[Columnist Georgina Guedes -- 'Failed in their duty' (2009/10/01) on News 24]

I use homoeopathy. It's my first course of treatment for any ailment I have, and when issues crop up with my new daughter, I will do the same for her.

I know that this statement alone is enough to get the masses furiously telling me that it doesn't work - but it works for me, and has done in the face of some pretty awful illnesses. I have a homoeopath I trust, and she’s often said to me "if you went to a conventional doctor, you would get antibiotics for this, but I can treat it if you do exactly what I say. Give me two days - if there's no improvement, then go to your GP."

This has seldom been necessary.

Of course, anecdotal evidence must be balanced against proper studies, and I understand that the results aren't always in homoeopathy's favour, so let's just say that I'm avoiding filling my body with harmful chemicals, in the hands of someone who at least knows which is the business end of a stethoscope.





The point of providing the context of my own views is to show that I am a homoeopathy sympathiser - but that I was absolutely horrified to read the story of an Australian couple who refused to seek out allopathic intervention for their baby daughter's eczema until she died from septicaemia as a result.

On September 28, Thomas Sam, a homoeopath, and Manju Sam were each given jail terms for manslaughter for allowing their daughter to die when medical intervention could have saved her. The baby died a horrible death, deteriorating terribly over a course of months, during which time she was never taken to see a doctor.

Now, say what you like about homoeopaths, but they have been given medical training. They know how to recognise the signs of illness, deterioration and impending death. The baby's hair had turned from black to white (and this was the least of her symptoms), and still her parents refused to acknowledge that she needed medical intervention.

The judge rightly ruled that Thomas Sam's medical training meant that he knew the potential outcome of protracted eczema and that he was able to identify the signs of deterioration. The fact that during the time they were treating the child homoeopathically, his wife underwent allopathic treatment for a gall bladder complaint did not work in their favour either.


2009年9月28日に、ホメオパスであるThomas Samと、Manju Samが通常医療で娘を救えたのに、死なせた故殺で有期刑の判決を受けました。赤ちゃんは恐ろしい死に方をしました。そして、数か月を経て、とても悪化しました。その間に、赤ちゃんが医者に連れて行かれることはありませんでした。


裁判官はThomas Samが医学教育を受けていたので、慢性化した湿疹の潜在的な結末を知っていて、病状悪化の兆候を認識できたはずだと判決しました。ホメオパシーで自分たちの子供を治療していたとき、彼の妻は胆嚢病について通常医療の治療を受けたという事実は、裁判で彼らに不利にはたらきました。

When you're making that kind of decision on behalf of someone else - who is entirely reliant on you for her wellbeing, you have an extra duty to be fastidious about which path you choose. The fact that Gloria Sam died from a curable complaint obviously points to her parents' culpability. But the fact that at any number of points along the road to her death, they didn't acknowledge that their approach wasn't working clearly shows that their faith in homoeopathy was fanatical to say the least.

The story sickens me because I feel dreadful for that poor baby dying a painful and preventable death. I also feel awful for her parents, who are suffering the ultimate price for their negligence, although I wonder if they still feel that they did their duty for their daughter.

Whatever a person's beliefs, medical, cultural or religious - they shouldn't be so strongly held that they prevent a life being saved. It's as simple as that. I hope the Sams see that.

あなたが、誰かに代わって、この種の判断をするとき、その誰かが自身の健康をあなたに完全に委ねているとき、あなたは、どの道を選ぶかについて、特段の責任を負っています。Gloria Samが明らかに治療可能な病気で死亡したという事実は、両親が有罪であることを示しています。しかし、Gloriaが死に至る経路のどのポイントでも、彼らは自分たちの治療法が効いていないことを認めていないという事実は、控え目に言っても彼らのホメオパシーへの信頼が狂信的だったことを示しています。




Thomas SamとManju Sam夫妻は方向転換したようで、第2子を通常医療にゆだねていた。しかし、HIV否定論のChristine Maggioreは娘にHIVを感染させ、死なせても方向転換しなかった


実際のところ、スバスターのプレゼンターAdam Savageも、ビリーバーに届く言葉があるとは思っていないようだ:
Adam Savage, presenter of the television programme Mythbusters, which uses science to challenge urban legends, is not overly optimistic. He says he doesn't know of any conversions following his Emmy-nominated programme that tested Moon hoax theories.

"They want to believe desperately that someone is in charge," he says. "Even if it is someone who is working against us."

科学を使って都市伝説に挑むテレビ番組ミスバスターのプレゼンターであるAdam Savageは、あまり楽観的ではない。彼は、アポロ陰謀説を検証した、エミー賞にノミネートされた番組を見て、考えを変えた者はいないと言う。


[When sceptics fight back" (2009/10/06) on BBC]
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