Ruling party MP David Bahati wants the death penalty for those having gay sex with disabled people, under-18s or when the accused is HIV-positive.

ウガンダの与党MPのDavid Bahatiは、障害者あるいは18未満とゲイセックスするか、ゲイセックスしたときHIV陽性なゲイを死刑にしようとしている。 ....

The BBC's Joshua Mmali, in the capital Kampala, says the bill has a good chance of being passed as senior figures from the ruling National Resistance Movement are likely to back it.

首都Kampala駐在のBBCのJoshua Mmaliによれば、この法案を与党National Resistance Movementが支持するもようであり、法案が成立する可能性が高い。

[Uganda MP urges death for gay sex (2009/10/15) on BBC]
Gay sex is already illegal in Uganda, and can result in long prison sentences. The bill broadens the definition to include any form of sexual relations between people of the same sex, which could result in life imprisonment, and threatens those guilty of "promotion of homosexuality" with up to seven years in prison, an attack on freedom of expression which would also damage Aids prevention efforts.


A new offence of "aggravated homosexuality" would carry the death penalty, covering sex with someone under 18 or who is disabled or in the case of a "serial offender". This also undermines the right of disabled adults capable of informed consent to enjoy intimate relationships, insultingly reducing them to the status of "victims". Any "person in authority" aware of an offence under the new law who did not report it to the authorities could face three years' imprisonment, including anyone who exercises "religious, political, economic or social authority". ... The law would apply not only within Uganda but also to Ugandans abroad.

「悪化する同性愛」への新たな刑罰は、18歳未満もしくは障害者とのゲイセックスおよび連続犯に対して死刑もありうる。これは告知に基づく深い関係を楽しむ障害成人を被害者とすることで、その権利をむしばむものでもある。犯罪を知りながら当局の届け出なかった、宗教・誠意・経済・社会的な「権力者」は3年以下の懲役になる可能性がある。... この法律は、ウガンダ国内のみならず、海外居住のウガンダ人にも適用される。
[Savitri Hensman:"A new homophobic law in Uganda" (2009/10/27) on Guardian]
The bill is a particular challenge for Christians because clergy have helped to whip up fear and hatred and undermine respect for human rights. Nicodemus Okille, Dean of the Province of Uganda, in his Christmas sermon in 2007 as Bishop of Bukedi, reportedly condemned advocates of gay rights as having no place in the kingdom of God. "The team of homosexuals is very rich," claimed Archbishop Henry Orombi in 2008. "They have money and will do whatever it takes to make sure that this vice penetrates Africa. We have to stand out and say no to them." However Anglican Bishop Stanley Ntagali of Masindi-Kitara diocese has recently spoken out against the death penalty for homosexuality, while supporting imprisonment.

聖職者が恐れと憎悪を刺激し、人権尊重を傷つけてきたので、この法案はキリスト教徒への挑戦でもある。ウガンダ大聖堂主任司祭であるNicodemus OkilleはBukedi主教として2007年の説教で、伝えられるところにでは、ゲイ権利運動は神の国にはあってはならないと非難した。「同性愛者たちは非常に豊かである。彼らは金を持っていて、この悪癖をアフリカに浸透させるためならなんでもやる。我々は立ち上がり、彼らにノート言わなければならない」とHenry Orombi大主教は2008年に述べた。しかし、聖公会Masindi-KitaraのBishop Stanley Ntagali主教は懲役は支持するが、死刑には反対だと述べた。
Christian leaders overseas who have helped to give credibility to homophobic Ugandan bishops and pastors while supposedly proclaiming a message of love and justice for all. Some US evangelists have endorsed Pastor Martin Ssempa, an anti-LGBT crusader. Anglican leaders such as the Archbishop of Canterbury have avoided challenging their Ugandan associates' complicity in anti-LGBT abuses while soundly condemning Anglican provinces moving towards equality for all.

