John G Westのキリスト教と進化論は両立しない(2/5)「人間は良きものとして創造されたか」

インテリジェントデザイン運動の本山たるDiscovery Instituteの副センタ長であるDr. John G Westによる、有神論的進化論批判の2回目は原罪について

[John G. West: "According to theistic evolution, were human beings created originally good?" (2009/05/01) on Faith+Religion]

Many prominent theistic evolutionists repudiate the idea that human beings were created good and then fell into sin through a voluntary act of disobedience.


Karl Giberson in Saving Darwin directly rejects the idea that “sin originates in a free act of the first humans” and that “God gave humans free will and they used it to contaminate the entire creation.” [Saving Darwin, p. 12] Giberson basically argues that since human beings were created through Darwinian evolution, sin was there in human beings to begin with: “Selfishness… drives the evolutionary process. Unselfish creatures died, and their unselfish genes perished with them. Selfish creatures, who attended to their own needs for food, power, and sex, flourished and passed on these genes to their offspring. After many generations selfishness was so fully programmed in our genomes that it was a significant part of what we now call human nature.” Although Giberson does employ the term “fall” in his book, it is clear that he merely means that humans continue to be sinful, just like they were from the beginning. There was no actual “fall” in his view, as he confirmed at an appearance at Biola University in 2009. Notably, the foreword to Giberson’s Saving Darwin was written by prominent fellow theistic evolutionist Francis Collins.

"Saving Darwin"でKarl Gibersonは「罪は最初の人間の自由行動に起因するものであり、神は人間に自由意志を与え、人間はそれを創造を汚染するために使った」という考えを直接否定している [Saving Darwin, p. 12] 。Karl Gibersonは基本的には、人間はダーウィンの進化によって創造されたので、人間は最初から罪を負っていたと論じている。「利己性が...進化過程を駆動している。非利己的生命は滅び、非利己的な遺伝子は彼らとともに滅びた。自らの食物・力・セックスの必要性のみに関心を持つ利己的生命は、繁栄し、その遺伝子を子孫に渡した。多くの世代を経て、利己性は我々のゲノムにプログラムされ、我々が現在、人間性と呼ぶものの重要な一部となっている。」Karl Gibersonは「堕落」という用語を使っているが、それは人間が最初から常に罪深いという意味しか持っていない。彼の見方には実際の堕落というものはないことは、2009年のBiola Univesityでの講演でも確認されている。Karl Gibersonの本"Saving Darwin"の前書きは、著名は有神論的進化論者Francis Collinsによって書かれている。
Sin is an existential reality. Each of us is a sinner and we share a common sinful condition. Modern theologians have tried to keep this point in view without reading Genesis 3 as a historical narrative, and some are explicit about getting rid of Adam and Eve. I agree that Genesis 2–3 should not be read as history. Adam and Eve are theological representations of all humans...


[George L. Murphy: "Roads to Paradise and Perdition: Christ, Evolution,and Original Sin"]
Karl Gibersonのアイデアも、これの延長上。

ただ、すなおに考えれば、John G Westの指摘の方がまっとうに思える。すなわち、進化論が正しければ、キリスト教徒はおとぎ話を史実だと信じるアフォであるか、こじつけのような解釈を行うアフォであるか、どちらかだと。

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