Sarah Palinの創造論ネタはそろそろ終わりか...

Sara PalinとJoseph Biden連邦上院議員による副大統領候補討論会では創造論について言及はなかった。
There was no mention of "creationism", abortion, Roe v. Wade or that Kenyan witch hunter whose blessing apparently aided Palin in her quest for the Alaska governorship.

創造論や妊娠中絶やRoe v. Wade裁判や、アラスカ州知事選のときにPalinに味方したケニヤの魔女狩りについての言及はなかった。

[Dave Shiflett: "In V.P. Debate, Palin Gets a Pass, Biden Chokes Up: Commentary" (2008/10/03) on Bloomberg]

Vice presidential candidates Sarah Palin and Joe Biden sparred Thursday about economic policy, pursuit of the war in Iraq and the records of their party nominees in an eagerly anticipated debate that included humor, emotion and sharp elbows.

副大統領候補Sarah PalinとJoe Bidenは木曜日に経済政策、イラクでの戦争や両党の候補について、ユーモアや感情や強い表現などを交えて討論した。
[VP debate: Economy, Iraq take center stage in St. Louis (2008/10/02)]
創造論関連では、Washington Postによれば、2008年9月末放送のKatie CouricによるSarah Palinインタビューでの発言以後、言及は見られない:
Palin responsed: "Oh, I think it should be taught as an accepted principle. And, as you know, I say that also as the daughter of a school teacher, a science teacher, who has really instilled in me a respect for science. It should be taught in our schools. And I won't deny that I see the hand of God in this beautiful creation that is Earth. But that is not part of the state policy or a local curriculum in a school district. Science should be taught in science class."


[David Waters: "Is Palin a Closet Evolutionist?" (2008/10/02) on "Uder God" on Washington Post]


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