万能薬な効果(エボラを含む)を宣伝するエッセンシャルオイル業者Young LivingとdōTERRAにFDAが警告

2014年9月22日付で、米国食品医薬品局(FDA)は、エッセンシャルオイル製造販売会社Young Living及びdōTERRAの2社に対して、製品を医薬品として宣伝しているとの警告書簡を送った。この2社は15営業日以内に、是正措置をとるか、是正措置の計画を報告しなければならない。

まずYoung Livingへの警告書簡:
[WARNING LETTER: Young Living 2014/09/22 on FDA]

Young Living
Attn: Mr. Gary Young, CEO
3125 Executive Parkway
Lehi, UT 84043

This is to advise you that in August 2014 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed websites and social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) for several Young Living essential oil consultants that your firm refers to as “Young Living distributors.” FDA also reviewed a 2012-2013 product guide found on your website http://www.youngliving.com. Based on our review, FDA has determined that many of your Young Living Essential Oil products, such as, but not limited to, “Thieves,” “Cinnamon Bark,” “Oregano,” “ImmuPower,” “Rosemary,” “Myrtle,” “Sandalwood,” “Eucalyptus Blue,” “Peppermint,” “Ylang Ylang,” “Frankincense,” and “Orange,” are promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs under section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)(B)], because they are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. The intended use of a product may be determined by, among other things, its labeling, advertising, and the circumstances surrounding its distribution, 21 C.F.R. § 201.128. As described below, the marketing and distribution of your Young Living Essential Oil products without FDA-approved applications is in violation of the Act.

貴社が"Young Living distributor"(販社)と記載しているYoung Livingエッセンシャルオイルの複数のコンサルタントのウェブサイトおよびソーシャルメディアアカウント(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterstなど)を、米国食品医薬品局(FDA)が2014年8ア月に調査結果を通告する。FDAはさらに、貴社サイト http://www.youngliving.com にある2012-2013年の製品ガイドを調査した。これらの調査に基づき、FDAは、Thieves, Cinnamon Bark, Oregano, ImmuPower, Rosemary, Myrtle, Sandalwood, Eucalyptus Blue, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, OrangeなどのYoung Livingエッセンシャルオイル製品の多くが、病気の診断・治癒・症状緩和・治療・予防を意図しており、連邦食品薬品化粧品法の定める医薬品にあたる宣伝を行っていると判定した。製品使用意図は、ラベル・広告・販売周辺状況から判断した。以下に記載するように、FDAの承認申請なく、Young Livingエッセンシャルオイル製品を流通・販売することは違法である。
We request that you notify this office in writing within 15 working days from your receipt of this letter of the current status of your corrective actions and the specific steps you have taken to correct the noted violations. In your response, include documentation of your corrective actions. If you cannot complete all corrections before you respond, we expect that you will explain the reason for your delay and please include a timetable for the implementation of any remaining corrections.


FDAによれば、Young Living社は自社製品をエボラを含む様々な病気の予防・治療に効果があると宣伝している。ほぼ万能薬状態である。
Cinnamon Barkエボラ
Eucalyptus Blue抗炎症 抗ウイルス作用
Frankensence 関節炎
Frankincense癌 結腸癌 子宮頸癌 膀胱癌 白血病 黒色腫 線維肉腫 脳腫瘍 多発性骨髄腫 関節炎 アルツハイマー病
Freedom ReleasePTSD
Freedom SleepPTSD
Myrtle消毒効果、破傷風予防 パーキンソン病 アルツハイマー病 インポテンツ ED 癌予防・乳癌予防
Orange動脈硬化 高血圧 癌 不眠症
Peppermint喘息 自閉症 脳損傷 クローン病 多発性硬化症 麻痺 関節炎
Rosemary癌予防 心臓病予防 アルツハイマー病 認知症 湿疹 皮膚炎
Thieves抗菌・抗ウイルス作用 エボラ 感染症
Ylang Ylang動脈性高血圧 糖尿病 不眠 動悸 頻脈

[WARNING LETTER: dōTERRA 2014/09/22 on FDA]

dōTERRA International, LLC
Attn: David Stirling
389 South 1300 West
Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

This is to advise you that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed websites and social media accounts (e.g. www.anytimeessentials.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube) used to promote your dōTERRA Essential Oil products in August 2014. Based on our review, FDA has determined that several of your dōTERRA Essential Oil products including, but not limited to, “Melaleuca,” “Oregano,” “On Guard,” “Clove,” “Eucalyptus,” “Frankincense,” “Geranium,” “Lavender,” “Lemongrass,” “Myrrh,” “Peppermint,” “Rosemary,” “Wintergreen,” “Clary Sage,” and “Vetiver” are promoted for conditions that cause them to be drugs under section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the Act) [21 U.S.C. § 321(g)(1)(B)]. The therapeutic claims establish that these products are drugs because they are intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. The intended use of a product may be determined by, among other things, its labeling, advertising, and the circumstances surrounding its distribution, 21 C.F.R. § 201.128. As described below, the marketing of your dōTERRA Essential Oil products with drug claims and without FDA approved-applications is in violation the Act.

貴社がdōTERRAエッセンシャルオイル製品を宣伝するために使っているウェブサイトとソーシャルメディアアカウント( www.anytimeessentials.com, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTubeなど)を米国食品医薬品局(FDA)が2014年8ア月に調査結果を通告する。この調査に基づき、FDAは、Melaleuca, Oregano, On Guard, Clove, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rosemary, Wintergreen, Clary Sage, VetiverなどのdōTERRAエッセンシャルオイル製品のいくつかが、連邦食品薬品化粧品法の定める医薬品にあたる宣伝を行っていると判定した。病気の診断・治癒・症状緩和・治療・予防を意図しることから、治療を主張している。これらの製品使用意図は、ラベル・広告・販売周辺状況から判断した。以下に記載するように、FDAの承認申請なく、dōTERRAエッセンシャルオイル製品を流通・販売することは違法である。
We request that you notify this office in writing within 15 working days from your receipt of this letter of the current status of your corrective actions and the specific steps you have taken to correct the noted violations. In your response, include documentation of your corrective actions. If you cannot complete all corrections before you respond, we expect that you will explain the reason for your delay and please include a timetable for the implementation of any remaining corrections.


