創造論を学校教育で取り上げるべきと発言したRoyal Society教育部長が辞任

[Call for creationism in science (2008/09/13) on BBC]

Creationism should be discussed in school science lessons, rather than excluded, says the director of education at the Royal Society.


Professor Michael Reiss says that if pupils have strongly-held beliefs about creationism these should be explored.

教育部長であるMichael Reiss教授は、生徒たちが創造論を強く信じているなら、それを探求すべきだと述べた。

Rather than dismissing creationism as a "misconception", he says it should be seen as a cultural "world view".


Teachers should take the time to explain why creationism had no scientific basis, Prof Reiss said.

教育部長であるMichael Reiss教授は、教師たちが創造論が科学的基礎がない理由を時間をかけて説明すべきだと述べた。

He stressed that the topic should not be taught as science.


This was more valuable than simply "banging on" about evolution, he said.


Prof Reiss, a biologist and Church of England minister, said he now believed it was more effective to engage with pupils' ideas about creationism, rather than to obstruct discussion with those who do not accept the scientific version of the evolution of species.

英国国教会の聖職者であり、生物学者であるMichael Reiss教授は、種の進化の科学バージョンを認めない生徒たちの議論を遮るよりも、創造論についての生徒たちの考え方に関与する方が効果的だと考えていると述べた。

米国の状況を見れば、Michael Reiss教授の考え方は甘すぎる。理科の授業に侵入すべくあらゆる手段をとるのがReligious Rightである。

そこで、ノーベル賞受賞者たちによるMichael Reiss解任要求が始まった:
[Robin McKie: "Creationism call divides Royal Society (2008/09/14) on Guardian]

Two Nobel prize winners - Sir Harry Kroto and Sir Richard Roberts - have demanded that the Royal Society sack its education director, Professor Michael Reiss. The call, backed by other senior Royal Society fellows, follows Reiss's controversial claim last week that creationism be taught in schools' science classes.

二人のノーベル賞受賞者Sir Harry KrotoとSir Richard Robertsは、王立協会教育部長Michael Reissの解任を要求した。王立協会シニア会員の支持を受けた要求は、Reiss教育部長が先週、学校の理科の授業で創造論を教えるという、論争な主張をしたことへの対応である。

Reiss, an ordained Church of England minister, has since alleged he was misquoted. Nevertheless, several Royal Society fellows say his religious views make him an inappropriate choice for the post.


'I warned the president of the Royal Society that his [Reiss] was a dangerous appointment a year ago. I did not realise just how dangerous it would turn out to be,' said Kroto, a Royal Society fellow, and winner of the 1996 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

「私は昨年のReissの教育部長指名は危険なものだと王立協会理事長に警告した。しかし、ここまで危険だとは思ってもみなかった」と1996年ノーベル化学賞受賞の王立協会員Sir Harry Krotoは語った。

Roberts, winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work on gene-splicing, was equally angry. 'I think it is outrageous that this man is suggesting that creationism should be discussed in a science classroom. It is an incredible idea and I am drafting a letter to other Nobel laureates - which would be sent to the Royal Society - to ask that Reiss be made to stand down.'

遺伝子接合で1993年ノーベル医学賞受賞のSir Richard Robertsも同様に怒っている。「私は、この男の理科の授業で創造論を論じなければならないという提案は論外だと思う。まったく驚くべき考えだ。私は王立協会にReissを解任を要求する手紙の原稿を、他のノーベル賞受賞者に送っている。」

Zoologist Richard Dawkins, a Royal Society fellow, said: 'A clergyman in charge of education for the country's leading scientific organisation - it's a Monty Python sketch.'

王立協会員である動物学者Richard Dawkinsは「国家の主要なる科学機関の教育部長が聖職者だというのはモンティーパイソンなネタだ」と述べた。

A spokesman for the Royal Society rejected the principle that it was inappropriate for a clergyman to hold a senior post at the organisation. 'Michael Reiss's views are completely in keeping with those of the Royal Society,' he said.

