米国の進化論教育を守るNational Center for Science EducationReport NCSEに掲載されたLW Retiefの記事「Calvin Meets the Hominins: A Brief History of Creationism in South Africa」によれば、南アフリカのオランダ系の人々の創造論志向は根が深いようである。

The inhabitants of the two Boer republics felt, with some justification, that their language, culture and religion — the very fabric of their identity — was under threat. The British High Commissioner for South Africa, Lord Milner, instituted a program of Anglicization that, among other things, enforced the use of English as the sole language of instruction at school.


The predictable result was that Afrikaans-speaking South Africans were drawn closer together, their language, religion, and culture serving as rallying points. The three main Afrikaans churches played a prominent role in fostering Afrikaner identity: the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk (Dutch Reformed Church or DRC, the most powerful as far as membership and political influence was concerned), the Gereformeerde Kerke van Suid-Afrika (Reformed Churches of South Africa or RCSA), and the smaller Hervormde Kerk (Reformed Church). The churches soon made their influence felt in almost every sphere of Afrikaner life and together with the Afrikaner Broederbond (Afrikaans Brotherhood, a secret society at its founding) kept a close watch on the school curricula and textbooks, which had to be freed of English “liberal” influence and any reference to evolution (van den Heever 1999).

予想できる結果として、アフリカーンスを話す南アフリカ人は、互いに引き合い、言語と宗教と文化を再結集地として用いた。3つのアフリカーンス教会がオランダ系南アフリカ人のアイデンティティ促進に突出した役割を演じた。Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk(DRC: Dutch Reformed Churchは信者の数と政治的影響力について最大の勢力)とGereformeerde Kerke van Suid-Afrika (RCSA: Reformed Churches of South Africa)と小さめのHervormde Kerk (Reformed Church)である。教会たちは、すぐに彼らの影響がオランダ系南アフリカ人の生活のあらゆる面で感じられるようにした。そして、秘密結社Afrikaner Broederbondとともに、学英国のリベラルの影響と進化論への言及を排除すべく、校のカリキュラムと教科書を監視した。

... It was unthinkable that South Africans of European descent could share a common evolutionary ancestry with people of color, because that relationship would have been too close for comfort. It was much easier to accept a divine fiat for the separation of the races as read in the stories of Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and the Tower of Babel.



The more-or-less official viewpoint espoused then and until recently by the three Afrikaans churches will be well known to readers in the USA: the earth is approximately 6000–10000 years old, everything we know was created by divine fiat in a period of six 24-hour days, and all living forms were created separately with humans as the pinnacle of creation. A world-wide flood devastated the earth some thousands of years ago, and only a few humans, together with representatives of most animals, survived to give rise to the fauna and flora we know today. Species are immutable, and at most one can hope for micro-evolution within “kinds”. No proof of evolution exists.


Tthe policy resonates with a racialist interpretation of Genesis 9:25–10:32. ...


Evolution was not discussed in biology textbooks; it was simply ignored.


There is also a deep irony embedded in the stances of the DRC and the RCSA towards evolution. The DRC had supported apartheid and opposed evolution, basing its views on biblical interpretation but has changed their views radically. The Reformed Churches rejected apartheid on scriptural grounds; it has now, for the same reasons, rejected evolution. A recent National Synod of the RCSA decried the teaching of evolution at school and requested Christian teachers not to present evolution as a fact in the classrooms.


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