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But in 1885 a record was made by their theology. In that year the smallpox broke out with great virulence in Montreal. The Protestant population escaped almost entirely by vaccination; but multitudes of their Catholic fellow-citizens, under some vague survival of the old orthodox ideas, refused vaccination; and suffered fearfully. When at last the plague became so serious that travel and trade fell off greatly and quarantine began to be established in neighbouring cities, an effort was made to enforce compulsory vaccination. The result was, that large numbers of the Catholic working population resisted and even threatened bloodshed. The clergy at first tolerated and even encouraged this conduct: the Abbe Filiatrault, priest of St. James's Church, declared in a sermon that, "if we are afflicted with smallpox, it is because we had a carnival last winter, feasting the flesh, which has offended the Lord; it is to punish our pride that God has sent us smallpox." The clerical press went further: the _Etendard_ exhorted the faithful to take up arms rather than submit to vaccination, and at least one of the secular papers was forced to pander to the same sentiment. The Board of Health struggled against this superstition, and addressed a circular to the Catholic clergy, imploring them to recommend vaccination; but, though two or three complied with this request, the great majority were either silent or openly hostile. The Oblate Fathers, whose church was situated in the very heart of the infected district, continued to denounce vaccination; the faithful were exhorted to rely on devotional exercises of various sorts; under the sanction of the hierarchy a great procession was ordered with a solemn appeal to the Virgin, and the use of the rosary was carefully specified.

Meantime, the disease, which had nearly died out among the Protestants, raged with ever-increasing virulence among the Catholics; and, the truth becoming more and more clear, even to the most devout, proper measures were at last enforced and the plague was stayed, though not until there had been a fearful waste of life among these simple-hearted believers, and germs of scepticism planted in the hearts of their children which will bear fruit for generations to come.[[61]]

しかし、1885年には神学が勝った。その年、モントリオールで天然痘が大流行した。プロテスタントの人々はほぼ全員が予防接種をして、難を逃れた。しかし、カトリックに従う人々は古い漠然とした正統的な考えが残っていて、予防接種を拒否した。そして恐れ苦しんだ。遂には旅行と交易が激減するところまで疫病が重大な状況となり、近隣都市で隔離が確立され始め、強制的な予防接種が実行されようとした。これに対して、多数のカトリックの人々が抵抗し、流血沙汰で脅かした。この行いを、聖職者たちは大目に見ていて、奨励さえした。St. James's Churchの聖職者bbe Filiatraultは説教で「我々が天然痘に罹るのは、昨冬に我々がカーニバルをして、肉をふるまって、我らが主を怒らせたからだ。我々の奢りを罰するために、神は天然痘を送ったのだ」と述べた。聖職者の出版物はもっとすごかった。"Etendard"は忠実な信者たちに、予防接種よりも武器をとることを奨めた。そして、少なくとも一つの世俗新聞がこれに同調するように強要された。医療委員会はこの迷信と戦い、予防接種を推奨することを要請する回覧をカトリックの聖職者に送った。数名が要請に応じたが、大多数は沈黙するか、公然と敵対した。感染地域の中心部に教会があった修道神父たちは、予防接種を非難し続けた。忠実な信者たちは様々な信仰療法を奨められた。権威者から聖母マリアに訴える行列祈祷が命じられ、ロザリオの使用方法が慎重に指示された。


[Andrew Dickson White [1832-1928]: "A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom"(1896) -- Chapter XIII From Miracles to Medicine -- X Theological Opposition to Inoculation, Vaccination, and the use of Anaesthetics (予防接種と麻酔の使用に対する神学上の反対論)]


In the speech, the pope made a diagnosis: condoms increase sexual immorality, and sexual immorality increases the spread of AIDS. The logical treatment for sexual immorality is Christian marriage, fidelity and chastity. Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragan, president of the Vatican’s Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers, had reached a similar conclusion in his Message for World AIDS Day (Dec. 1, 2003): “We have to present this [lifestyles emphasizing marriage, fidelity, and chastity] as the main way for the effective prevention of infection and spread of HIV/AIDS, since the phenomenon of AIDS is a pathology of the spirit.”

その演説で、教皇は次のような判断を示した。すなわち、コンドームは性的不道徳を増やし、性的不道徳はAIDSの拡大を加速する。そして、性的不道徳に対する論理的な治療法はキリスト教の結婚と貞節である、と。Vaticanの Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workersの議長であるJavier Lozano Barragan枢機卿は、2003年12月1日のWorld AIDS Dayのメッセージで、「AIDSは精神の病理なので、HIV/AIDSの感染拡大の有効な防止策はこれ[結婚と貞節を強調したライフスタイル]であることを示さなければならない」という結論に到達している。

[Marcella Alsan: Catholic Church condom prohibition comes face to face with reality of AIDS in Africa" (2006/04/24) on Commonweal Magazine: A Review of Religion, Politics and Culture]
The typical patient is a young woman between 18 and 30 years of age. She is wheeled into the examining room in a hospital chair or dragged in, supported by her sister, aunt, or brother. She is frequently delirious; her face is gaunt; her limbs look like desiccated twigs. Surprisingly, the young woman is already a mother many times over, yet she will not live to see her children grow up. More shocking still, she is married; her husband infected her with the deadly virus.


[Marcella Alsan: Catholic Church condom prohibition comes face to face with reality of AIDS in Africa" (2006/04/24) on Commonweal Magazine: A Review of Religion, Politics and Culture]

"Condoms are not sure because I know that there are two countries in Europe, they are making condoms with the virus on purpose," he alleged, refusing to name the countries.


"They want to finish with the African people. This is the programme. They want to colonise until up to now. If we are not careful we will finish in one century's time."

[Shock at archbishop condom claim (2007/09/26) on BBC]

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