全般エボラ 抗ウイルス
Melaleucaインフルエンザ 風邪 水虫 口内炎 水痘 ヘルペス 真菌感染症 単純ヘルペス MRSA 帯状疱疹 いぼ ウイルス感染 気管支炎 感染症 炎症 抗ウイルス
OreganoMNV 水虫 カンジダ 口内炎 エボラ 腸内寄生虫 MRSA 白癬 ブドウ球菌感染症 真菌感染症 炎症 黄色ブドウ球菌感染症 ウイルス感染症 いぼ 百日咳 潰瘍
On Guard抗ウイルス インフルエンザ 風邪 狼瘡 MRSA 肺炎 いぼ
Clove関節リウマチ 単純ヘルペス C型肝炎 カンジダ 狼瘡 ウィルス感染 いぼ
Eucalyptus単純ヘルペス インフルエンザ 麻疹 神経痛 神経炎 肺炎 呼吸器系ウイルス性鼻炎 帯状疱疹 副鼻腔炎 結核 気管支炎 耳の炎症 虹彩炎 一般的な炎症
Frankincenseクローン病 アルツハイマー病 消化器疾患 肝臓の懸念 肝硬変 炎症 癌 神経性疾患 腫瘍 高血圧 関節炎 クローン病 癲癇 坐骨神経痛 不安 鬱病 感染症
Peppermint 喘息 充血 自閉症 細菌感染 脳損傷 口唇ヘルペス 発熱 抗発癌
Geranium糖尿病 子宮内膜症 変形性関節症 関節リウマチ
Lavender癌 炎症 不眠症 疼痛 関節リウマチ
Lemongrassグレーブス病 慢性甲状腺炎
Myrrh歯周病 甲状腺機能亢進症 感染症 皮膚潰瘍
Peppermint喘息 クローン病 過敏性腸症候群
Rosemary関節炎 ベル麻痺 糖尿病 炎症 変形性関節症
Wintergreen関節痛 骨痛 関節痛
Clary Sage痙攣 子宮内膜症 エストロゲンバランス ホルモンバランス PMS 閉経前期
VetiverADD/ADHD 不安
Rosemary喘息 抗菌 気管支炎 利尿
Wintergreen鎮痛 抗炎症 関節痛 節炎

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まだ以前の水準にまで静かにはなっていない (Update 〜2014/09/26)

震源(北緯24-50, 東経122-152)のM≧4の地震の推移(週次)を見てみた。(2010年12月あたりのピークは父島近海の地震である。)(回数が少ないところは、最大値50回/週の下図で)

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Dr. David Heymann, an Ebola expert, said reaching so many people with information about Ebola could be crucial to stopping the outbreak. Six months into the world's largest-ever Ebola outbreak, confusion, fear and misunderstanding about the disease is still hindering efforts to control it.

"It's important for African governments to innovate and find new ways of getting messages out to the people," said Heymann, professor of infectious diseases at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. "(The lockdown) seemed to pass without violence and it went against much of international advice. Maybe it's the innovation that will make a difference."

エボラの専門家である、ロンドン大学衛生熱帯医学大学院の感染症研究の教授であるDr David Heymannは「エボラについての情報をこれだけの数の人々に届けることは、エボラアウトブレイクを止めるのに重要となるうる。6か月にも及ぶ世界最大のエボラアウトブレイクでは、エボラについての混乱と恐怖と誤解によって、いまだコントロールの努力が妨害されている。」と述べた。


[CLARENCE ROY-MACAULAY and MARIA CHENG: "Serra Leone: 130 Ebola cases found in lockdown" (2014/09/23) by The Associated Press]


CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) − A Red Cross team was attacked while collecting bodies believed to be infected with Ebola in southeastern Guinea, the latest in a string of assaults that are hindering efforts to control West Africa's current outbreak.

One Red Cross worker is recovering after being wounded in in the neck in Tuesday's attack in Forecariah, according to Benoit Carpentier, a spokesman for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Family members of the dead initially set upon the six volunteers and vandalized their cars, said Mariam Barry, a resident. Eventually a crowd went to the regional health office, where they threw rocks at the building.


国際赤十字連盟の広報担当Benoit Carpentierによれば、赤十字の作業者1名は2014/09/23のForecariahでの襲撃で受けた首の負傷から回復中である。

近隣住民Mariam Barryによれば、遺族はまず6人のボランティアを襲撃し、彼らの自動車を破壊した。そして最後に群衆は地域の医療事務所におしかけて、投石した。

In April, Doctors Without Borders briefly pulled out its team from the Guinean town of Macenta after their clinic was stoned. In Liberia, the homes of some of the infected have been attacked. Last week, Red Cross workers were threatened in Sierra Leone, Carpentier, the Red Cross spokesman, said.


["Red Cross team attacked while burying Ebola dead" (2014/09/24) by The Associated Press]
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2014年7月の共和党Todd Akin元連邦下院議員の"legitimate rape"

  • Todd Akin共和党連邦下院議員(連邦上院に鞍替え立候補)
    First of all, from what I understand from doctors, (pregnancy from rape) is really rare, If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. ... But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist and not attacking the child. [WashingtonPost 2012/09/19]


    ==>2012/11 連邦上院落選 [Politico 2012//11/07]

  • Richard Mourdock共和党連邦上院議員候補
    I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God," Mourdock said. "And I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen. [CBSNews 2012/10/24]


    ==>連邦上院落選 [BusinessWeek 2012/11/06]

  • Celeste Greig, President of California Republican Assembly(共和党支持団体代表)
    "Granted, the percentage of pregnancies due to rape is small because it's an act of violence, because the body is traumatized. I don't know what percentage of pregnancies are due to the violence of rape. Because of the trauma the body goes through, I don't know what percentage of pregnancy results from the act." [MercuryNews 2013/03/01 ]


    ==> 2013/05 代表を解任 [MercuryNews 2013/05/06]

  • Trent Franks共和党連邦下院議員
    The incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low.[Politico 2013/06/12]


    ==>中絶禁止法案の修正に失敗[AP 2014/06/14]

このような状況について、レイプに言及することで、女性の共和党支持者を失う可能性があり、レイプに言及しないことが正しい対応となると、ブッシュ政権のときに大統領のカウンセラーだったKaren Hughesは書いている。
And if another Republican man says anything about rape other than it is a horrific, violent crime, I want to personally cut out his tongue. The college-age daughters of many of my friends voted for Obama because they were completely turned off by Neanderthal comments like the suggestion of “legitimate rape.”


[Karen Hughes:"Communication lessons from the election"(2012/11/09) on Politico]

しかし、" legitimate rape"発言で選挙に負けた共和党Todd Akin(ミズーリ州)は、2014年7月に2012年の自らの発言を擁護した。
Akin was on MSNBC to promote his new book, Firing Back, but he also took it as an opportunity to explain his earlier flub. “Legitimate rape is a law enforcement term, it’s an abbreviation for ‘legitimate case of rape,'” he told Chuck Todd. “A woman calls a police station, the police investigate, she says ‘I’ve been raped,’ they investigate that. So before any of the facts are in, they call it a legitimate case of rape,” explained Aike

Todd Akinは自分の新刊書"Firing Back"の宣伝をMSNBCで行ったが、彼はそれを、以前の失言の説明機会であると受け取った。Todd Akinは「正当なレイプ(ligitimate rape)は法執行用語であり『レイプの正当な事案』の短縮形である。女性が警察に連絡し、警察が捜査し、女性が『レイプされた』と言い、警察は捜査する。事実となる前は、警察はレイプの正当な事案と呼ぶ」と述べた。

[Charlotte Alter:"Todd Akin Still Doesn’t Get What’s Wrong With Saying ‘Legitimate Rape’" (2014/07/17) on Time]
“I’ve taught police officers, and worked with police officers on every continent in the world, and that’s something I’ve never heard in my 50 years in law enforcement,” says Dr. James A. Williams, former Chief of Organized Crime Drugmunicipal law enforcement Enforcement Task Forces for the U.S Department of Justice, who also worked in in New Jersey. “I’ve never heard of that. Never.”

