2009年9月28日に判決がでた。Sydney Morning Heraldの報道によれば、父親でホメオパスであるThomas Sam(42)に6〜8年間、母親であるManju Sam(37)に4年〜5年4か月間、収監される。
Parents failed Gloria, jailed for 'cruelty'KIM ARLINGTON
September 29, 2009

THEIR infant daughter had been seriously ill for days before Thomas and Manju Sam took her to hospital. Chronic eczema had left baby Gloria's skin raw and bleeding but her parents were jetlagged after a trip to India and too tired to seek medical help.

It was only after the nine-month-old developed an eye infection that her parents changed their minds. Even then, Thomas Sam went to a morning church service before they took Gloria to hospital. But as a court heard yesterday, they were already a week too late - by that stage, Gloria was too sick to be saved. Weak and malnourished, she died from infection in May 2002.

Gloria developed eczema at four months but her parents did not seek specialist medical treatment. Her father - who practised and taught homeopathy - preferred to treat her himself.

Thomas SamとManju Sam夫妻が赤ちゃんな娘を病院に連れていったのは、重病になってから日数がたってからだった。慢性湿疹によりGloriaの皮膚からは出血していたが、両親はインドからの旅行帰りの時差ぼけで疲れていて、医者に援助を求めなかった。

生後9か月のGloriaが眼の感染症になったとき、ようやく医者の援助を求めた。しかし、その時点でも、Thomas SamはGloriaを病院に連れていく前に、教会の朝の礼拝に出かけた。しかし、昨日の法廷の聴取の通り、その段階では既に一週間手遅れであり、Gloriaはもう助からなかった。Gloriaは弱っていて栄養失調になっていて、2002年5月に感染症で死亡した。

Gloriaは生後4カ月で湿疹になったが、両親は専門の治療を求めなかった。Gloriaの父Thomas Samはホメオパシー医でホメオパシーを教えていて、自分でGloriaを治療しようとした。

The Sams were sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court yesterday after a jury found them guilty of manslaughter by criminal negligence. Jailing Thomas Sam for at least six years and Manju Sam for a minimum of four, Justice Peter Johnson said the baby's distress and the need for medical treatment would have been obvious.

The parents' failure to seek proper medical care, subjecting Gloria to significant pain over an extended period, could be characterised as cruelty, he said.

Gloria was finally taken to the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick on May 5, three days before her death. Staff had never seen a baby in such an extreme condition. Her skin had been eroded by eczema, she was in severe pain and her hair had turned white. The court heard expert medical evidence that had she been given medical attention a week earlier, she probably could have survived.

陪審が刑事上の怠慢による故殺で有罪評決を下した後、昨日NSW最高裁判所でThomas Samは判決を受けた。Peter Johnson裁判官は、赤ちゃんの病状および治療が必要だったのは明らかだったと述べて、Thomas Samは最低6年、Manju Samは最低4年の収監を言い渡した。


Gloriaは最後はRandwickのSydny Children's Hospitalに2002年5月5日、死の3日前に連れて行かれた。病院のスタッフはそのようなひどい状態の赤ちゃんを見たことはなかった。Gloriaの皮膚は湿疹に蝕まれていた。そして激痛を感じていた。そして髪は白くなっていた。法廷は、一週間早く治療を受けていれば、Gloriaは助かっただろうという医療専門家の証言を聞いた。

The judge said that unlike others convicted of this crime, the Sams were intelligent and well-educated with a supportive family network. It weighed against them in sentencing. ''Gloria suffered helplessly and unnecessarily … from a condition that was treatable,'' he said.

A psychologist gave evidence that Sam had boasted of his homeopathic credentials and emphasised his ''spiritual maturity as a Christian''.

Justice Johnson said he continued to display ''an arrogant approach to what he perceived to be the superior benefits of homeopathy compared with conventional medicine''.

He said Manju Sam, who deferred to her husband, had ''failed the child in her most important duty, with fatal results''.


心理学者は、Thomas Samがホメオパス証明書を自慢して、「キリスト教徒としての精神的な成熟」を強調したという証拠を与えた。

Johnson裁判官は「Thomas Samが従来の医療と比較してホメオパシーの優れた利益であるために認めたものへの尊大なアプローチ」を示し続けると述べた。

裁判官は「夫に従ったManju Samは、子供に対する最も重大な責任を果たさず、重大な結果を招いた」と述べた。

The couple wept in the dock on learning they would be jailed, separating them from their second child - born since Gloria's death - who also suffered from eczema. Finding Thomas Sam culpable both as Gloria's father and her treating homeopath, the judge jailed him for a maximum eight years. Manju Sam was jailed for a maximum five years and four months.

They will be eligible for parole in 2015 and 2013 respectively.

夫妻は、Gloriaの死後に生まれ、湿疹をわずらった第2子から引き離されて、収監されると聞いて被告席で泣いた。Thomas SamがGloriaの父として、治療を担当したホメオパスとして、不適切であったとして、裁判官はThomas Samに最大8年、Manju Samに最大5年4か月の刑を言い渡した。

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