Simon Singhと英国カイロプラクティック教会の戦闘継続中...

英国カイロプラクティック協会が、The Guardian掲載記事に関して、新聞社ではなく執筆者Simon Singhを名誉棄損で訴えたのが、ほぼ1年前:
その後も、裁判は継続中で、2009年5月にはSimon Singhに不利な判断が下されていた。それが昨日(2009/10/14)覆って、戦闘継続中...
[Sarah Boseley: "Science writer Simon Singh wins ruling in chiropractic libel battle" (2009/10/14) on The Guardian]

Preliminary judgment overturned in libel case brought by British Chiropractic Association

A science writer who is being sued for libel by the British Chiropractic Association is to fight on after a preliminary judgment against him was overturned on appeal today.


Simon Singh was sued by the BCA after he wrote an article in the Guardian criticising the association for supporting members who claim that chiropractic treatments – which involve manipulation of the spine – can treat children's colic, sleeping and feeding problems, frequent ear infections, asthma and prolonged crying.

Singh described the treatments, for which he said there is not a lot of evidence, as "bogus" and criticised the BCA for "happily promoting" them.

脊柱のマニピュレーションを含むカイロプラクティック治療が子供たちの疝痛や睡眠・食事の問題・頻繁な耳の感染症・喘息・長引く泣きなどを治療すると主張する会員を英国カイロプラクティック協会が支持したとthe Guardianで批判した記事を書いたため、Simon Singhは英国カイロプラクティック協会から訴えられていた。


In May, Mr Justice Eady in the high court ruled on the meaning of the words, saying they implied the association was being deliberately dishonest. Singh said that interpretation would make it difficult for him to defend himself at a full trial.

Singh was initially refused leave to appeal, but Eady's interpretation was rejected by Lord Justice Laws, who said Eady had risked swinging the balance of rights too far in favour of the right to reputation and against the right to free expression. Laws described Eady's judgment as "legally erroneous".


最初の段階ではSinghの訴えは認められなかったが、Eady裁判官の解釈はLord Justice Lawsにより否定された。 Lord Justice Lawsは「Eady裁判官は、表現の自由に対する名誉の権利側にあまりに権利のバランスが偏っている」として「Eady裁判官の結論は法的に誤りである」と記述した。

Many scientists and science writers have rallied to Singh's support, claiming that the freedom of scientific opinion is at stake.

Speaking after the judgment, Singh said this was the "best possible result".

"Simon Singh's battle in this libel case is not only a glaring example of how the law and its interpretation are stifling free expression, it shows how urgent the case for reform has become," said Jo Glanville, editor of Index on Censorship.



"Index on Censorship"編集者Jo Glanvilleは「この名誉棄損裁判におけるSimon Singhの戦いは、いかに法律とその解釈が表現の自由を抑圧することを示した紛れもない例であるとともに、その改革の緊急性を示すものである」と述べた。

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