE: "Hand Over Patients With Ebola Virus FG, LASG Tell Churches, Healers" (2014/07/31) on LeaderShipNJ via Washington Post]
現時点で、特に目立っているのはItuah Ighodalo牧師である。彼はFacebookで...
Several years ago, Ebola virus erupted in Africa, killing thousands without restrain or cure. The medical world was perplexed. A great man of God by the name John G Lake came to the rescue. ... But with bare hands, cleaning secretion and curing every victim, John G Lake along with his Holy
The post − which was factually incorrect − was focused on the story of a Canadian-American Pentecostal pastor and faith healer by the name of John G. Lake, who operated a ministry in Africa in the early 1900s.
Well, not quite: As the World Health Organization helpfully notes, the Ebola virus first emerged in 1976 − 41 years after Lake's death.

その投稿は、事実として間違っているが、1900年代初頭にアフリカでミニストリを運営していたカナダ系米国人のペンテコステ派牧師で信仰療法師だったJohn G. Lakeの名を挙げている。

WHOはエボラが最初に出現したのは1976年だと書いているが、これはJohn G. Lakeの死亡から41年後のことである。

[Abby Phillip: "Nigerian official warns pastors and healers to stop making false Ebola-cure claims" (2014/07/31) on WashingtonPost]

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Ernest Bai Koroma, the president of Sierra Leone, deployed the army to quarantine Ebola-stricken neighborhoods and banned public meetings for at least 60 days, except for those dedicated to education about the virus.

Mr. Koroma also canceled overseas trips for top officials, including his planned visit to Washington next week for a three-day summit of about 50 African leaders with U.S. President Barack Obama.

"Extraordinary challenges require extraordinary measures," Mr. Koroma said in a televised address. "The disease is beyond the scope of any one country or community to defeat."

シェラレオネのErnest Bai Koroma大統領は、エボラ感染地区の隔離に軍隊を配備し、エボラ教育以外の目的の集会を少なくとも今後60日間禁止とした。

また、Koroma大統領は、アフリカ50か国の首脳及び米国のBarack Obama大統領との来週3日間のサミットのためのワシントン訪問を含む、すべての海外公式訪問をキャンセルした。「途方もない事態には、途方もない対策が必要である、もはやエボラは一国あるいは一地域で対処可能な状態にはない」とKoroma大統領はテレビ演説で述べた。

[DREW HINSHAW And BETSY MCKAY: "West African Governments Step Up Response to Ebola Epidemic"(2014/07/31) on Wall Street Journal]
さらに、Wall Street Journalによれば、WHOはエボラ感染の及んでいる西アフリカ諸国の首脳と2014年8月1日にギニアで会議を開き、エボラ制圧に向けた1億ドルの対策を開始する。

Nigeria's civil aviation authority (NCAA) said on Thursday it had started temperature screening passengers arriving from places at risk from Ebola and had suspended pan-African airline Asky for bringing the first case to Lagos.
Patrick Sawyer, a consultant for Liberia's Finance Ministry in his 40s, collapsed on arrival at Lagos airport on July 20 on an Asky flight. He was put in isolation at the First Consultants Hospital in Obalende, one of the most crowded parts of the city, but died early on July 25.
Authorities were monitoring 59 people who were in contact with Sawyer, including airport contacts, and are seeking to make contact with all passengers that were on his flight.

リベリア財務省コンサルタントである40歳代のPatrick SawyerがAsky便で2014年7月20日にラゴス空港で倒れて、ラゴスで最も人口い密度の高いObalendeのFirst Consultants Hospitalに隔離されて、7月25日に死亡した。

[Nigeria starts airport Ebola screening (2014/07/31) by Reuters]

In another sign of the spreading danger, Nigerian officials Thursday said they had identified 14 hospital workers at high risk of contracting Ebola. ... The workers have yet to show a fever, said Lagos State Health Commissioner Dr. Jide Idris.

さらに危険性が拡大している兆候として、ナイジェリア当局者は「14名の病院勤務者がエボラ感染のリスクが高いことを特定した」と述べた。... ラゴス州保健局長Dr. Jide Idrisは「14名で発熱した者はいない」と述べた。

[DREW HINSHAW And BETSY MCKAY: "West African Governments Step Up Response to Ebola Epidemic"(2014/07/31) on Wall Street Journal]

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