先週、Guardianに掲載されたBen Goldacreによる記事「Homeopathy and the nocebo effect」を取り上げた:

==>プラセボ程度の副作用があるホメパシー (2009/11/28)

引き続き、Guardianには読者からのBen Goldacreによる記事に対する">反応が3つ掲載された。

Bob Withers -- Brighton, East Sussex

As someone who has researched and published on the nocebo and placebo effect in homeopathy, I wonder why Ben Goldacre is so sure homeopaths cannot also be nocebo researchers (Bad science, 28 November). He may well be right that homeopathy does not work through the physical power of its pills. But if therapies were banned from the NHS not because they didn't work, but because they did not work through physical mechanisms, there would be no counselling or psychotherapy available. It seems to me that homeopaths are in a great position to say something interesting about both the placebo and the nocebo effects; and that it is those who seek to ban homeopathy from the NHS who live in a "reductionist one-dimensional" world.

誰かがホメオパシーのノセボやプラセボの効果について研究し発表したなら、そろをホメオパスができないとどうして、Ben Goldacreが確信を持っているのか。砂糖玉の物理的力を通してホメオパシーが働かないと彼が考えているのは正しいだろう。しかし、ホメオパシーが効かないからではなく、ホメオパシーが物理メカニズムを通して効かないことが理由でNHSでホメオパシーを禁じるのであれば、カウンセリングやサイコセラピーが不可能になる。ホメオパすはプラセボとノセボの効果について興味あることを言える立場にあると思える。ホメオパシーをNHSで禁じようとしている人々こそが、「一次元の還元主義者」界に住んでいる。

[Letters -- Holistic approach to homeopathy (2009/12/02) on Guardian]

Val Collier -- Newent, Gloucestershire

What really matters with regard to homeopathic treatments is the satisfaction experienced by the patient (Bad Science, 28 November). The amount spent on homeopathy in the NHS is a fraction of overall costs. If GPs are happy to refer patients to homeopathic centres and these people find effective help, what does scientific research matter? The man from Boots should be reassured that I want his alternative hay fever relief because it works. Let patient choice rule.


[LStrange Bru (2009/11/30) on Guardian]

Professor Graham Davey -- School of psychology, University of Sussex

If only patient satisfaction were the same as effectiveness (Letters, 30 November). Recently a friend of mine went to a local holistic clinic advertising "Stop Smoking in 24 Hours". She was smoking again in two days. "Would you go back there?" I asked. "Yes," she said, "they were very nice people." I asked the therapist how she knew the treatment worked. The therapist replied that she didn't do follow-up calls because it was a bit intrusive ? but no one had ever come back to complain. As a responsible scientist, I rest my case.

患者の満足感が効果と同じだ(Letter 2009/11/30)ならね。最近、私の友人は「24時間で禁煙」という宣伝をしているホリスティック医院に行ってきた。彼女は2日後には煙草を吸っていた。「もう1回行ってみる?」と聞いたら、彼女は「もちろん。彼らはいいひとたちだった」と答えた。私はセラピストに彼女が治療が効くとどうやって知ったかを聞いた。セラピストは「ちょっとうざかったのか、彼女はフォローアップコールをしてこなかった。しかし、これまで誰も文句を言ってこなかった」と答えた。責任ある科学者として、言うべきことはこれで終わり。

[Letters -- Holistic approach to homeopathy (2009/12/02) on Guardian]

Roger Fisken -- Bedale, North Yorkshire

Earlier this year the World Health Organisation, in response to a letter from Voice of Young Science, condemned homeopathic practitioners who promote worthless remedies for malaria, tuberculosis and a range of other serious infectious diseases. Such behaviour is both mad and lethal. It is entirely irresponsible to suggest that any treatment promoted to the general public does not need scientific support.

今年初めに、世界保健機構(WHO)が、"Voice of Young Science"からの手紙に応じて、マラリア・結核・その他の重篤な伝染病に対して、役に立たない治療法を販売促進するホメオパすを非難した。そのような振舞は狂っていて、致命的だ。一般市民に促進されるいかなる治療法も科学的な支持を必要としないことを示唆することは、まったく無責任だ。

[Letters -- Holistic approach to homeopathy (2009/12/02) on Guardian]

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