[Mother, son missing in forced chemotherapy case(2009/05/19) on CNN]

A Minnesota judge issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for the mother of Daniel Hauser, a 13-year-old boy who is refusing treatment for his cancer, after neither she nor the boy showed up for a court appearance.

癌治療を拒否している13歳の少年Daniel Hauserもその母親も裁判所へ出廷しなかったので、ミネソタの裁判官が火曜日に母親に対する逮捕状を出した。

"It is imperative that Daniel receive the attention of an oncologist as soon as possible," wrote Brown County District Judge John R. Rodenberg in an order to "apprehend and detain."

"His best interests require it," Rodenberg wrote.

The judge had scheduled the hearing to review an X-ray ordered by the court to assess whether Daniel's Hodgkin's lymphoma was worsening.

The boy's father, Anthony Hauser, did appear at Tuesday's hearing, where he testified that he last saw the mother, Colleen Hauser, at the family's farm on Monday night, when she told him she was going to leave "for a time."

He said he did not know where they had gone.

逮捕状に「できる限り早くDanielが腫瘍の専門医の診断を受けることが必須である。彼のためにそれが必要である」とBrown Couty地裁のJohn R. Rodenberg判事が書いた。


Danielの父親Anthony Hauserは火曜日の審理に出廷し、「母親Colleen Hauserを見たのは月曜夜に家族の農場で『しばらく、ここを離れる』と言ったのが最後だ。DanielとColleenがどこへ行ったかわからない」と証言した。

During the hearing, Dr. James Joyce testified he saw the boy and his mother on Monday at his office. He said the boy had "an enlarged lymph node" near his right clavicle and that the X-ray showed "significant worsening" of a mass in his chest.

In addition, the boy complained of "extreme pain" at the site where a port had been inserted to deliver an initial round of chemotherapy. The pain was "most likely caused by the tumor or mass pressing on the port," testified Joyce, who called the X-ray "fairly dramatic" evidence that the cancer was worsening.

審理で、Dr. James Joyceは「月曜日に彼のオフィスで、Danielと母親を見た。Danielは右の鎖骨ちかくに肥大したリンパ節があり、X線検査で胸で顕著に悪化していることが示された。さらに、Danielは、化学療法の初回実施のためにポートを挿入された付近に強い痛みを訴えていた。この痛みは、おそらくポートを圧迫している腫瘍あるいは腫瘤性病変が原因と思われる。X線検査の結果は、癌が悪化している劇的な証拠である」と証言した。

Rodenberg ordered custody of the boy transferred to Brown County Family Services and issued a contempt order for the mother.

A call to the family's home in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota, was not immediately returned.

Rodenberg判事はDanielの親権をBrown County Family Servicesに移管するように命じ、母親に対して排除命令を出した。ミネソタ州Sleepy Eyeにある家族の家への呼び出しへの応答はすぐにはなかった。

Philip Elbert, Daniel's court-appointed attorney, said he considers his client to have a "diminished capacity" for reasons of his age and the illness and that he believes Daniel should be treated by a cancer specialist.

Elbert added that he does not believe Daniel -- who, according to court papers, cannot read -- has enough information to make an informed decision regarding his treatment.

Danielの法廷弁護士Philip Elbertは「私は、Danielが年齢および病状からみて、責任能力がないと考えている。Danielは癌の専門医の治療を受けるべきである。法廷書類によれば読む能力がないDanielが、情報に基づいて治療について判断できるだけの十分な情報を持っているとは考えられない」と述べた。

Daniel's symptoms of persistent cough, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes were diagnosed in January as Hodgkins lymphoma. In February, the cancer responded well to an initial round of chemotherapy, but the treatment's side effects concerned the boy's parents, who then opted not to pursue further chemo and instead sought other medical opinions.

Court documents show that the doctors estimated the boy's chance of 5-year remission with more chemotherapy and possibly radiation at 80 percent to 95 percent.


But the family opted for a holistic medical treatment based upon Native American healing practices called Nemenhah and rejected further treatment.

In a written statement issued last week, an attorney for the parents said they "believe that the injection of chemotherapy into Danny Hauser amounts to an assault upon his body, and torture when it occurs over a long period of time."

しかし、家族はNemenhahと呼ばれるネイティブアメリカンの治療法に基づくホリスティック医療を選択し、さらなる治療を拒否した。先週提出された書面で、両親の弁護士は「両親はDaniel Hauserに対する化学療法が、身体への攻撃であり、長時間続けば拷問に等しいと考えている」と述べた。

Medical ethicists say parents generally have a legal right to make decisions for their children, but there is a limit.

"You have a right, but not an open-ended right," Arthur Caplan, director of the center for bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, said last week. "You can't compromise the life of your child."

医療倫理学者であり、University of Pennsylvaniaの生命倫理学センター長であるArthur Caplanは先週「両親には子供の治療に対する一般的な法的権利があるが、それには制限がある。権利はあるが、無制限ではない。自分の子供の生命を危うくする権利はない」と述べた。
数日前から、報道が始まっていたが、ついにHIV否定論 Sophie Brassardの場合と似たような状況になってきた。

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