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米国の進化論教育を守るNational Center for Science EducaitonのGlenn BranchはUS Newsへの寄稿で、さまざまな形で、公教育から進化論を排除して、創造論を持ち込もうとするインテリジェントデザイン運動を含む創造論者たちの試みを復習した:
Undaunted, a group of creationists devised a minimalist form of their view - dubbed "intelligent design" - in the hope of evading the constitutional barrier to teaching creationism in the public schools. Their hopes were dashed in 2005, when a federal judge found intelligent design was a variant of creationism and not a scientifically credible alternative to evolution.


These attempts have foundered because of the First Amendment's establishment clause, which forbids government actions that have no secular purpose or have the primary effect of promoting (or inhibiting) religion. Creationists have failed to convince the courts that teaching creationism passes the test.



Defeated in court and unable to make their mark in science, creationists have increasingly turned to the fallback strategy of attacking evolution without mentioning any specific creationist alternative. The bills in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Mississippi are examples, as are struggles over the treatment of evolution in state science standards in Kansas, Ohio, and Texas.



In the meantime, creationism contributes to a climate of hostility toward, skepticism about, and ignorance of evolution - and, indeed, science - in America.


[Glenn Branch (National Center for Science Educaiton): "Intelligent Design is Not Science, and Should Not Join Evolution in the Classroom" (2009/02/02) on US News - opinion]
インテリジェントデザインの本山たるDiscovery Instituteは温暖化否定論の立場をとる。また、インテリジェントデザインの父たるPhillip E JohnsonHIV否定論者でもある。米国において温暖化対策が進まなかったのは、Exxon Mobil Corpのようなエネルギー産業の抵抗もあるが、創造論に基づく温暖化否定を信じる人々が多いことにもよる。ノアの箱舟は温暖化否定の象徴でもある。

さて、同日に"若い地球の創造論"ミニストリInstitute for Creation ResearchのCEOであるHenry Morris IIIの世論調査を背景とする寄稿もa href="http://www.usnews.com/">US Newsに掲載された。
USA Today/Gallup released the results of a poll in which 66 percent of Americans stated that they believe in creationism. Not some hybrid theory mixing creationism and evolution. Not intelligent design. But specifically that "God created human beings pretty much in their present form at one time within the last 10,000 years." Which is pretty much how the book of Genesis explains creation.

USA TodayとGallupによる世論調査では、66%の米国人は創造論を信じている。それは創造論と進化論の混合形態ではなく創造論そのものである。インテリジェントデザインでもない。「10000年以内の過去に神が現在の形態で人間を創造した」に対する回答である。これは創世記の創造の説明そのものである。


However, despite public opinion on the issue, creationism, in any form, is not allowed in our classrooms.


Should it be? Americans seem to prefer it, or at a minimum favor a critical discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of evolution. Even the National Science Teachers Association - hardly a right-wing fundamentalist group - insists that "teachers must be free to examine controversial issues openly in the classroom . . . to maintain a spirit of free inquiry, open-mindedness and impartiality in the classroom."

そうすべきか? 米国人は創造論を好んでおり、少なくとも進化論の強いところと弱いところを批判的に論じることを好んでいる。右派原理主義ではありえない全米理科教師協会さえも、次のように言っている。「教室で自由な質問、心の広さと公平の精神を維持するために、教師は授業でで公然と論争の的となる問題を調べてもよい」

[Henry Morris III (Institute for Creation Research): "Where Evolution Has Gaps, Creation Might Offer Answers—If We Will Listen" (2009/02/02) on US News - opinion]

このHenry Morris IIIに対して、翌日にUS Newsが自身の意見として、世論調査で教える内容を決めることなど愚かだという反論を載せた:
He cites this statistic as a reason for including creationism, along with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, in public school biology classes.

彼[Henry Morris III]は公立学校の生物の授業にチャールズ・ダーウィンの進化論とともに創造論を含める理由として統計を挙げた。

By doing so, of course, Morris exposes the silliness in his own argument.

そうやって、もちろんHenry Morris IIIは自身の論で愚かさをあらわにした。

Humans believe in lots of stupid stuff. Ghosts. UFOs. Satan. Collateralized Debt Obligations.


Our ancestors believed that the sun was a flying God named Apollo. The Hopi, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Mormons, and many other peoples have composed elaborately varying songs of creation. It is our nature, when looking out at the great twin expanses of space and eternity, to come up with comforting myths.

[John Aloysius Farrell (US News): "Creationism and Intelligent Design Should Be Kept Out of the Classroom" (2009/02/03) on US News - Thomas Jefferson Street blog]
US Newsは両論併記というや両論投稿を載せたものの、翌日には修正行動に出たもよう。
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