Gloria's parents, Manju Sam, 36, and homeopath Thomas Sam, 42, of Earlwood have pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter of their nine-month-old daughter in Sydney in May 2002.

They are accused of "gross criminal negligence" by failing to get Gloria proper medical attention, instead allegedly focusing on homeopathic remedies.

The malnourished baby - who had been properly fed - died from an infection her body could not fight because all her nutrition had gone into coping with her severe eczema.

The jury has been told that in February 2002, Manju Sam took Gloria to visit her family in India, where her husband later joined them.

They arrived back in Sydney on April 27, but did not take Gloria to hospital until May 5, and she died there on May 8.

生後9か月の娘GloriaをSydneyで死なせて故殺罪に問われているEarlwood在住のManju Sam (36歳)とホメオパシー医 Thomas Sam (42歳)は無罪を主張した。



陪審員たちは、「2002年2月に母親Manju Samが家族を訪問するためにGloriaを連れてインドを訪れ、父親Thomas Samは、後で合流した。彼らは2002年4月27日にSydneyに帰って来たが、5月5日になるまでGloriaを病院に連れて行かなかった。そして5月8日にGloriaは死亡した。」と聞かされた。

[Passenger tells of baby Gloria's painful flight (2009/05/11) on Brisbane Times]
Baby Gloria Thomas appeared in pain as she constantly screamed during a flight from Singapore, nine days before she was taken to hospital where she died, a jury has been told.


Passenger Kirby Nelson described the crying as "a painful scream, not whingeing, hungry screaming" and said she noticed the baby had a rash which was "red and sort of like lumpy".

She said she herself may have slept for some of the flight and the baby may have been screaming for about half the time Ms Nelson was awake.

同一便に乗っていたKriby Nelsonは、「お腹が空いて泣いているのではなく、痛みに悲鳴を上げるように泣いていました。赤ちゃんは赤い斑点だらけで発疹にかかっていました。私が目が覚めている時間の半分くらいは、赤ちゃんは泣いていました。」と証言した。

Her mother, Linda Nelson, said the baby appeared "very unsettled, very uncomfortable, not a happy baby at all".

Gloria's lower half was covered, but she noticed the child had a "very red, blotchy, inflamed" rash on the upper part of her skin.

Linda Nelson said she saw the baby's father, "who looked very gentle with her", walking up and down the aisle trying to placate her.

同じく同乗していたKirby Nelsonの母であるLinda Nelsonは、「赤ちゃんは、あまりに不安定で、不快そうで、不幸せに見えました。赤ちゃんの下半身は服で見えませんでしたが、上半身は赤い斑点のような炎症を起こしていました。赤ちゃんの父親は、赤ちゃんにとても優しげに見えて、赤ちゃんをなだめようとして、通路を歩いていました」と証言した。

Another passenger, Janet Nuttall, said the baby "was very distressed and crying a lot, in a way that concerned me".

"She seemed to be inconsolable," Ms Nuttall told the NSW Supreme Court jury.

Ms Nuttall, who had her own three children, including a 12-month-old baby, with her on the flight, told the court she also noticed the crying child.

"I noticed the child because she was extremely distressed whenever I saw her during the flight," she said.

Ms Nuttall said she had been on a lot of flights with babies but this was the only child that caused her concern.

同じく乗客のJanet Nuttallは「私が不安になるくらいに、赤ちゃんは非常に苦しそうに泣いていました。慰めようもありませんでした。」とNSW最高裁判所陪審で証言した。

Janet Nuttallは自身も生後12か月の子供を含む3人の子の母であり、「泣いている赤ちゃんに気が付きました。フライト中、いつ見ても、赤ちゃんは非常に苦しんでいました。赤ちゃんといっしょに航空機に乗ることが多いのですが、不安を感じたのは初めてです。」と証言した。

[Passenger tells of baby Gloria's painful flight (2009/05/11) on Brisbane Times]
A paediatrician treating a baby for severe eczema has admitted to a Sydney court, he may have missed the deadly warning signs of malnutrition.


But in court today their paediatrician, Dr Brian Simons has admitted, while he took note of the little girl's weight loss, it was only two months later when he received a phone call about her deteriorating condition that he realised malnutrition was killing her.

法廷で小児科医Dr Brian Simonsは、赤ちゃんの体重減少を記録しながら、その2か月後に赤ちゃんの状況が悪化したと電話を受けた時、栄養失調で赤ちゃんが死にかけていると気づいたことを認めた。

[Joel Labi: "Paediatrician missed deadly signs of malnutrition in baby Gloria Thomas" (2009/05/08) on LiveNews]
Giving evidence by audio-link from India, V.P. Thomas, a dermatologist, said his notes showed Gloria was referred to him by a pediatrician at Century Hospital in Kerala on February 25, 2002.

He noted the baby had extensive eczema and nappy rash, and he recommended various lotions and treatments.

Dr Thomas said he advised: "I should see the case every alternate day to assess", but "this patient never presented to me again".

