"Ebola is real"


リベリアのジャーナリストWade Williamsは...
“In the first outbreak, people didn’t really understand what Ebola is,” says Wade Williams, an award-winning Liberian journalist. “The Ministry of Health came out and said they needed a million dollars to fight it, which made people say [the ministry] only wanted money.”


“People are beginning to know that the disease is here, and they’re getting paranoid,” Williams says.


[Ashoka Mukpo: "Why Don't West Africans Believe Ebola Is Real?" (2014/07/04) on VICE New]
また、僻地などにもよく出かけるリベリアの人権運動家Daniel Krakueは...
“People's thinking is that the whole situation is being made up by the government to get money from the international community,” says Daniel Krakue, a Liberian community rights advocate who frequently travels to remote parts of the country. “There is a whole lot of skepticism about the central government in rural areas, especially in terms of providing health services.”


[Ashoka Mukpo: "Why Don't West Africans Believe Ebola Is Real?" (2014/07/04) on VICE New]

もちろん、ギニア・リベリア・シエラレオネには呪などのウィッチクラフトや伝統的治療師という古い世界があり、それもまたエボラ感染拡大を招いている。やはり、大きいのは政府への不信。政府の広報が「Ebola is real」であることが、それを象徴している。
[Ahmed Jallanzo, EPA on [USA Today (2014/07/27)]

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