Islam Onlineによれば、イラクで無神論者が少しづつ増えている。その理由を無神論者たちは、2003年の米国侵攻以来の「暴力、宗教の違い、死、飢え、追放、その他の多くの問題が、我々に神はどこにいるのかと問いかける」からだと言う:
BAGHDAD – Although their number remains insignificant and most of them hid their identity, the fact that some people are leaving Islam and becoming atheists is a troubling news in conservative Iraq.


“I was surprised a couple of weeks ago when my son told me that his colleague at college told him that his father had become an atheist,” Sheik Abdul-Rassoul al-Rabia’a, a religion teacher at Baghdad University, told IslamOnline.net.

「数週間前、私の息子が私に『大学の同級生から自分の父親が無神論者になったと聞かされた』という話をしたことに驚いた」とBaghdad Universityの宗教教師Sheik Abdul-Rassoul al-Rabia’aはIslamOnlineに語った。

Not only did the father abandon his Muslim faith, he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps.

“I suggested to my son bringing his friend home and talked with him that despite his father’s thinking, he should continue to follow his Muslim heart and never deny his God,” al-Rabia’a said.



Linking that to the non-stop violence plaguing the country since the 2003 US invasion, some Iraqis are becoming atheists.

Most of them have had personal incidents involving either themselves or close relatives.


“Iraq is a land without God or any other kind of major protective superior form,” claims one atheist who declined to be named fearing reprisal.

“We have been forgotten and it is better to think only rationally than emotionally. I left behind my old beliefs because it is the only way to protect my children from any harm that God isn’t being able to do.”


Yasser (not his real name) is grouping up with others who have also renounced their faiths.

“When we first decided to organise ourselves, we were only eight people,” he told IOL.

“And after seven months, our number has reached to 34 but many other groups are being formed countrywide according to my contacts in northern and southern Iraq.

“We believe that today in Iraq, there are at least 220 atheists linked to the groups nationwide.”


Caro (not his real name), 41, also claims their numbers are on the rise.

“Each day we are having more followers and maybe one day we will be able to have our own centre where we will be able to discuss our ideas and nature creation.”


Alien (異世界人)

Iraqis say atheism is just so alien to conservative Iraq.

“If a westerner told me that he doesn’t believe in God, I would keep my mouth shut and never discuss it with him,” says Abdul-Rassoul al-Rabia’a.

“But when I hear that a born Muslim adopted atheism, I feel strong enough to help him find the true path.”

イラク人たちは、無神論は保守的イラクにとって異世界だと言う。Abdul-Rassoul al-Rabia’aは「西洋人が私に神を信じていないと言っても、私は口を閉ざして、それについて論じない。しかし、イスラム教徒として生まれた者が無神論を受け入れたら、私はその人が正しい道を見つけるの助けたいと強く思う」の述べた。

He believes the trend is becoming common in many regions in Iraq.

“No one is guiltier than the Americans who brought such ideas to Iraqis.”


Sara Waleed, 36, religion teacher at a primary school in Baghdad, says sometimes children ask her about atheism and say they heard the word from someone in the family who had become an atheist.

“Our kids today are different from before. They are aware of everything and are growing fast,” she told IOL.

“When I hear this I try to give a lesson that reinforces Islam so that the kids would not forget their origin.”

Baghdadの小学校の宗教教師であるSara Waleed 36歳は、ときどき児童たちから無視論について聞かれるという。児童たちはそれを無神論者になった家族の誰かから聞いたのだという。「今日の我々の子供たちは昔とは違う。彼らはいろんなことを知っていて、成長が速い。私がこれを聞いた時は、イスラム信仰を再強化するための授業をして、子供たちが我々の起源を忘れないようにしている」と彼女はIslamOnlineに語った。

Yasser recognizes that what he and his friends are doing is alien to the conservative Iraqi society.

“It might be stranger for many people that a man who was raised in a very close Muslim tradition goes against his family and personal beliefs and create a group that doesn’t believe in a major creator.”

He blamed this on the war and its repercussions.

“Violence, religious differences, deaths, hunger, displacement and many other issues made me ask myself where God is,” he said.


Iraq fell into a bloody cycle of violence following the 2003 US invasion, leaving hundreds of thousands killed and maimed.

“I tried to find God during the last years,” says Yasser.

“I realised that he isn’t looking after us and instead we are moving ourselves according to the human nature and not an abstract force.”


But Waleed, the teacher, insists this is no reason to abandon one’s religion.

“I lost two brothers during the war and didn’t stop believing but instead my faith became stronger,” she said.

"I turned to Islam for my personal spiritual comfort."


Afif Sarhan: "Iraqis Shocked as Atheism Creeps in" (2009/10/11) on Islam Online via RicharDawkins.Net}

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We have been forgotten and it is better to think only rationally than emotionally. I left behind my old beliefs because it is the only way to protect my children from any harm that God isn’t being able to do.

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