進化論は科学的に正しいと言う"若い地球の創造論者"Todd Wood

Joshua Rosenau(Thought from Kansas)とJason Rosenhouse(EvolutionBlog)が、"若い地球の創造論者"Todd Woodの興味深い論を見つけだした。このTedd Woodのポジションは、論理的にはあり得るが、実際に主張する創造論者がいるとは思えないものだった。

まず、Todd Woodは進化論は科学的には正しいと述べる:
Evolution is not a theory in crisis. It is not teetering on the verge of collapse. It has not failed as a scientific explanation. There is evidence for evolution, gobs and gobs of it. It is not just speculation or a faith choice or an assumption or a religion. It is a productive framework for lots of biological research, and it has amazing explanatory power. There is no conspiracy to hide the truth about the failure of evolution. There has really been no failure of evolution as a scientific theory. It works, and it works well.



Creationist students, listen to me very carefully: There is evidence for evolution, and evolution is an extremely successful scientific theory. That doesn't make it ultimately true, and it doesn't mean that there could not possibly be viable alternatives. It is my own faith choice to reject evolution, because I believe the Bible reveals true information about the history of the earth that is fundamentally incompatible with evolution. I am motivated to understand God's creation from what I believe to be a biblical, creationist perspective. Evolution itself is not flawed or without evidence. Please don't be duped into thinking that somehow evolution itself is a failure. Please don't idolize your own ability to reason. Faith is enough. If God said it, that should settle it. Maybe that's not enough for your scoffing professor or your non-Christian friends, but it should be enough for you.


{Todd Wood: "The truth about evolution" (2009/09/30) on Todd's Blog]

I believe that God created everything that you see in six consecutive days around 6000 years ago.
I believe that Adam and Eve were the very first humans and were directly created by God.


I also believe that there is legitimate evidence for evolution (including universal common ancestry), but I'll develop that theme some other time. Stay tuned!


[Todd Wood: "I'M A CREATIONIST!" (2009/10/08) on Todd's Blog]
By now some of my readers probably think I've gone way off the deep end. Fair enough. Let me leave you with another chilling possibility. What if we teach the next generation that there is no evidence for evolution? And what if we're wrong? What do you think will happen when those kids find out? I think what will happen is the same thing that always happens. They'll be disillusioned and fall away from the faith. I've heard of this happening, and I've seen it happen. People find out that all the antievolution arguments in the world won't survive a semester of basic biology at a secular university. While we thought we were teaching them to believe in Christ, we instead taught them to idolize our arguments about Christ. And when those arguments are shown to be incomplete, inadequate, or just wrong, that idolatry (which we thought was real faith) slips away.

読者の中には私が遠くに行ってしまったと思う人もいるだろう。それは、けっこうだ。では、もうひとつ恐ろしい可能性を提示しておこう。進化論の証拠はないと次世代に教えたとしよう。そして我々が間違っていたとしたら? 子供たたちがそのことに気付いたらどうなるだろうか? ここで起きることは、他でも起きていることと同じだ。彼らは幻滅し、信仰から去るだろう。私はこのような出来事を聞いたことがあるし、見たこともある。反進化論な論はすべて、世俗の大学の基礎生物学の初学期すら生き延びられない。我々はキリストを信じるように子供たちを教えているつもりでも、実際にはわれわれは子供たちにキリストについての我々の論を盲信させているのだ。そして、その論が、不完全だったり、不適切だったり、ただの間違いだったりしたことが示されれば、我々が真の信仰だと考えている盲信は消え去るだろう。

[Todd Wood: "The Nature of Idolatry" (2009/11/03) on Todd's Blog]
だからこそ、進化論が科学的に正しいことを知ってほしいとTodd Woodは述べる。

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