The Autralian紙に、オーストラリアでは有名な薬剤師Ron Batagolが、ホメオパシーワクチンを認可した規制当局を強力に批判する記事を書いた:
[Ron Batagol: "Reliance on homeopathy poses a threat" (2009/10/10) on The Australian]

AS a pharmacist of 50 years standing, who has worked at all levels in community and hospital pharmacies, I endorse the comments of Ken Harvey in Weekend Health last Saturday.

50年にわたって、コミュニティレベルから病院薬局まで薬剤師として働いてきて、私は先週土曜の"Weekend Health"のKen Harveyのコメントを支持する。

I share his concerns about the dangers of people relying on homoeopathy as an exclusive form of treatment for health disorders.

I also share his frustration that the health regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration, has done nothing to curb the availability of homoeopathic products when reliance on them, instead of sound medical advice, may result in a serious or life-threatening event.

With a long-standing professional interest in both obstetric and pediatric medicine, what especially concerns me is that reliance on homoeopathy has led to the death of a child who was suffering a relatively benign skin condition.

What is the potential for severe health outcomes in infants and children with more serious conditions, say asthma, pneumonia, or a host of other childhood infectious diseases?

Indeed, what beggars the imagination is that the TGA allows the use of homoeopathic vaccination in Australia when last year there were about 13,000 cases of whooping cough alone, the highest number since records began about 15 years ago.


人々が通常医療の助言ではなくホメオパシー製品を頼ったとき、生命の危険があるかもしれないのに、医療厚生規制当局"Therapeutic Goods Administration"がホメオパシー製品の規制を行っていないことに対する彼のフラストレーションを共有している。




One shudders to think of the danger that pharmacists and other health professionals could, however unwittingly, be complicit in, even legally liable for, if they don't advise parents to seek medical advice where this is clearly warranted, or suggest appropriate, symptomatic treatment with a pharmacy-based over-the-counter medication in the first instance, rather than selling or, heaven forbid, recommending homoeopathics for use by children or infants.

So, I have just one question for our health regulators: how do you sleep at night knowing you continue to allow homoeopathic products to be legally peddled in the healthcare marketplace as substitutes for effective therapeutic treatment for the most helpless and vulnerable members of the community, our children?



[Mark Gertskis: "Homeopathic vaccines under attack" (2009/10/12) on PharmacyNews

"There is definitely a place for homeopathy in the treatment of disease states in Australia," Complementary Healthcare Council (CHC) executive director Dr Wendy Morrow told Pharmacy News.

"Whether or not it should be used in vaccinations is an issue that is very vexatious but it is not a use that the CHC would support."

補完医療評議会(CHC)のDr.Wendy Morrow事務長はPharmacy Newsに対して「オーストラリアでは、病気治療において、確かにホメオパシーが占める場所がある。予防接種にホメオパシーを使うべきかどうかは非常に厄介な問題である。しかし、これはCHCが支持する用法ではない。」と語った。


However, Dr Morrow said the onus was on the individual to decide whether to take a homeopathic vaccine.

"Individuals do have a right to make a choice," she said.

"The issue becomes not the availability of homeopathy but in the way in which it is used by individuals. We don't believe that complementary medicines should be an alternative to Western medicines. We believe that it should be complementary to Western medicine but in one sense it really is up to the individual to use the tools that are available to them in the best possible way."

しかし、Dr.Wendy Morrowは「ホメオパシーワクチンを使うかどうかの判断の責任は個人にある。個人には、選択をする権利がある。問題はホメオパシーの有効性ではなく、個人として使う方法である。我々は補完医療が西洋医療の代替なるべきだとは考えていない。我々は補完医療が西洋医療の補完であるべきだ。しかし、ある意味、最高の方法で利用できるツールを使うかどうかは個人次第である。」と述べた。

Despite that, Dr Morrow signalled that the TGA did have a role to play in curbing the promotion of homeopathic vaccines.

"I remain unconvinced that the TGA has a role to play in telling people to be vaccinated or not," she said.

"I believe that is a professional issue and not a production issue per se, although homeopathic medicines should not be advertised for vaccination use."

にもかかわらず、Dr.Wendy Morrowは規制当局TGAがホメオパシーワクチンの宣伝を規制する役割を持っていると示唆した。「TGAが予防接種を受けるべきかを人々に告げる役割を持っていることに私は納得していない。ホメオパシー製品がワクチン用途として宣伝されるべきではないが、私は当然それが専門の問題であり、製品の問題ではまったくないと考えている。」


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