The controversial anti-gay bill which was recently tabled in Uganda’s parliament could soon be withdrawn by Uganda’s government. According to Uganda’s minister of state for investment, Aston Kajara, the proposed bill has already started affecting foreign investment.
According to the minister, it is unfortunate that the international community is attacking the government of Uganda because of the bill. He said that the government had no hand in the formation and tabling of the anti-gay bill. This opposes a statement made, two weeks ago, by the deputy speaker of parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, who said she would ensure "that the parliament plays its role so that the bill is passed."

ウガンダ議会に最近提案された、老荘の的となっている反同性愛法案は、ウガンダ政府によって取り下げられる可能性が出てきた。Aston Kajaraウガンダ政府投資相は、法案提出が外国からの投資に影響を与えていると述べた。
Aston Kajara投資相によれば、「法案のせいで国際社会はウガンダ政府を攻撃している。しかし、反ゲイ法案の作成や提案に関して権限を持っていない」と述べた。これは、2週間前に議会Rebecca Kadaga副議長の「議会は法案成立のために役割を果たす」という声明に反対するものである。

A few days before Chrsitmas, minister of state for ethics and integrity, James Nsaba Buturo had announced that Uganda will not be intimidated by donor countries which have threatened to cut aid to the country if the bill is not dropped.

クリスマスの数日前、James Nsaba Buturo政府倫理相は「法案を取り下げなければ援助を削減するという援助国の恫喝には屈しない」と述べた。

But Mr. Kajara says the government is considering having the bill withdrawn. "The anti-gay bill is a private members’ bill. It was tabled by an MP called David Bahati. The government is considering talking with Bahati so that he withdraws the bill."

しかし、Aston Kajara投資相は「政府は法案撤回を検討している。反同性愛法案は議員立法であり、David Bahati議員によって提案された。政府はBahati議員と法案撤回について会話することを検討している。」と述べた。

[Geof Magga:"Uganda to withdraw anti-gay bill as economy nosedives" (2010/01/08) on Afrik.Com]
このようなAston Kajara投資相の発言に対して、提案者David Bahati議員は法案を撤回しないとの声明を出した。
The Ugandan lawmaker who proposed a highly contentious bill that would, if enacted, broaden the criminalization of homosexuality in the east African nation said Friday that he will refuse any request to withdraw the legislation.

Member of Parliament David Bahati said he felt the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” is necessary to protect Uganda’s children from being “recruited” into homosexuality.

"I stand by the bill. I will not withdraw it,” Bahati said.

“The process of legislating a law to protect our children against homosexuality and defending our family values must go on," he added.

Bahati’s statement was made one day after Minister of State for Investment Aston Kajara said the government would ask Bahati to scrap the bill because they fear backlash from foreign investors.


David Bahati議員は「反同棲案法案がウガンダの子供たちが同性愛へ"補充"されることから守るために必要だと感じている。私は法案とともにある。私は撤回しない。我々は子供たちを同性愛から守り、我々の家族の価値観を守る法律を成立させる道を歩まねばならない。」と述べた。

外国人投資家のバックラッシュを恐れてBahati議員に対して政府が法案撤回を求めるとのAston Kajara投資相の発言の翌日に、このBahati議員の声明が出された。

[Eric Young: "Ugandan Lawmaker Refuses to Withdraw Anti-Homosexuality Bill" (2010/01/10) on Christian Post]
さらにDavid Bahati議員は、西側の報道が事実を曲げていると述べた。
"Pro-gays comments about the anti gay bill which I tabled in parliament is confusing donors and the whole world at large. They use media houses like CNN, BBC, and New York times to distort facts," said Bahati.

He also said that in order to make the bill look very bad they are concentrating on negatively commenting on proposed death penalty.

"The pro-gays have made the world believe that whoever will be found guilty of getting involved in homosexuality will be sentenced to death. No. Only when an adult forces a child or someone under the age of 18 into homosexuality, that is where death penalty should apply," he continued.

「私が議会に提案した法案に対するゲイ支持者たちのコメントが援助国および世界を大きく混乱させている。彼らはCNNやBBCやNew York Timesなどの報道機関を使って、事実を捻じ曲げている。法案が非常に悪いものだと見せかけるために、死刑についてネガティブなコメントを集中させた。ゲイ支持者たちは世界を、同性愛行為をした者は誰でも死刑になると信じ込ませた。事実は違う。死刑となるのは、成人が18未満の子供に対して強制的に性行為に及んだ場合だけだ。」とDavid Bahati議員は述べた。

[Geof Magga: "Uganda anti-gay bill author clarifies killing people over small issues" (2010/01/10) on Afrik.Com]
The law would apply to citizens or permanent residents of Uganda, and would cover behavior both in and outside that country. The measure would turn neighbor against neighbor by requiring those with knowledge of a gay person to report them to police within 24 hours or risk three years in prison. A seven-year jail term awaits the Ugandan who "aids, abets, [or] counsels" homosexuals. And anyone convicted of "aggravated homosexuality," which could mean someone who is HIV-positive and is intimate with another person of the same sex, could "suffer death."


[Editorial: "Uganda's bill to imprison gays for life is an outrage that should be rejected (2010/01/07) on Washington Post]


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