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Times Onlineの報道によれば、これは皮膚癌についての認識を高めるための慈善団体によるキャンペーンである:
Over 30,000 people fall for ComputerTan hoax
3万人以上がComputerTan hoaxに引っ掛かった。

New technology that promised workers a tan from their computers is really a skin cancer charity awareness campaign


A new technology that harnesses the rays of a computer screen to give office workers a tan while they type was today revealed as a charity hoax, after 30,000 people visited the ComputerTan website in 24 hours to register their interest.


ComputerTan is in fact a ruse by the UK skin cancer charity Skcin to raise awareness of skin cancer in the UK. Users who registered for a PC tanning session through the fake ComputerTan website expected to be bathed in heated rays, but were in fact confronted by an alarming collection of facts about skin cancer, and illustrations and photographs of the disease.


The aim of the campaign, which was masterminded by the advertising agency McCann Erickson, is to make British people more aware of the damage that tanning and sunbathing may be doing to their bodies.

広告代理店McCann Ericksonが首謀者とされるキャンペーンの目的は、英国人に日焼けや日光浴によって体に受けるかもしれない被害について知ってもらうことである。

Richard Clifford, the co-founder of Skcin, said the campaign was a humorous way to raise awareness of a very serious issue. “More people die of skin cancer in the UK every year than in Australia,” he said. “It is the most common form of cancer in young adults (15-34) and is largely preventable. The lack of regulation concerning the use of sunbeds is an extremely serious issue… and this campaign highlights the fact that it is high time for a change in the law.”
慈善団体Skcinの共同設立者であるRichard Cliffordは「このキャンペーンは深刻な問題への認識を高めるためのユーモラスな方法である。英国では豪州よりも多くの人々が皮膚癌で亡くなっている。若年層(15〜34歳)における癌の最も一般的な形態であり、その多くは予防可能である。日焼けベッドの使用についての規制がないことは、非常に重大な問題であり、このキャンペーンは法律を変えるべきときであることに注目したものである。」と述べた。

Skcin is a UK-based charity founded by the family and friends of Karen Clifford, who died of skin cancer in 2005. It offers help and advice on skincare and tanning via its website.

Skcinは英国を本拠地として、2005年に皮膚癌で亡くなったKaren Cliffordの家族と友人体によって設立された慈善団体である。皮膚のケアと日焼けについて支援と助言を行っている。

[Over 30,000 people fall for ComputerTan hoax (2009/02/05) on Times Online
via Museum of Hoax]

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