米国司法省の組織薬物犯罪対策タスクフォースの元責任者であり、ニュージャージ州の法執行でも仕事をしていたDr. James A. Williamsは「世界中で私は警察官を教育し、警察官とともに活動してきた。法執行で過去50年間、そんなことを聞いたことはない。まったく聞いたことはない」と述べた。

Richard Lichten, a veteran of the LA County Sheriff’s Department and expert on sexual assault investigations agree: “I have 30 years of experience, I’m qualified to testify in federal court on the way to investigate sexual assault crimes, and I’ve never heard of that,” said Lichten. “In all my life I’ve never heard of that.”

LA郡元保安官のRicahrd Lichtenは「私には30年の経験がある。私は強姦操作方法について連邦法廷で証言資格を持っている。私は生涯、そんなことを聞いたことはない」

[Charlotte Alter:"Todd Akin Still Doesn’t Get What’s Wrong With Saying ‘Legitimate Rape’" (2014/07/17) on Time]
Todd Akin共和党元下院議員は、わざわざ批判を再燃させてしまった。どうやら、彼は、間違った発言をしたとも思っておらず、いわば真意が伝わらなかった程度に考えているようである。

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Eight bodies, including those of three journalists, were found after an attack on a team trying to educate locals on the risks of the Ebola virus in a remote area of southeastern Guinea, a government spokesman said on Thursday.

"The eight bodies were found in the village latrine. Three of them had their throats slit," Damantang Albert Camara told Reuters by telephone in Conakry.


「8人の遺体は村の便所で見つかった、うち3人は喉を切り裂かれていた」とConakryでReutersの電話インタビューにDamantang Albert Camera報道官は述べた。

However, Guinea's Prime Minister Mohamed Saïd Fofana, speaking in a television message that had been recorded earlier, said 7 bodies of 9 missing people had been found.

He said six people have been arrested following the incident, which took place on Tuesday in Wome, a village close to the town of Nzerekore, in Guinea's southeast, where Ebola was first identified in March.

しかし、それより前に録画されたテレビメッセージで、ギニア首相Mohamed Saïd Fofanaは「行方不明の9名のうち7名が遺体で発見された。3月にエボラの感染者が最初に特定されたNzerekoreの町の近くの村Womeで、火曜日(2014/09/16)に事件が起きた後、6名が逮捕された。」と述べた。

[Eight bodies found after attack on Guinea Ebola education team (2014/09/19) by Reuters]
On Thursday night, government spokesman Albert Damantang Camara said the victims had been "killed in cold blood by the villagers".

The bodies showed signs of being attacked with machetes and clubs, officials say.

Albert Damantang Camara政府報道官は木曜夜(2014/09/18)に「犠牲者は村人たちに残虐に殺された」と述べた。当局者によれば、遺体にはマチェットや棍棒で襲われた形跡があった。
The motive for the killings has not been confirmed, but the BBC's Makeme Bamba in Guinea's capital, Conakry, says many villagers accuse the health workers of spreading the disease.

Others still do not believe that the disease exists.

殺害の動機は未確認だが、ギニアの首都ConakryにいるBBCのMakeme Bambaによれば、多くの村人は医療従事者がエボラ感染を広めていると批難している。その一方で、エボラは存在を信じない者もいる。

["Ebola outbreak: Guinea health team killed" (2014/09/19) on BBC]
また、The Guardianが得た目撃者の証言によれば...
Witnesses said the team were set upon by angry residents in the remote village of Womey, where many remain in denial about the disease, or suspicious of foreign health workers. Several failed to return following the visit on Tuesday. Officials earlier said some – including three journalists and the director and two senior doctors of the main local hospital – were being held captive. Atempts to reach them stalled when angry residents destroyed bridges leading to the village.

"The meeting started off well; the traditional chiefs welcomed the delegation with 10 kola nuts as a traditional greeting," said a resident who was present at the meeting and gave only his first name, Yves. "It was afterwards that some youths came out and started stoning them. They dragged some of them away, and damaged their vehicles."



[Monica Mark: "Bodies found after Ebola health workers go missing in Guinea" (2014/09/18) on The Guardian]
The district of Nzérékoré, where the team disappeared, exploded in clashes after health workers tried to spray the local market last month. About 50 people were arrested and two dozen police officers who were sent to quell the riots were injured.


[Monica Mark: "Bodies found after Ebola health workers go missing in Guinea" (2014/09/18) on The Guardian]
Back in Guinea, in the village of Wabengou, residents placed a tree in the road to block outsiders. They also attacked an official delegation from Conakry, rushing its cars, banging on the vehicles and brandishing machetes, according to Doctors Without Borders.

“We don’t want them in there at all,” said Wabengou’s chief, Marcel Dambadounou. “We don’t accept their presence at all. They are the transporters of the virus in these communities.”
“We are absolutely afraid, and that’s why we are avoiding contact with everybody,” he said, “the whole world.”


Wabengou村長Marcel Dambadounouは「彼らに村に絶対に入ってほしくない。我々は彼らの存在をまったく認めていない。彼らはウィルスを村に持ち込んでくる。... 我々はまったく怯えている。世界の誰とも接触したくない」と述べた。

ADAM NOSSITER: "Fear of Ebola Breeds a Terror of Physicians"
(2014/07/27) on NY Times via Washington Post]


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Convalescent plasma

Studies suggest blood transfusions from EVD survivors might prevent or treat Ebola virus infection in others, but the results of the studies are still difficult to interpret. It is not known whether antibodies in the plasma of survivors are sufficient to treat or prevent the disease. More research is needed.

Safe if provided by well-managed blood banks. Risks are like those associated with the use of any blood products, such as the transmission of blood-borne pathogens that cause disease. There is a theoretical concern about antibody-dependent enhancement of EVD infection, which can increase infectivity in the cells.

Blood transfusion is culturally acceptable in West Africa. Potential donors are Ebola survivors, but the logistics of blood collection are an issue. Options to conduct studies in patients are being explored. The first batches of convalescent plasma might be available by the end of 2014.





当然のことながら、血液の闇取引が行われる懸念が生じる。これについて、WHOのMargaret Chan事務局長は...
Kate Kelland:

... there seems to be some kind of black market emerging in blood from survivors. I wondered whether you, Ms Chan, could comment on whether that is appropriate.


Margaret Chan:

... this is something we need to work very closely with the affected countries to stem out black market trading of convalescent serum for two reasons; because it is in the interest of individuals not to just get convalescent serum without properly done going through the proper standard and the proper testing because it is important that there may be other infectious vectors that we need to look at. So, we will certainly bring this matter to the attention of governments and work with them to stamp out any black market activity. The use of convalescent serum has to be done properly and in evidence-based mechanisms ...


[WHO: "Press conference on support to Ebola affected countries" (2014/09/12) via CNN]
現時点で、具体的に血液の闇取引の存在が確認されているわけではないが、当然、考慮すべき問題である。たとえば、成人のHIV感染率はCIAによれば、ギニア 1.7%, シエラレオネ 1.5%, リベリア 0.9%, ナイジェリア 3.1%, コンゴ民主共和国 1.1%, セネガル 0.5%であり、無視できる小ささではない。また、コンゴ民主共和国に隣接するタンザニアには、アルビノを殺して入手した血液を使うウィッチドクターたちがが活動している。陰惨な事態も気にかけておく必要がある。
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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Best Line Suplemento Alimenticio Capsules, a product promoted and sold for weight loss on various websites and in some retail stores.

