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トリウム・ラジウム・フェイスクリーム (1930-?)


Tho-Radia Face Cream
Promising instant curative and beautifying effects, Tho-Radia gained wide popularity in France during the early 1930’s as a range of beauty products and perfumes. The face cream was especially popular and contained of 0.5g thorium chloride and 0.25mg radium bromide per 100g. It was even advertised as a creation of ‘Dr. Alfred Curie’ although he was not a member of the Curie family and probably never existed.

[ie 10 Radioactive Products That People Actually Used (2008/07/11) on Environmental graffiti]

ラジウムパン (1920)


Envelopes for radium bread produced by the Hippmann-Blach bakery located in St. Joachimstal (Jachymov, now part of the Czech Republic). Joachimstal is sometimes referred to as the "Cradle of the Atomic Age".

The yellow color is due to the cards I slipped into the envelopes to make the lettering stand out more clearly.

The envelope above left, written in German, indicates that radium water from Joachimstal was used in the production of the bread ("Unter Zusatz von St. Joachimstaler Radiumwasser" ). As such, the bread would have contained slightly elevated levels of radium, but nothing that could be considered dangerous. The envelope above right is written in Hungarian.

[ie. Radium Bread (ca 1920) on ORAU: Radioactive Quack Cures]

ラジウム座薬 (1930)



Produced by the Home Products Company of Denver, Colorado, these suppositories were guaranteed to contain real radium - and probably did.

". . . properly functioning glands make themselves known in a quick, brisk step, mental alertness and the ability to live and love in the fullest sense of the word . . . A man must be in a bad way indeed to sit back and be satisfied without the pleasures that are his birthright! . . . Try them and see what good results you get!"

[ie Vita Radium Suppositories (ca.1930)
(2008/07/11) on ORAU: Radioactive Quack Cures]

ラジウムチョコ (1931-1936)


Radium Chocolate manufactured by Burk & Braun was sold in Germany from 1931 to 1936, advertised for its powers of rejuvenation.

[ie 10 Radioactive Products That People Actually Used (2008/07/11) on Environmental graffiti]

ウランアイスクリーム (1955)


Uranium ice cream
Anyone who could capitalise on the discovery of radioactivity advertised their services, including a pilot offering airborne radioactive surveys. Even the local ice-cream factory got into the act, offering uranium ice cream in November 1955. There is no record of its colour or taste, and it does not appear to have been on sale outside the West Coast.

[Uranium ice cream on TeAra.govt.nz]

トリウム歯磨き (1940-1945)

Doramad radioactive toothpaste was produced during World War II by Auergesellschaft of Berlin. The same company founded by Carl Auer von Welsbach who invented the gas lantern mantle!

A gamma spectroscopy analysis did reveal trace quantities of thorium, but the levels are too low to be detected with a simple hand-held survey meter.

[ie Doramad Radioactive Toothpaste (ca. 1940-1945) on ORAU: Radioactive Quack Cures]

ラジウムコンドーム (1918-1928)


If you needed "a cure for the living dead" or required "perpetual sunshine" between 1918-1928, you could take Radithor. It was a patent medicine whose active ingredient was radium isotopes. One man took so much his jaw had to be surgically removed.

[Bask in the Glow (2007/06/03) on Internet: Fun Size! ]


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