米国の温暖化否定を概観する (4) 温暖化否定の立場に立つわけではない創造論者


"若い地球の創造論"ミニストリAnswers in Genesis分裂後のオーストラリア側であるCreation Ministries Internationalを率いるDr. Carl Wieland(医師)は次のように書いており、温暖化否定側には立たないようである:
Some Christians reject any environmental concern, saying that since God is in control overall, we should just let Him look after it. But in Scripture, the sovereignty of God never allows us to evade our responsibility. For instance, we don’t expect God to take out our garbage (even though we know He is in control) nor to look after the sewage problems for a village or a city. So why should we not support efforts to keep clean something on a grander scale (the atmosphere, or the oceans)? ... God gave these tiny birds programmed instincts to avoid fouling their own nest. We have been given, instead, wisdom to make conscious choices to avoid fouling our individual, community and global 'nest'.

一部のキリスト教徒はどんな環境懸念も拒絶する。そして、神はすべてを制御しているのだから、我々は神が世話をさせるがままにすべきだ言う。しかし、聖書によれば、神の主権は我々の責任逃れを許すものではない。たとえば、我々は神の制御のもとにあると知っていても、我々のゴミや、村や街の汚水問題にまで神が気を配るとは思っていない。何故、我々は大気や海洋など大きなスケールの何かをきれいにしようという努力を支持してはならないのか? ... 神は、これらの小さい鳥に、自身の巣を汚すことを避けることをプログラムした天性を与えた。我々には、その代わりに、個人とコミュニティと世界的な"巣" を汚すことを避けるために意識的な選択をする知恵を与えられた。

[Carl Wieland: " Fouling the nest -- Christianity and the environment]

また、かつての創造科学の本拠地Institute for Creation Researchは次のような主張を掲げていて、Creation Ministries Internationalよりは少し中立サイドなかんじ:
How should Christians view the greenhouse scare? (キリスト教徒は温暖化の脅威をどう見るべきか)

The Bible teaches us that we are stewards of the earth; we should take care of it. Greenhouse warming is a significant issue. Those who are led to directly participate in the environmental issues should become involved. However, they need to look beyond all the hype and ad-hominen attacks by radical environmentalists, who claim that those atmospheric scientists skeptical of a significant greenhouse warming are motivated by the energy companies. We need a balanced approach by listening to the evidence from both sides of the debate. We also need to gather as much real data devoid of interpretation as possible. In that way we will be able to make practical suggestions to solve potential problems.


[Michael Oard, M.S.: "The Greenhouse Warming Hype of The Movie The Day After Tomorrow"]

一方、"古い地球の創造論"の老舗たるDr. Hugh RossのReasons to Believeは中立から少し温暖化否定サイドに傾いている。
"The bottom line here is that there are dozens of physical, chemical, and biological processes that contribute to both heating and cooling the planet," states Ross. "When any one of these factors gets out of balance with the others, Earth is at risk of losing its optimal climate for human civilization.

"This delicate balancing act of multiple and diverse natural processes and human activities gives us reason to be cautious," continues Ross. "But to suggest that we can stop global warming by simply cutting back on fossil fuel combustion and altering our industrial processes is naïve at best. If we ignore one or more of certain mechanisms that contribute to either global warming or cooling, our attempted solutions could actually make matters worse," Ross notes.



[Global Warming -- How concerned do we really need to be? (2006/12/18) (Press release by Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Jeff Zweerink)]

Global warming may not be all bad, and it may not be all that recent. Drilling deep into the ice of Antarctica and Greenland, scientists have found a different story, including some thought-provoking surprises. They see hints of a providential connection between global warming and civilization's development-not to mention survival.


[Hugh Ross: "Staving Off an Ice Age" (2005/04/1)]

創造論者たちは温暖化について人それぞれだが、メジャーな創造論者たちは、John Shimkus連邦下院議員や南部バプテストの牧師たちと違って、聖書を掲げて温暖化否定を主張することはなく、中立まわりに位置しているようだ。

また、福音主義キリスト教の一部には、"Creation Care"と呼ばれるキリスト教的環境保護の動きがある:
Environmentalism and faith would seem to go hand in hand, but many conservative Christians long associated the word with liberalism, said Cal DeWitt, professor at Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and president of Au Sable Institute, which has developed resources and curriculum for a number of Christian colleges.
“I think a lot of evangelical Christians don’t want to be associated with environmentalism, but they do understand conversion, and a lot of them have been converted to the (Creation Care) movement,” he said.

「環境保護主義と宗教は手をつなぐことになるようだが、多くの保守的なキリスト教徒は長きにわたり環境保護主義という言葉からリベラリズムを連想してきた。「私は多くの福音主義キリスト教徒が環境保護主義と関係したがらないと考えている。しかし、彼らは方針転換を理解している。多くが、Creation Care運動に変わった。」と、University of Wisconsin-MadisonのGaylord Nelson環境研究所の教授で、キリスト教大学の教材やカリキュラムを開発するAu Sable研究所長であるCal DeWittは語った。

DeWitt said there are no tallies of the number of people who have joined the movement in recent years, but as a leader who has been a part of it for more than two decades, he says it has mushroomed in the last two to three years.
In 2005, 86 evangelical Christian leaders signed a statement titled “Climate Change: An Evangelical Call to Action.” Since then, De Witt said, dozens more have signed on.
“These leaders have essentially given permission for their followers to get involved,” DeWitt said. “It is a social justice issue, too, and in 2008, candidates had better be prepared to address it.”
DeWitt said he believes that as the science of global climate change became less ambiguous, people of faith began to realize it was their responsibility to address it.

「近年運動に加わった人々の数の集計はない。20年以上にわたって指導者の一人であった者として、この運動は2〜3年で急成長した。2005年に、86人の福音主義キリスト教の指導者たちは、気候変動というタイトルの声明に署名した。それ以後、多くが署名した。これらの指導者たちは、自らの支持者がこの運動に関わる許可を与えたことになる。また、これは社会正義の問題でもある。2008年には、この運動を支持する候補の方が望ましい」とCal DeWittは語った
The Rev. Austin Rios of Grace Episcopal Church in Asheville said Creation Care is one of the few things that reach across lines of division.
“It doesn’t matter whether you believe in creation or evolution, caring for the Earth is something we agree is right,” he said. “Together, we are a strong force, and when we do all put our effort behind it, we will make a difference.”

AshevilleのGrace Episcopal ChurchのAustin Rios師は、Creation Careが分水嶺の向こう側にわたる数少ないもののひとつだと言う「創造を信じるか、進化を信じるかに関わらず、地球環境保護は、我々が正しいと合意できるものだ。ともにあれば、強い力となり、ともに努めれば、ものごとを帰られるだろう。」

[Leslie Boyd: "Faith groups embrace environmental issues" (2006/12/21) on Asheville Citizen-Times]


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