[Radium Bromide (ca. 1960) on Radioactive Quack Cures by ORAU]


These homeopathic triturations containing radium bromide powder were distributed from a pharmacy in Pennsylvania in the 1960s. The "6X" on one bottle, the "8X" on another, and the "18X" on the third indicate the dilution factors of the radium bromide. Note the lead foil on the bottle to the right - that thickness of lead would do next to nothing to reduce the exposure rates associated with radium.
Sizes: (left to right) ca. 4 1/2" high, 8" high and 5 1/2" high.

臭化ラジウムを含むホメオパシー粉末は、1960年代にペンシルバニア州の薬品会社から販売された。ボトルにある"6X", "8X", "18X"は臭化ラジウムの希釈率である。右側のボトルの鉛ホイルは、その厚みではラジウムからの放射線被曝を削減する効果を持っていないに等しい。

Exposure rates: nothing detectable at one foot, but the two small bottles show approximately 4 uR/hr above background at two inches or so.


[Homeopathic Materia Medica: Radium Bromide]

An important addition to the Materia Medica, especially since the provings by Diffenbach have precisionized its use. Radium brom. of 1,800,000 radio-activity was employed. Found effective in the treatment of rheumatism and gout, in skin affections generally, acne rosacea, naevi, moles, ulcers and cancers. Lowered blood pressure. SEVERE ACHING PAINS ALL OVER, with restlessness, better moving about. Chronic rheumatic arthritis. Lateness in appearance of symptoms. Ulcers due to Radium burns, take a long time to heal. Marked increase in the poly-morphonuclear neutrophiles. Great weakness.

Diffenbachによる実験によってラジウムの使用が的確化されてから、ラジウムはMateria Medicaへの重要な添加物になった。放射能1800000の臭化ラジウムが使われた。リウマチや痛風や一般的な皮膚の症状である赤瘡、母斑、ほくろ、潰瘍とガンなどに効果があることがわかった。低血圧にも有効。眠れない痛みも改善。慢性リウマチ性関節炎。晩年の症状や、治癒に時間のかかるラジウム被曝による潰瘍など。多形核好中球の著しい増加。虚弱体質。

Apprehensive, depressed; fear of being alone in the dark; great desire to be with people. Tired and irritable.

Vertigo, with pain in back of head, left when in bed. Occipital and vertex pain, accompanying severe lumbar aching. Severe pain over right eye, spreading back to occiput and to vertex, better in open air. Head feels heavy. Frontal headache. Both eyes ache. Itching and dryness of nasal cavities, better in open air. Aching pain in angle of right lower jaw. Violent trifacial neuralgia.

Dryness of mouth. Metallic taste. Prickling sensation on end of tongue.

Empty feeling in stomach. Warm sensation in stomach. Aversion to sweets, ice-cream. Nausea and sinking sensation, belching of gas.

Pain, violent cramps, rumbling, full of gas; pain over McBurney's point, and at location of sigmoid flexure. Much flatulence. Alternating constipation and loose movements. Pruritus ani and piles.

Increased elimination of solids, particularly of chlorides. Renal irritation, albuminuria, granular and hyaline casts. Nephritis with rheumatic symptoms. Enuresis.

Pruritus vulvae. Delayed and irregular menstruation and backache. Aching pains in abdomen over pubes when flow comes on. Right breast sore, relieved by hard rubbing.

Persistent cough with tickling in suprasternal fossa. Dry, spasmodic cough. Throat dry, sore, chest constricted.

Aching in back of neck. Pain and lameness in cervical vertebrae, worse dropping head forward, better standing, or sitting erect. LUMBAR AND SACRAL backache, pain appears to be in BONE, continued motion relieves. Backache between shoulders and lumbar-sacral region, better after walking.

Severe pain in all the limbs, JOINTS, especially in knee and ankles, sharp pains in shoulders, arms, hands and fingers. Legs, arms and neck feel hard and brittle, as though they would break on moving. Arms feel heavy. Cracking in shoulder. PAIN IN TOES, calves, hip-joint, popliteal spaces. Muscles of legs and hips sore. ARTHRITIS, aching pains, WORSE at night. Dermatitis of the fingers. Trophic changes in the finger nails.

Small pimples. Erythema and dermatitis, with itching, burning, swelling and redness. Necrosis and ulceration. ITCHING ALL OVER BODY, burning of skin, as if afire. Epithelioma.

Restless. Sleepiness with lethargy. Dreams vivid, busy. Dreams of fire.

Cold sensation internally, with chattering of teeth until noon. Internal chilliness followed by heat of the skin, associated with bowel movements and flatulence.

[Nuka-Cola Quantum by Whatpayne]

In 2077, a new version called Nuka-Cola Quantum was introduced. According to the advertisements, it had twice the calories, twice the carbohydrates, twice the caffeine and twice the taste. To make it stand out more on the shelves and to give it an extra kick, the Quantum included a mild radioactive strontium isotope (and an eighteenth fruit flavor - pomegranate). The effect was a drink that not only boosted your energy, but also glowed with a bright blue light. While no ill effects were recorded by the Food and Drug Association, the isotope also caused the drinker's urine to glow.


[fallout wikia: Nuka-Cola ]

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