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Best Line Suplemento Alimenticio Capsules contains sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance that was removed from the market in October 2010 for safety reasons. The product poses a threat to consumers because sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. These products may also interact, in life-threatening ways, with other medications a consumer may be taking.

FDAは消費者に対して、多くのウェブサイトや小売店で宣伝・販売されている体重減量を謳った製品Best Line Suplemento Alimenticio Capsulesを買ったり、使ったりしないように助言している。

FDAのラボ分析により、Best Line Suplemento Alimenticio Capsulesにはシブトラミンが含まれていることが確認された。シブトラミンは規制物質であり、安全上の理由で2010年に市場から排除された。シブトラミンは実際に、一部の服用者の血圧を上昇させ、心拍数を増大させることを知られており、冠状動脈不全や鬱血性心不全や不整脈や脳卒中の既往歴がある場合、重大なリスクとなるおそれがあることから、この製品は消費者に対して脅威となっている。また、消費者が別の医薬品を服用している場合、生命の危険となる相互作用を起こす可能性がある。


[Public Notification: Best Line Suplemento Alimenticio Capsules Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient (2014/09/15) on FDA]

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Mezo, a product promoted and sold for weight loss on various websites and in some retail stores.

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Mezo contains benzylsibutramine, a substance structurally similar to sibutramine. Sibutramine is a controlled substance that was removed from the market in October 2010 for safety reasons. Sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. This product may also interact, in life-threatening ways, with other medications a consumer may be taking.


FDAのラボ分析により、Best Line Suplemento Alimenticio Capsulesにはシブトラミンによく似たベンジルシブトラミンが含まれていることが確認された。シブトラミンは規制物質であり、安全上の理由で2010年に市場から排除された。シブトラミンは実際に、一部の服用者の血圧を上昇させ、心拍数を増大させることを知られており、冠状動脈不全や鬱血性心不全や不整脈や脳卒中の既往歴がある場合、重大なリスクとなるおそれがあることから、この製品は消費者に対して脅威となっている。また、消費者が別の医薬品を服用している場合、生命の危険となる相互作用を起こす可能性がある。


[Public Notification: Mezo Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient (2014/09/15) on FDA]
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use LX1, a product promoted and sold for weight loss on various websites, including Dr. Skin Secretsdisclaimer icon, and possibly in some retail stores.

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that LX1 contains undeclared DMAA, also known as 1,3-dimethylamylamine, methylhexanamine or geranium extract. Ingestion of DMAA can elevate blood pressure and could lead to cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, shortness of breath and tightening of the chest.

FDAは消費者に対して、Dr. Skin Secretsdisclaimer iconを含む多くのウェブサイトや、おそらく一部の小売店で宣伝・販売されている体重減量を謳った製品LX1を買ったり、使ったりしないように助言している。



[Public Notification: LX1 Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient (2014/09/15) on FDA]
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers not to purchase or use Japan Hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pills, a product promoted and sold for weight loss on various websites and in some retail stores.

FDA laboratory analysis confirmed that Japan Hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pills contain sibutramine, benzocaine, phenolphthalein and diclofenac.

FDAは消費者に対して、多くのウェブサイトや小売店で宣伝・販売されている体重減量を謳った製品Japan Hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pillsを買ったり、使ったりしないように助言している。

FDAのラボ分析により、Japan Hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pillsにはシブトラミンがとベンゾカインとフェノールフタレインとジクロフェナクが含まれていることが確認された。

Sibutramine is a controlled substance that was removed from the market in October 2010 for safety reasons. The product poses a threat to consumers because sibutramine is known to substantially increase blood pressure and/or pulse rate in some patients and may present a significant risk for patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke. These products may also interact, in life-threatening ways, with other medications a consumer may be taking.

Benzocaine is a local anesthetic. It is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter (OTC) products used to relieve pain in the mouth and gums from a variety of conditions. Benzocaine use may cause methemoglobinemia, a rare, but serious and possibly fatal condition where the amount of oxygen that can be carried through the blood stream is greatly reduced.

Phenolphthalein is a chemical that is not an active ingredient in any approved drug in the United States. Studies have indicated that it presents a cancer-causing risk.

Diclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug that can cause increased risk of cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke. Diclofenac, like other NSAID drugs, can also lead to serious gastrointestinal (GI) adverse events, including bleeding, ulceration, and fatal perforation of the stomach and intestines.






[Public Notification: Japan Hokkaido Slimming Weight Loss Pills Contain Hidden Drug Ingredients (2014/09/15) on FDA]
この製品は、以前にもシブトラミンとフェノールフタレインを含むことが確認され、米国FDAは購入・使用しないように警告を出している(2012/11/08, 2013/02/13)。国立健康栄養研究所の安全性・有効性情報によれば、この製品は日本名は「スリム・ストーリー 痩身の丸」である。また、製造元の名称は"Japan Hokkaido"だが、中国企業である。販売サイトには所在地について記載がないので、おそらく意図的に日本企業だと誤認させていると思われる。
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2011年秋に、英国で、HIVを祈りで治癒できると主張して、信者に通常医療を忌避させて死なせる事件が起きていることを取り上げた。この事件はSynagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)という宗教団体によるもの。このSCOANの本拠地はナイジェリアだが、英国ロンドンにも拠点を持っていて、あやしい水を販売している。

同団体を率いる牧師・テレビ説教師のTBジョシュア(TB Joshua)氏は、予知能力と癒しの力を持つとされており、熱狂的な信者からは「預言者」と呼ばれている。現場に駆けつけた救急隊員や報道関係者らは、団体の警備要員から襲撃を受けたと話しており、本格的な救助活動が始まったのは14日になってからだった。

[宗教施設倒壊で42人死亡、直前に不審な飛行機? ナイジェリア (2014/09/15) on AFPBB]
Operations at the collapsed Foregin Guest House section' collapsed building at the Church of All Nations a.k.a Synagogue that occurred around 12:44 p.m on the 12 September, 2014.
the building had 2 storeys being added to it without fortification of initial foundation for d former structure. This have high probability of causing the building to collapsed.

2014年9月12日12:44に、Church of All Nations(通称Synagougue)の外人ゲストハウスの崩壊現場での作業。

[NEMA SOUTH WEST (2014/09/14)]

[NEMA SOUTH WEST (2014/09/14)]
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リベリア政府外務省は2014年9月8日に、イタリア政府からエボラ対策支援を受けることを公表した。そこにはには「homeopathic Ebola treatment drugs」という記述があった。
The Government of Italy has begun enhancing the Liberian Government’s fight against the Ebola virus through several assistance packages to include the dispatching of a mobile laboratory team, additional dispatching of homeopathic Ebola treatment drugs and food.


According to the release, the National Institute for Infectious Disease “Lazzaro Spollanzani” (IRCCS) of Italy in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation disclosed the dispatching of a mobile laboratory team to the MSF Treatment Center in Foya, Lofa County, the epicenter of the deadly Ebola disease.