海外のキリスト教指導者たちは、すべての人に愛と正義のメッセージを宣言する一方で、ホモ嫌悪のウガンダの宗教や牧師に信憑性を与えた。米国の一部の福音主義者たちは、反LGBT改革運動者Martin Ssempa牧師を支持した。カンタベリー大主教のような英国国教会の指導者たちは、反LGBT虐待について、ウガンダの聖公会の共謀について疑問を呈することを避けつつ、すべての人の平等へ向けてのウガンダの聖公会の動きを非難した。

[Savitri Hensman:"A new homophobic law in Uganda" (2009/10/27) on Guardian]
海外からの大きな影響として、米国を本拠地とするキリスト教団体The Fellowship(設立1935年、旧称The Family, 1969年以降Douglas Coeが指導者)が挙げられている。
Sadly, this witch-hunt has the blood stained fingerprints of leading American evangelicals. The Fellowship, (aka The Family) one of America's most powerful and secretive fundamentalist organization's, converted Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni to its anti-gay brand of Christianity, which is the "intellectual" impetus behind the anti-gay crackdown. The clandestine organization's leader, Doug Coe, calls Museveni The Fellowship's "key man" in Africa. Jeff Sharlet, author of "The Family", writes of the African strongman's conversion:

悲しいことに、この魔女狩りには、米国の指導的福音主義者たちの血染めの指紋がある。米国で最強かつ秘密主義の原理主義組織のひとつであるThe Fellow Ship(別名The Familiy)は、ウガンダのYoweri Museveni大統領をキリスト教の反ゲイに転向させた。この団体は、反ゲイの背後にある知的運動体である。この秘密団体の指導者であるDoug Coeは、Museveni大統領をアフリカにおけるThe Fellowshipのキーマンと位置づけている。"The Family"の著者Jeff Sharletは、アフリカの有力者の転向について、こう書いている:
So," Doug Coe told us, "my friend said to the president, 'why don't you come and pray with me in America? I have a good group of friends-senators, congressmen-who I like to pray with, and they'd like to pray with you.' And that president came to the Cedars (a religious retreat), and he met Jesus. And his name is Yoweri Museveni...And he is a good friend of the Family.

Doug Coeは我々に「我が友が大統領に『米国に来て私たちとともに祈りませんか?私には上下両院議員のグループがあり、私は彼らと、そして彼らはあなたとともに祈りたいと思っています』と告げた。そして大統領はCedars(宗教施設)に来て、イエスと相まみえた。その人の名はYoweri Museveniである。彼はThe Familityの良き友である。

[Wayne Besen: "American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays" (2009/10/21) on Falls Church News-Press Online]
このThe Fellopshipのウガンダへの関与はこの件だけではない。
It is important for people to understand that The Fellowship and other anti-gay groups have long viewed Uganda as a laboratory to experiment with Christian theocracy. For example, fundamentalist organizations recently undermined successful HIV programs in Uganda by demanding abstinence only education, over condom use, which had been working to reduce infection rates.

The Fellowshipや他の反ゲイグループが長きにわたりウガンダをキリスト教神政の実験場とみなしてきたことを知ることは重要である。たとえば、原理主義団体は最近、感染率を削減することに役立っていたコンドーム使用よりも禁欲教育計画を要求することで、うまくいっていたHIV対策を損なっている。

[Wayne Besen: "American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays" (2009/10/21) on Falls Church News-Press Online]
ウガンダでゲイ死刑や禁欲教育を推進する一方で、The Fellowship(The Family)のメンバーはといえば...
The Family, of course, recently made headlines because one of its key members, Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) had sex with his best friends wife, while they were working together.

The Familyはもちろん最近、キーメンバーのひとりである共和党ネバダ州選出John Ensign連邦上院議員が共に働く親友の妻とセックスしたことで、報道をにぎわわせた。

[Wayne Besen: "American Evangelicals Play Role In Uganda Effort To ‘Wipe Out’ Gays" (2009/10/21) on Falls Church News-Press Online]

WASHINGTON — Early last year, Senator John Ensign contacted a small circle of political and corporate supporters back home in Nevada — a casino designer, an airline executive, the head of a utility and several political consultants — seeking work for a close friend and top Washington aide, Douglas Hampton.

“He’s a competent guy, and he’s looking to come back to Nevada. Do you know of anything?” one patron recalled Mr. Ensign asking.

The job pitch left out one salient fact: the senator was having an affair with Mr. Hampton’s wife, Cynthia, a campaign aide.

[ERIC LICHTBLAU and ERIC LIPTON: "Senator’s Aid After Affair Raises Flags Over Ethics" (2009/10/02) on New York Times]
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