このブログ:忘却からの帰還最初のエントリ(2005/08/02)で取り上げたのが、University of Hwaii - Hilo の哲学科のRon Amundson教授の"The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon"だった。

そのRon Amundson教授が担当講義"哲学310: 形而上学"について次のような注意書きを書いた[via Leiter Reports via Evolving Thoughts]。どうも、"ひのきのぼう"を装備した勇者たちが、Ron Amundson教授に挑んでいるらしい。
[Ron Amundson: Metaphysics DISCLAIMER (形而上学 免責条項)]

Phil 310, Metaphysics, is a course in some core topics in Western Philosophy, including the Free Will Problem, the Mind-Body Problem, related problems in Philosophy of Mind, and the Problem of Personal Identity. If you’re interested in what these involve, you can find long discussions online in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: http://plato.stanford.edu/.

哲学310"形而上学"は、自由意志問題や心身問題や心の哲学に関連する問題や人格の同一性の問題などの西洋哲学の中核的話題を扱う講義です。これらに伴う話題に興味があるなら、 Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophyに長い議論があるので参照ください。

However, even after this careful description, I still get students who misunderstand the nature of the course, and expect it to be about astrology, etc. etc. . For that reason, I have composed the following “boxed” statement.



“Metaphysics” as a field of study within the academic area of Philosophy is very different from “Metaphysics” as the label of a bookshelf in Border’s Books. This is a Philosophy course. It is not about what Border’s Books calls Metaphysics.

"形而上学"は哲学の学術分野内の一分野であって、Border's Bookの書棚の"形而上学"コーナーにある内容とは全く違います。これは哲学の講義です。Border's Bookが形而上学と呼ぶものについてではありません。

The popular (Border’s Books) understanding of Metaphysics is that it is the study of paranormal phenomena, such as extrasensory perception, out-of-body travel, reincarnation, and auras. None of these topics will be seriously discussed in this course! It doesn’t much matter what my opinions are about the matter, but you may want to know. I believe in science. I do not believe in pseudoscience. I believe that no one has extra-sensory perception (even though perception is a very complicated and interesting thing). I do not believe in reincarnation, or in out-of-body travel. In fact I have published articles in anti-paranormal journals, and I’m somewhat famous for my skeptical refutation of the paranormal Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon. (See my web page for details if you’re interested.)

一般人(Border's Book)は形而上学を、ESPや体外離脱や輪廻やオーラなど超常現象を扱うものだと思っているようです。この講義では、それらをひとつも扱いません。これらは私が形而上学と考えるものとはマッチしていませんが、皆さんが知りたがるものかもしれません。私は科学を信じています。私は疑似科学を信じていません。認識が複雑かつ興味深いものですが、ESPを信じていません。私は輪廻も体外離脱も信じていません。事実、私は反超常現象雑誌に寄稿しており、超常現象「百匹目の猿」を懐疑的に撃破したことで名が知れています。

I do not believe that I’m any more narrow-minded than the next person on these topics. But if you are a fan of paranormal phenomenon, you will probably consider me to be very narrow-minded. That’s ok with me -- you have a right to consider me narrowminded if you want to. But the important thing is this: You should not take this course because you expect to study astrology, ESP, and so on. I will not ask my students to study topics that I consider foolish, and I consider astrology, etc., very foolish.



So if you signed up for the course because you are interested in the supernatural or paranormal, please drop the course. You will not be able to pass the course by concentrating your attention on the paranormal, and trying to prove its existence to me. Many people have tried. None of them has passed the course. Please don’t add your student record to the gruesome list of people who believed that they could convince Amundson that they possessed ESP.


I have had some bad experiences on this topic. Some very sincere students have gotten angry and even belligerant because I required them to study and write about theories that they disagreed with. I am teaching this course the way the American Philosophical Association affirms is the academically responsible way to teach Metaphysics. Please, if that is not a course that you want to take, do not take this one.

地図上で見ると、University of Hawaii - HiloとBorders Books Hiloの位置関係はこんなかんじ:
このあたりはGoogle Street Viewがないので、Borders BooksからHilo店を:

まともな大学のまともな哲学の先生であるRon Amundson教授にとっては、それは論外だと思うけど、世の中そんなものかもしれない。たとえば、非認定な怪しい"大学のようなもの"[Quackwatch, Religious Distance Education]を見ると、完全にMetaphysics = 超常現象になっている。

==>The College of Metaphysical Studies
==>American Institute of Holistic Theology


Stanford Encyclopedia of Phylosophy: Metphysicswikipedia: Metphysicsは本来の意味を書いてあるが、世の中は既に、「Metaphysics = Paranormal」になりかかっているのかも。
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