The release further adds that the team of four member medical experts being headed by Dr. Antonino Dicaro, the Director of the Microbiology Laboratory and Infectious Disease Biorepository arrived in the country Friday, September 5, 2014 at the Roberts International Airport in Margibi County and was received upon arrival by the Foreign Ministry Protocol Officers. Other members of the team include Dr. Frances Colavita, Dr. Angela Cannas, and Ms. Serena Quartu, (a laboratory technician).

The release further discloses that a box containing some homeopathic Ebola treatment drugs has been sent to the Liberian Embassy in Rome, Italy by Dr. Alessandra Manini of the International Emergency Management Organization for onward transmission to the Liberian Health Minister, Dr. Walter Gwenigale.

リリースによれば、イタリアの国立感染症研究所"Lazzaro Spollanzani"(IRCCS)は、イタリア外務省とともに、エボラ感染の中心地であるLofa郡のFoyaにある国境なき医師団の治療センターへ移動ラボチームを派遣することを明らかにした。

リリースには、さらに、微生物ラボ感染症バイオレポジトリーのDr. Antonino Dicaroをリーダーとする4名の医療専門家のチームが、2014年9月5日にMargibi郡のRoberts国際空港に到着し、外務省儀典官の出迎えを受けた。チームの他のメンバーは、Dr. Frances ColavitaとDr. Angela Cannasとラボ技術者Ms. Serena Quartuである。

リリースには、さらに、IEMO(国際緊急事態管理機関)のDr. Alessandra Maniniから、イタリアのローマのリベリア大使館に送られたホメオパシーエボラ治療薬一箱が、リベリア保健相Dr. Walter Gwenigaleへ送られていることを明らかにした。

[Italy Enhances Liberia’s Ebola Fight; Dispatches Mobile Lab Team, Food, Drugs (2014/09/08) on Liberia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the Republic of Liberia via ublftbo]

The IEMO says the consignment is an aqueous alternative medicine that promotes homeopathic cure with no side effect.

IEMO President, Dr. Alessandro Manini, in a phone conversation last Friday with Foreign Minister Ngafuan intimated that once the effectiveness of the remedy is confirmed by the Ministry of Health, his organization is ready to supply more at no cost to Liberia.

Meanwhile, Dr. Manini has lauded President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her Government for the efforts thus far to curb the Ebola virus, and pledged the full support of the IEMO and his personal commitment to the people of Liberia during this difficult period in arresting the spread of the virus.


先週金曜のリベリアNgafuan外相との電話会話で、IEMO代表Dr. Alessandro Maniniは、レメディの効果が保健省により確認されれば、IEMOはリベリアに対して無償で追加提供する用意があると示唆した。

一方、IEMOのDr. Manini代表は、エボラウィルス抑制のための努力を続けるEllen Johnson Sirleaf大統領と政府を称賛し、ウィルス感染拡大を封じ込める困難な時期において、リベリアに対する、IEMOの全面支援と個人的関与を約束した。

[More experimental Ebola drugs arrive (2014/09/05) on TheNewDawn]


Dovrebbe partire nei prossimi giorni, dall’Istituto “Spallanzani” di Roma, il laboratorio mobile europeo per aiutare a contenere la diffusione del virus ebola nell’Africa occidentale.

Destinazione, la Sierra Leone, uno dei paesi maggiormenti colpiti dalla nuova ondata dell’epidemia per ora localizzata nella zona centro settentrionale del continente nero.

[Ebola, dall’Italia il lab mobile per fermare il virus (2014/08/26) on Europaquotidian]

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さらに、国境なき医師団の熱帯疾病アドバイザであるEstrella Lasryは、西アフリカ諸国はエボラに不慣れであることを挙げる。
[Estrella Lasry, a tropical medicine adviser at MSF]: One of the reasons is Ebola was not known in this part of Africa so it took longer to identify as the cause than it usually would have. You see now what’s happened in [the Democratic Republic of] Congo, immediately the samples were sent to test for Ebola. Ebola is a known disease in that area. But it took longer for people to consult and to identify this as a potential infectious disease [in West Africa].


[Priyanka Boghani: "MSF on Ebola: “This is the Biggest Outbreak We’ve Ever Known”" (2014/09/09) on PBS]

The process that's helped stop diseases like SARS and smallpox seems simple: Find everyone who had close contact with infected individuals and track them for 21 days. If any of these contacts comes down with the disease, isolate them from the community and repeat the process by tracking the contacts' contacts.

Many contacts' addresses were missing or were vague like "down by the farm road." In all, only 20% to 30% of the contacts in the database had a usable address. That meant the local contact tracers weren't able to do their jobs properly. ... According to the United Nations, only 16 of 44 zones in West Africa have sufficient contact tracing.

This inability to do complete contact tracing is a major reason -- perhaps the major reason -- that the Ebola outbreak continues to spiral out of control, according to public health officials and experts.

多くの接触者の住所は欠落しているか、「農道を下ったところ」といった曖昧なものだった。接触者住所情報の20-30%程度しか使えるものがない。これは、地域で接触者の追跡を担当する人々が、その任をまともに果たせない。... 国連によれば、西アフリカの44の地域のうち16でしか、十分な接触者追跡が行えていない。この接触者追跡を完結できないことが、エボラがコントロール不能状態に陥っている大きな理由のひとつ、あるいは最大の理由だと、公衆衛生当局や専門家たちは言う。

[Elizabeth Cohen and John Bonifield: "The reason Ebola isn't being stopped" (2014/09/11) on CNN]

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Le ministre de la Santé publique qui vient de séjourner dans la province de l’Equateur, exactement à Mbandaka, à Boende à Lokolia et à Djera du lundi 1er au jeudi 4 septembre 2014 a noté que la situation est sous contrôle. Et toutes les mesures sont prises avec le concours des partenaires (OMS, UNICEF, OCHA, MSF) pour arrêter la transmission de cette maladie dans un délai de 45 jours.

Pour ce qui est des statistiques, le Dr Félix Kabange Numbi a déclaré que 59 cas ont été enregistrés dont 32 décès jusqu’au samedi 6 septembre 2014. Sur les 59 cas cumulés depuis le début de l’épidémie, poursuit-t-il, il y a 14 cas confirmés au laboratoire, 22 cas probables c’est –à-dire des personnes présentant certains symptômes de la maladie et ayant été en contact avec un malade d’Ebola, 23 cas suspects ; entendez des personnes présentant certains signes de la maladie, mais qui n’ont pas été en contact avec un malade d’Ebola. Sur les 32 décès enregistrés, 9 ont été confirmés positifs au virus Ebola au laboratoire.

保健相は2014年9月1日〜9月4日に、Equateur県(Mbandaka, Boende, Lokolia, Djera)に滞在し、状況はコントロール下にあると述べた。感染を45日以内に止めるために、協力機関(WHO, UNICEF, OCHA=国連人道問題調整事務所, MSF=国境なき医師団)の支援のもとに、あらゆる対策をとっている。

Dr. Felix Kabange Numbi保健相は統計について、2014年9月6日までに、感染者数59、うち死者32名が報告されており、感染が始まってからの累計感染者59名のうち、確認が14名、推定が22名、疑いのある症状あるいは患者と接触が23名であると述べた。また、死者数は32名となり、うち9名がエボラ陽性と確認された。

[Deux numéros verts pour avoir des informations sur la maladie à virus Ebola (2014/09/06?) on Ministere de la Sante Publique, DR Congo]
Au 02 septembre 2014, le Ministère de la santé publique a communiqué à l’OMS les statistiques suivantes : un total cumulé de 58 cas (13 confirmes, 22 probables et 23 suspects), avec 31 décès (taux de létalité : 53,4%), dont 6 agents de santé. A ce jour, 291 contacts sont suivis dont 285 ont été vus.

