Most of the new cases are in Liberia, where the government was delivering donated rice to a slum where 50,000 people have been sealed off from the rest of the capital in an attempt to contain the outbreak.

New treatment centers in Liberia are being overwhelmed by patients that were not previously identified. One center with 20 beds opened its doors to 70 possibly infected people, likely coming from "shadow-zones" where people fearing authorities won't let doctors enter, the U.N health agency said.

"This phenomenon strongly suggests the existence of an invisible caseload of patients who are not being detected by the surveillance system," the agency said. This has "never before been seen in an Ebola outbreak."



[BASHIR ADIGUN and JONATHAN PAYE-LAYLEH: "Ebola Spreads in Nigeria; Liberia Has 1,000 Deaths" (2014/08/22) by The Associated Press]
ギニアではこれまで立ち入れなかった村への立ち入りが可能になることで、把握される感染者数が増大している。リベリアでは、それがまだ始まったばかりということかもしれない。(もちろん、首都MonriviaのWest Pointのような隔離封鎖されたスラムだと、その中で蔓延していくことも考えられる。)

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メモ「ハーブ治療師がシエラレオネへのエボラ感染経路だというAFP報道」(UPDATE 2014/08/26)

She quickly saw first-hand one of the reasons Ebola had managed to spread so easily through three West African nations. Families often live on both sides of the shallow, narrow river that divides Guinea from Sierra Leone and from Liberia. People can easily shout across the muddy stream, and boatmen readily ferry travelers from one nation to the next. If people can cross freely, so can Ebola.


[Disease Detective: Kelsey (2014/08/09) on DC]

It has laid waste to the tribal chiefdoms of Sierra Leone, leaving hundreds dead, but the Ebola crisis began with just one healer's claims to special powers.

The outbreak need never have spread from Guinea, health officials revealed to AFP, except for a herbalist in the remote eastern border village of Sokoma.

"She was claiming to have powers to heal Ebola. Cases from Guinea were crossing into Sierra Leone for treatment," Mohamed Vandi, the top medical official in the hard-hit district of Kenema, told AFP. "She got infected and died. During her funeral, women around the other towns got infected."


ギニアのアウトブレイクは、東部国境沿いの僻地Sokomaの村のひとりのハーブ治療師を以外には広まらなかったと、医療当局者がAFPに語った。「彼女はエボラを治療できる力を持っていると主張していた。ギニアからの感染者たちが、治療を求めて国境を越えてシエラに来た。彼女は感染して、死亡した。彼女の葬儀の際に、周辺の町の女性たちが感染してしまった。」とKenemaの感染地域の医療当局者であるMohamed VandiはAFPに語った。
The herbalist's mourners fanned out across the rolling hills of the Kissi tribal chiefdoms, starting a chain reaction of infections, deaths, funerals and more infections. A worrying outbreak turned into a major epidemic when the virus finally hit Kenema city on June 17.


[Sierra Leone's 365 Ebola deaths traced back to one healer (2014/08/20) by AFP]
この報道は、シエラレオネのKenemaの保健行政に携わる人物がAFPに語ったというもの。他の報道機関の報道はAFPを引用する形となっている。容易に国境を越えられる、ギニア・シエラレオネ・リベリア国境地帯で、このハーブ治療師ひとりが感染経路であると、保健当局が追跡・確認できたかどうか何とも言えない。現時点ではBBCやNY TimesやReutersは報道しておらず、とりあえず続報待ち。

2014/08/26 UPDATE

「Kenemaの感染地域の医療当局者であるMohamed Vandi」をソースとするAFP報道以外に、「ハーブ治療師が感染経路である」とする報道があった。
In the eastern district of Kailahun in Sierra Leone, Mamie Lebbie, a traditional herbalist, claimed special powers to cure Ebola and attracted a multitude from Guinea, according to Ebun James-Dekam, general secretary of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone.

Lebbie became the first woman to be infected in Sierra Leone and to die. At her funeral, mourners came from all corners to pay their respects, touching her body and those of their healthy colleagues, leading to a chain of infections.

シエラレオネ教会評議会議長Ebun James-Dekamによれば、シエラレオネのKailahun東部地区で、伝統的ハーブ量治療師Mamie Lebbieがエボラを治癒する特別な力があると主張して、ギニアから多数の人々を惹きつけた。Lebbieはシエラレオネ初の感染者女性となり、死亡した。彼女の葬儀で、各地からの会葬者たちは彼女に敬意を表し、彼女の体と、健康な同僚たちに触れたことで、感染の連鎖を引き起こした。

[Fredrick Nzwili: "As churches take measures to prevent Ebola, traditional healers ply herbs" (2014/08/24) on Religion News LLC]
ところが、「シエラレオネ最初の感染者Mamie Lebbie」がこれより10日ほど前に登場している。
The consequences of this outbreak will ripple for years, says Dr. James Sylvester Squire, Kailahun’s district medical officer. There has been no school or economic activity for months and for survivors like Mamie Lebbie - the country’s first laboratory-confirmed patient and survivor - her illness prevented her from farming and she is only now ploughing her fields, while others are already growing their rice; she worries about where she will get food or money in the coming months.

Kailahun地区の医療責任者Dr. James Sylvester Squireは、今回のアウトブレイクの影響は何年も残るだろうと述べた。シエラレオネ最初の感染が確認されたMamie Lebbieのような生存者は数か月にわたり学校や経済活動が止まる。彼女は病気のために農作業ができなかったので、他の人々がコメを栽培してるときに、農地を耕している。これからの数か月、どうやって食料やお金を手にいればいいのか彼女は途方に暮れている。

[In Sierra Leone, an exhausting struggle to contain Ebola (2014/08/13) on TheStar]

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