王立協会のスポークスマンは、聖職者が組織で上級の地位を持つことが不適当だという原則を否定した。「Michael Riessの意見は、完全に王立協会のそれと一致している」

The row over Reiss's remarks is the second recent controversy over the society's stance on religion. Fellows, including cancer expert and Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse, complained about the financial links that had been established between the society and the Templeton Foundation, a conservative US organisation that seeks to establish links between science and religion. The latter funded a lecture course at the society.

Reissの意見をめぐる論争は、宗教に対する王立協会のスタンスをめぐる最近2回目の論争である。ガンの専門家であり、ノーベル賞受賞者である王立協会員であるSir Paul Nurseは、科学と宗教の関連を模索する米国の保守系団体であるTempleton Foundationと王立協会との財政的関係について不満を述べた。Templeton Foundationは王立協会の講義に資金援助した。

Many fellows fear the society, the world's oldest scientific organisation, is failing to take a sufficiently robust stance against the spread of fundamental religions which oppose scientific teachings about the origins of the Earth and humanity. 'The thing the Royal Society does not appreciate is the true nature of the forces arrayed against it and the Enlightenment for which the Royal Society should be the last champion,' Kroto said.

多くの会員たちは、世界最古の科学機関である王立協会が、地球と人類の起源についての理科教育に反対する原理主義宗教の拡大に対抗する十分に堅牢なスタンスをとれていないことに、不安を感じている。Sir Harry Krotoは「王立協会がわかっていないのは、それに対抗する力の本当の性質と王立協会が擁護者たるべき啓蒙運動だ」と述べた。
Guardianは二人のノーベル賞受賞者Sir Harry KrotoとSir Richard Robertsを支持するスタンスをとり、同日にさらに記事を出している:
Robin McKie: "Our scientists must nail the creationists" (2008/09/14) on Guardian

Our scientists must nail the creationists

The Royal Society should take a much stronger stance in opposing religion in the school lab

There are two ways of reacting to the Royal Society's claim that its education director Michael Reiss was misrepresented in reports alleging he thought creationism should be taught in science classrooms. Either journalists got it wrong or Reiss - an ordained Church of England clergyman - did indeed suggest religious dogma be mixed with science teaching. I tend very much to the latter view.

Michael Reiss教育部長が創造論を理科の授業で教えるべきだと主張したという報道は、ねじまげられた報道だという王立協会の主張に対する反応は2つある。ジャーナリストが間違っているか、英国国教会の聖職者であるReissが実際に宗教の教義と理科教育を混同したか。私は後者の見方をとりたい。

As Sir Harry Kroto, a society fellow, and a Nobel prize winner, pointed out in a letter to the Royal Society, Reiss was an accident waiting to happen: 'I warned the president ... that his was a dangerous appointment. I did not realise just how dangerous it would turn out to be.'

王立協会員であるノーベル賞受賞者であるSir Harry Krotoは王立協会へ送った手紙で、Reissの件は起こるべくして起こったと指摘した。「私は昨年のReissの教育部長指名は危険なものだと王立協会理事長に警告した。しかし、ここまで危険だとは思ってもみなかった」

Now the society has been caught out, though in the short term it may ride out the current controversy. In the wake of Reiss's remarks, most commentaries have focused, quite reasonably, on the issue of how science and religion should be taught at school. At the same time, the Royal Society has rushed to assure scientists that it still believes creationism has no place in school laboratories.


There is a second, more important issue at stake, however. How should the Royal Society, the world's oldest and most prestigious scientific organisation, treat religion within the confines of its own headquarters?


そして、Michael Reiss教授はあっさり、王立協会教育部長を辞任した:
[Royal Society's Michael Reiss resigns over creationism row (2008/09/16) on Times]

The Royal Society’s embattled director of education has resigned, days after causing uproar among scientists by appearing to endorse the teaching of creationism in science classes.

Professor Michael Reiss, a biologist and ordained Church of England clergyman, agreed to step down from his position with the UK’s national academy of science, after it decided his comments had damaged its reputation.


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