2014/09/02時点で保健省はWHOに以下の数字を報告した: 累積合計の感染者58 (13 confirm, 22 probable and 23 suspect), うち死者数31 (死亡率 53.4%), 医療関係者6名。接触した291名のうち285名をモニタ中。

[Lutte contre la maladie à virus EBOLA à BOENDE | La RD CONGO se lance un défi de 45 jours pour arrêter la transmission de l’épidémie dans sa partie Nord-ouest (2014/09/02?) on Ministere de la Sante Publique, DR Congo]
Selon le ministre de la santé publique, le Dr Félix Kabange Numbi, depuis le début de l’epidemie 42 cas ont été signalés dont 6 confirmés au laboratoire, 13 cas probables et 23 cas suspects.

Dr. Felix Kabange Numbi保健相によれば、感染の始まりからこれまでに、感染者42名(Confirmed 6, probable 13, suspect 23)が報告されている。死者数は変わらず13名で、うち5名が医療関係者である。また、11名が隔離されている。

[Des experts congolais, des médicaments à Djera pour riposter contre Ebola (2014/08/27?) on Ministere de la Sante Publique, DR Congo]
On 26 August 2014, the Ministry of Health, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) notified the World Health Organization (WHO) of an outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Equateur Province.

Between 28 July and 18 August 2014, a total of 24 suspected cases of haemorrhagic fever, including 13 deaths, have been identified.


[Ebola virus disease – Democratic Republic of Congo (2014/08/27) on WHO]

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西アフリカのエボラアウトブレイクの要因として、"The Guardianは、1976年のザイールのエボラアウトブレイクや2003年の東アジアのSARSのときから、大きく弱体化したWHOを挙げる。
A devastating report in the New York Times shows that WHO has been savagely run down in recent years, with the most eviscerating cuts made in the very departments vital for the containment of epidemics. One department was closed down entirely, another key section had its staff cut by two-thirds, and staff in the field, especially in Africa, were similarly reduced. The reasons were both financial and ideological. Countries cut contributions to WHO after the financial crisis and, at the same time, the idea took hold that the organisation should concentrate its efforts on helping nations build their own capacity to respond to emergencies rather than providing that capacity itself in the first instance.


This was theoretically reasonable, but did not happen in practice, especially in poorer parts of the world. The result was that WHO simply walked away from the lessons of its own successes, stripping itself of the means to act effectively when Ebola emerged again. Tellingly, the disease spread for three months before it was spotted, and it was an NGO, Médecins sans Frontières, that first categorised it as a major outbreak. The head of MSF, Dr Joanne Liu, told the UN last week that the battle to contain Ebola was being lost.

これは理論的には合理的だったが、特に世界の貧しい地域で、実際には実現しなかった。結果として、WHOは自らの成功の教訓から歩み去り、エボラが再出現したときには有効に機能する手段を失った。そして、エボラの感染拡大に気づくまでに3か月を要し、大規模なアウトブレイクであると最初に判断したのは国境なき医師団だった。国境なき医師団の代表者Dr. Joanne Liuは国連に対して、先週、エボラ封じ込めの戦いに負けつつあると述べた。

The weak health systems of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, she implied, have become centres for the spread of Ebola rather than its control, as carers fall ill and patients flee. Dr Liu called on wealthy countries to send military biohazard teams to west Africa, a measure worth immediate consideration. Beyond that, there must be a resolve never to let the WHO fall into such an eroded state again.

Dr. Joanne Liuの言うところ、リベリア・シエラレオネ・ギニアの脆弱な医療体制は、医療関係者が感染し、患者が逃走するという形で、エボラの制御ではなく感染拡大の中心となっている。Dr. Joanne Liuは豊かな国々に対して、ただちに検討する価値のある手段たる、軍のバイオハザード部隊の西アフリカへの派遣を求めている。さらに、再びWHOが弱体化するような状況に陥らせない決意が必要である。

["The Guardian view on why the Ebola epidemic is spreading"(Editorial) (2014/09/07) on The Guardian]
Nurses at Liberia's largest hospital have gone on strike, demanding better pay and equipment to protect them against the Ebola epidemic which has killed hundreds in the west African state.


["Ebola: Liberian nurses strike over lack of protective equipment" (2014/09/02) by AFP]

When a starving Ebola patient escaped from a treatment center in Monrovia and staggered through a crowded market in search of food, bystanders who scattered in his path voiced their anger − not at him but at Liberia's president. To many in this impoverished West African country, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's government has not done enough to protect them from the deadly virus.

Ebola has killed more than 1,000 people in Liberia since its arrival six months ago. Across West Africa, the death toll from the world's worst Ebola outbreak has surpassed 1,900. Panicked residents said the patient was the fifth to escape in recent weeks from the understaffed ELWA hospital. Dozens watched anxiously as workers in protective clothes bundled the struggling patient into a truck and drove him back. "The patients are hungry, they are starving. No food, no water," said one terrified woman in the crowd.

飢えたエボラ患者がモンロヴィアの治療センタを抜け出して、食べ物を求めて、市場の人混みに紛れ込んだ。そのとき、彼の行く道にいた傍観者たちは、彼にではなく、リベリアの大統領に怒りの声を上げた。この貧しい西アフリカの国の多くの人々にとって、Ellen Johnson Sirleaf大統領の政権は、エボラ対策を十分に行っているとは言えない。


[JAMES HARDING GIAHYUE AND BATE FELIX: "Ebola outbreak stirs anger in fragile Liberia" (2014/09/06) by Reuters]
人員不足も深刻であり、国境なき医師団の代表者Dr Joanne Liuは2014年9月2日には、各国に軍の派遣を求めた。
"Six months into the worst Ebola epidemic in history, the world is losing the battle to contain it," Liu said.

"In west Africa, cases and deaths continue to surge," she said. "Riots are breaking out. Isolation centres are overwhelmed. Health workers on the frontline are becoming infected and are dying in shocking numbers.

"Others have fled in fear, leaving people without care for even the most common illnesses. Entire health systems have crumbled."

She said Ebola treatment centres had been reduced to places where people went to die alone.

"It is impossible to keep up with the sheer number of infected people pouring into facilities. In Sierra Leone, infectious bodies are rotting in the streets," she said. "Rather than building new Ebola care centres in Liberia, we are forced to build crematoria."

"To curb the epidemic, it is imperative that states immediately deploy civilian and military assets with expertise in biohazard containment. I call upon you to dispatch your disaster response teams, backed by the full weight of your logistical capabilities. This should be done in close collaboration with the affected countries. Without this deployment, we will never get the epidemic under control."