インドからオーディオリンクで、皮膚科医V.P. Thomasは、「診察記録には、2002年2月25日に、KeralaにあるCentury Hospitalの小児科医からGloriaを紹介されたと記録されている。そして、赤ちゃんが広範にの湿疹とおしめ発疹にかかっていると記録し、さまざなローションと治療を推奨した。経過を観察するために2日の1回の診察が必要だったが、患者は二度と姿を現さなかった。」と証言した。

[Court told of sick baby's visit to doctor in India (2009/05/12) on Brisbane Times]
そして、2002年5月5日に、Gloriaがydney Children's Hospitalに連れてこられたときの状況は悲惨なものだった。担当医のPenelope Leeは次のように証言した:
... Gloria Thomas was tiny for her age, "obviously" malnourished and her skin was red and painful, so much so that the top layer had begun to slough off, Dr Lee said. "Her hair was white, which was one of the most startling things about her because she obviously had a very dark-skinned, Indian mother," she said.

"I remember she said she'd been in India until … 10 days earlier and my question to her was why she hadn't come in in that 10 days, and I don't think she gave me an explanation for that," Dr Lee said. "She just cried." ...



[Harriet Alexander:"Mother did not explain, just cried" (2009/05/14) on The Sydney Morning Herald]
当該時間帯の救急病棟の医局員Dr.Susannah Cunninghamも強い印象を受けていた:
Susannah Cunningham, a registrar in pediatric emergency medicine at the time, said the case stood out in her memory because the little girl had been in such agony.

"I've not seen any cases of skin conditions this severe," Dr Cunningham told the court today.

"I've seen other cases - and would probably be able to count them on one hand - of children who had presented in a way that has remained very clearly in my mind.

"I would have seen hundreds of children with eczema, but not so severe and in so much pain and I think it's the pain that has made this case stand out for me in my memory. I vividly recall where she was in the emergency department." ...

"Gloria was squealing and distressed whenever she was moved and she would only stop when her mother's nipple was placed on her mouth as a pacifier," Dr Cunningham said. ...



[Harriet Alexander: "Baby Gloria 'squealing and distressed'" (2009/05/14) on Brisbane Times]
ところで、母親Manju Samとホメオパシー医である父親Thomas Samは、何故こんな状態になるまで、通常医療機関に娘Gloriaを連れて行かなかったのだろうか。

HOMEOPATHS in Australia would refer patients to conventional doctors if a serious condition did not improve within a week to a month, a manslaughter jury has been told.

Homeopath Dr Vinay Katyal also told the NSW Supreme Court jury that homeopathy had nothing much to offer for acute patients.

[Homeopaths 'would refer cases to GPs' (2009/05/11) on The Australian]
そして、父親であるホメオパシー医Thomas Samは、ホメオパシーの専門学校(Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine)で、非常勤講師をしていて、重い病状の患者や症状が改善しない患者を通常医療機関へ紹介しなければならないと教えていた:
Ms Cresswell said that in 1998 she took over as principal of the Sydney College of Homeopathic Medicine, where Sam was already working part-time as head of medical science.

She said the college, which she left in 2004, had a "very good reputation" and held three-year courses for students.

They were taught that if a "particular patient appears to suffer a serious illness or, alternatively they are undiagnosed but their condition continues to worsen", the matter should be referred to a conventional doctor.

"Dr Sam teaches this principle to our students," she said in her 2003 police statement.

[Judith Cresswell: "Accused homeopath taught students to go to GPs: jury told" (2009/05/20) on LiveNews]

しかし、父親Thomas Samは次のように警察の聴取で次のように証言していた:
Sam was interviewed by police on May 9, the day after Gloria died in hospital after her parents took her there on May 5.

He said he first saw the redness, pus and discolouration on her eye on the evening of May 4 and became "panicky" when it was worse in the morning.

But he first went to church to fulfil a commitment made to an associate about helping there, while his wife made the preparations to go to the hospital.

The officer referred to Sam saying he was panicking about seeing the pus in the morning and asked would it have been an opportune time to take her to emergency.

"Yeah, but that half an hour might not make much difference to the child's health you know," he replied.

Asked why he had not done anything the previous evening, Sam replied: "I don't know. I was tired maybe and slept in."

As well as her eye being worse in the morning, Sam said there was a discharge from the skin rash around her groin.

"It wasn't (an) alarming thing for me .. but the eye looked really sick," he said.

The officer asked if Sam thought his care of Gloria had been reasonable, bearing in mind the discomfort she had experienced for some time.

"Definitely so ... yeah I should have taken more care definitely but I have done my level best, 100 per cent to my abilities," Sam replied.

2002年5月5日に両親がGloriaを病院に連れて行き、5月9日にGloriaが死亡した後で、Thomas Samは警察の聴取を受けた。






眼が朝より悪化したとともに、Thomas SamはGloriaの皮膚の発疹からの分泌物が鼠径部のまわりにあったと言った。


警官はThomas Samに、Gloriaが経験した苦しみを念頭に、彼の看病が合理的だったと思うか問うた。


[Dad 'delayed' getting baby to hospital (2009/05/26) on TheAge]
ぎりぎりまで、Gloriaを病院に連れていくのをためらうような行動をとる父親Thomas Samの警察での聴取の際の証言である。

娘を通常医療機関にゆだねるとうう、ホメオパシー医としての信用をなくすようなことをしたくないという気分はあったかもしれない。しかし、結果としてThomas Samは娘の生命を失い、これからホメオパシー医を続けることも事実上、不可能になった。

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