[Sarah Boseley:"Ebola outbreak: call to send in military to west Africa to help curb epidemic" (2014/09/02) on The Guardian]

物資不足と人員不足がまず解決に向かわないと、エボラアウトブレイクの制御はおぼつかない。それでなくとも、旧世紀末から今世紀初頭の内戦などで、ギニア・シエラレオネ・リベリアでは政府不信が強く、エボラの実在を強固に否定する人々がいる。それには、植民地支配の時代の影響もあるとの指摘もある。そろそろ、"Too little, Too late"を脱することができれば...
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リベリア内戦の難民たちが流入した、リベリアの首都モンロヴィアにあるスラム"West Point"にある、エボラ隔離施設が集団に襲われて、17名の感染者が逃亡するという事件も起きている(2014年8月17日)。

このような状況に関して、WHOのミッションの一環として、2014年7月の一か月間、現地調査にあたったセネガルの社会学者Cheikh Ibrahima Niang教授は「エボラ否定は植民地思考に対する反抗である」と言う。
エボラ否定は植民地思考に対する反抗であると、専門家は言う (2014/09/02)




「人々がエボラは存在しないというとき、人々は何か別物に反抗している」とセネガルのCheikh Anta Diop UniversityのCheikh Ibrahima Niang教授はAFPに語った。




ダカールのCheik Anta Diop Universityでのインタビューで「我々は、何が彼らにそう言わしめているのか問う必要がある」とNiang教授はAFPに語った。

















[Ebola-denial a revolt against colonial mindset: expert (2014/09/02) by AFP]



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Delta State Government today dismissed claims by some traditional medicine practitioners in the state that they could cure Ebola Virus Disease, EVD and prohibited the broadcast of jingles and promotional programmes that claim to have a cure for the affliction.

The Commissioner for Information in the state, Mr. Chike Ogeah, in a press release he issued said, “The claims are completely false, untenable, dangerous and represent a threat to public health.

“It is hereby restated that there is no known cure yet for the Ebola Virus Disease. The media, especially television and radio broadcast houses should refrain from promoting any claim of cure for EVD by any unorthodox medical practitioner.”

The Commissioner cautioned traditional medical practitioners and spiritual healers to desist from making any claim of cure for EVD, stressing that “anybody that makes such claims again will be considered a threat to public health and arrested by the relevant security agencies.”


デルタ州情報責任者Chike Ogeahはプレスリリースで「そのような主張は全く誤りであり、デタラメであり、危険であり、公衆衛生の脅威である。あらためてここで、エボラの治療法は現在知られていないことを述べておく。メディア、特にテレビやラジオ局は、非正当な治療師たちによるエボラ治療の主張の宣伝を差し控えるべきだ」と述べた。


[Ali Adoyi: "Delta Government warns traditional healers over claims that they cure Ebola" (2014/09/04) on DailyPost Nigeria]

Asaba − The panic over Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) ravaging part of West Africa and giving Nigerians sleepless nights may have got a cure if the claims by traditional healers under the aegis of the Otu Odozi Elu Doctors Association in Akumazi, Ika North East Local Government Area of Delta State, is anything to go by.

ナイジェリアのデルタ州Ika北東地方政府地区のAkumaziのOtu Odozi Elu医師会の後援のもとある伝統的治療師たちの主張が看過できないものであれば、西アフリカのエボラ感染パニックと、それにより眠れぬ夜を送るナイジェリア人たちはエボラ治療法を得られるかもしれない。

The traditional doctors numbering over 300 urged Nigerians not to panic but to bring to them any report cases of the disease, which they called isamisan disease to them.


The group led by the Okairoro of Akumazi, Chief Moses Dibie, said isamisan disease is an age long tropical disease which existed before the coming of the white people to African, adding that it the disease is older than yaws which the World Health Organisation (WHO) fought and defeated.

AkumaziのOkairoroであるChief Moses Dibieに率いられたグループは「isamisan病は白人がアフリカに来る前からある古い病気であり、WHOが戦って根絶したyawsよりも古い病気である」と言っている。

Corroborating this view, the Esame of Akumazi Kingdom, Chief Eric Ekabudike, said WHO should not mislead the people because EVD is a recurrence of isamisan or smallpox, which killed many children due to ignorance, poor living conditions, overcrowding and lack of adequate medical attention.

この見方に合わせて、AkumaziのEsameであるChief Eric Ekabudikeは「エボラは、無知と貧しい生活条件と高い人口密度と適切な診察の欠如によって、多くの子供たちを死に至らしめてきたisamisanあるいは天然痘の再発であるので、WHOは人々をミスリードしてはならない」と言っている。

[Felix Igbekoyi: "Nigeria: We Have Cure for Ebola, Say Delta Traditional Healers" (2014/08/30) on Daily Independent (Lagos)]


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メモ「リベリアのスラムWest pointの足りない埋葬地」

CBS Atlantaなども「リベリアで路上放置したいを犬が食べていて、エボラ感染拡大の懸念がある」という報道をしている。ただし、NewDawnの記事引用の形で、そのNewDawnは"were reportedly seen"という表現を使っていて、直接の確認はできていないようである。
The residents of the Mount Barclay Community within the Johnsonville Township, outside of Monrovia woke up on last Friday morning in total dismay when the remains of dead Ebola victims were reportedly seen, eaten by dogs, something reminiscent of the brutal civil war here, when dogs ate dead bodies on the streets.
The burial was done in a hurry at night following a standoff in the day between residence and the Ministry of Health burial team. The former had refused to grant the authority a piece of land to carry out the burial. The dogs, in their numbers, were seen pulling the bodies out of the shadowed grave and hastily eating them.

[E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor: "Dogs feed on Ebola victims" (2014/08/26) on NewDawn]

Dr Stephen Korsman from the UCT medical virology division told News24 that dogs and pigs are so far the only domestic animals identified as species that can be infected with the Ebola virus.

According to Korsman infections appear to be asymptomatic, "this means that dogs won't get sick but they still could carry a potential risk through licking or biting".

[Liberia: Dogs eat remains of Ebola victims (2014/08/26) on news24]

なお、半月ほど封鎖隔離されていたスラムWest Point(首都モンロヴィアの小さな半島状地形)では、そもそも埋葬地が足りていないとの問題があった。
Liberia−Those living in this country's capital are jammed so tightly together there's not much room for a grave. So at night, fishermen row some of the dead to sea and bury them on a nearby island.

Ebola is ravaging Liberia, and yet nobody knows how many people the disease has killed. That epidemiological blind spot makes it especially difficult to estimate how many body bags, doctors and hospital beds West Africa will need in months to come.

The World Health Organization says roughly half of the 3,069 people who have fallen ill with Ebola have died, 694 of them in Liberia. But the numbers are vastly undercounted, it says, because the true toll is buried in places like the island off this city's shore.


リベリアはエボラの猛威にさらされ、誰も何人がエボラで死んだかわからない。疫学的盲点であるWest pointでは、どれだけ死体バッグ・医師・病床が必要なのか推定するのが困難である。


[Drew Hinshaw: "In Liberia, Burial Practices Hinder Battle Against Ebola"(2014/09/01) pn WSJ]
WSJの報道によれば、West Pointとコンテナヤードの間あたりの名もなき島に、漁師たちが死体を埋めている。そのような死体の一部はエボラ感染者かもしれないが、もはや確かめようもない。したがって、感染の全容が見えないという問題ともなっている。

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19일 국회 환경노동위원회 소속 이자스민 의원(새누리당)이 환경부로부터 건네받은 ‘2013년 전국 병영시설 라돈 실태 조사 최종보고서’에 따르면 군부대 498곳이 환경부의 라돈 농도 관리 기준(148베크렐)을 초과했다.

최종 보고서를 보면 전체 3357곳 중 15%가 148베크렐(Bq/m3)를 초과했으며 50Bq 이상 초과하는 곳이 273곳(8%), 200Bq 이상 초과하는 곳도 67곳(2%)으로 드러났다.

특히 이번 조사 중 가장 높은 수치인 1977Bq은 기준농도의 13배에 달해 심각한 수준이다. 이미 유럽과 미국 등 다수에 선진국들은 주택 내 라돈농도 관리기준(미국은 주택보수 필요 조치기준 1㎥당 148Bq)을 마련했으나 국내는 많은 사람들이 이용하는 공공기관이나 다중이용시설을 제외하곤 마땅한 법적 장치가 없다.

2014年8月19日に、国会環境労働委員会所属の李ジャスミン(Jasmine Bacurnay y Villanueva)議員(セヌリ党)が環境部から渡された「2013年全国兵舎施設ラドン実態調査最終報告書」によると、軍部隊498か所が環境省のラドン濃度の環境基準(148Bq/m3)を超過していた。



[이규하: "군 병영시설 15%…"1급 발암물질 '라돈'에 떨고 있다""(軍の兵舎施設15%...「1級発ガン物質ラドン」に震えている ) (2014/08/20) on AJU News]

환경부는 작년 5월 ′다중이용시설 등의 실내공기질관리법 전부개정법률안′을 입법 예고할 당시 지정・관리 대상을 다중이용시설・공동주택(100세대 이상 500세대 미만)・일반주택 등으로 광범위하게 설정했다.

법률 명칭도 실내공기질관리법으로 변경을 시도하면서 규제 강화에 대한 의지를 드러냈다.

하지만 국토교통부・원자력안전위원회(이하 원안위)・안전행정부와 협의를 거치면서 다중이용시설과 공동주택으로 범위를 축소했다. 일반주택은 슬그머니 뺀 것.

라돈관리지역 지정 관리제도 대상도 다중이용시설 등으로 규정했다. 라돈 관리 주체인 시・도지사가 탄력적으로 정할 수 있게 했다.

일반주택을 뺀 이유는 일부 부처의 반대에 의한 것으로 알려졌다. 일반주택까지 못박으면 결과에 비해 과다하게 사회적 비용이 소모될 수 있다는 이유다.

또 최종안은 전국 실태조사를 통한 라돈 지도 작성 의무 조항을 삭제했다. 현재도 라돈 지도가 있지만 미비한 수준이다. 좀 더 광범위하고 체계적인 실내 라돈 관리의 필요성으로 최초 입법예고안에는 넣었지만 최종안에는 빠진 것이다.







(2014/08/27) on ANDA]


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NY Timesによれば..
Sierra Leone’s explosion of Ebola cases in early summer appears to stem from one traditional healer’s funeral at which 14 women were infected, according to scientists studying the blood of victims.
The funeral was in Koindu, a diamond-mining town across the border from Guéckédou in Guinea, where the outbreak is thought to have begun in December, and the healer was known for treating victims of a mysterious illness that turned out to be Ebola.

The funeral’s central role, which local doctors had anecdotally suspected, was confirmed by geneticists at the Broad Institute of M.I.T. and Harvard who sequenced the virus found in 78 patients treated at Kenema Government Hospital in northeastern Sierra Leone, near the borders with Liberia and Guinea, two countries that are also at the heart of the outbreak.


葬儀は、12月にアウトブレイクが始まったギニアのGuéckédouから、国境をまたいだ鉱山の町Koindu [Kissi Teng Chiefdom]で行われた。この治療師は、後にエボラだと判明した謎の病気の感染者を治療することで知られていた。

葬儀が感染に重要な役割を果たしたという、地元の医師たちの逸話的な疑いは、MMITのBroad Institute及びHarvardによる、シエラレオネ北部のKenema Government Hospitalで治療を受けた78名の患者から採取されたウィルスのシーケンス分析により、確認された。この病院は、同じくアウトブレイク中のリベリアとギニアの国境近くにある。

[DONALD G. McNEIL Jr: "Outbreak in Sierra Leone Is Tied to Single Funeral Where 14 Women Were Infected" (2014/08/28) on NY Times]

12 patients carrying iSNV 10,218 cluster geographically and temporally (HCW-A = unsequenced health care worker, Driver drove HCW-A from Kissi Teng to Jawie, then continued alone to Mambolo, HCW-B treated HCW-A).

iSNV 10,218 clusterを感染輸送した12名の感染者の地理的・時間的な推移。
HCW-A: シーケンス分析できていない医療関係者
Driver: HCW-AをKissi TengからJawierに運び、その後は一人でMamboloに行った。
HCW-B: HCW-Aの治療を行った医師

[Stephen K. Gire et al: "Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus origin and transmission during the 2014 outbreak", Science DOI: 10.1126/science.1259657]

これはWHOのEbola virus disease (EVD)の感染者の数字の時系列の、シエラレオネの立ち上がりに対応する。
The scientists not only found that all 78 had virus traceable to funeral guests, but also showed that the West African Ebola strain was quite different from a strain that has been circulating thousands of miles away in Central Africa since 1976, and that the two probably diverged as far back as 2004.

“No one knows where it’s been during that time,” said Dr. Pardis C. Sabeti, a Harvard geneticist and study co-author.

It might, she added, have circulated in some combination of bats, apes or other forest animals, “or it could have been circulating in humans for 10 years with little or no notice.”

That information is important, experts said, because the diagnostic tests now in use, as well as drugs and vaccines under consideration, are based on the Central African strain and might not work well on this outbreak. For example, a diagnostic test in use now might not give a clear positive if a victim had a low viral load early in an infection.


Harvardの遺伝学者で、この論文の共著者であるDr. Pardis C. Sabetiは「いつ、どこで起きたかはわからない。コウモリやサルやその他の森林の動物の間での感染が続いていたかもしれない。まったく、あるいはほとんど気づかれずに10年以上にわたり、人間の間で感染が続いていたかもしれない。」と述べた。


[DONALD G. McNEIL Jr: "Outbreak in Sierra Leone Is Tied to Single Funeral Where 14 Women Were Infected" (2014/08/28) on NY Times]
The study also found that the 78 victims had two variants of the West African strain. The healer might have been infected with two variants from two of her patients, said Stephen K. Gire, another co-author from Dr. Sabeti’s lab. Or someone else at the funeral could have been infectious.

78名の感染者の研究から西アフリカ株の2つの変種が見つかった。「伝統的治療師は2人の患者から2つの変種に感染した可能性がある。あるいは葬儀参列者の誰かが感染者だったかもしれない」と、Dr. Sabetiのラボのメンバーで共著者のひとりであるStephen K Gireは述べた。

[DONALD G. McNEIL Jr: "Outbreak in Sierra Leone Is Tied to Single Funeral Where 14 Women Were Infected" (2014/08/28) on NY Times]

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