DailyMailがドイツのKiel UniversityのLeibniz Instituteの気候専門家Mojib Latif教授の研究を使って、地球は小氷期に向かっているという記事を書いた。

これについて、Mojib Latif教授がGuardian紙上で反論した:
[David Adam: Leading climate scientist challenges Mail on Sunday's use of his research (2010/01/16) on Guardian]

Mojib Latif denies his research supports theory that current cold weather undermines scientific consensus on global warming

指導的気候科学者が自らの研究を使った"Mail on Sunday"の記事に反論

Mojib Latifは彼の研究が、現在の寒い天気が地球温暖化の科学的コンセンサスを損なう理論を支持するものではないと述べた。

A leading scientist has hit out at misleading newspaper reports that linked his research to claims that the current cold weather undermines the scientific case for manmade global warming.


Mojib Latif, a climate expert at the Leibniz Institute at Kiel University in Germany, said he "cannot understand" reports that used his research to question the scientific consensus on climate change.

ドイツのKiel UniversityのLeibniz Instituteの気候専門家であるMojib Latifは、「私の研究を使って、気候変動についての科学的コンセンサスに対して疑問を呈するという記事を理解できない」と述べた。

He told the Guardian: "It comes as a surprise to me that people would try to use my statements to try to dispute the nature of global warming. I believe in manmade global warming. I have said that if my name was not Mojib Latif it would be global warming."

He added: "There is no doubt within the scientific community that we are affecting the climate, that the climate is changing and responding to our emissions of greenhouse gases."

Guardianに対してMojib Latifは次のように述べた「人々が地球温暖化を否定しようとして私の声明を使おうとしたことに驚いている。私は人間起源の地球温暖化が起きていると考えている。私は、『私の名前がMojib Latifでなければ、それは地球温暖化だろう』と言った。我々が気候に影響を与え、気候は我々による温室効果ガスの排出に対応して変動していることに対する疑いは科学界にはない」

A report in the Mail on Sunday said that Latif's results "challenge some of the global warming orthodoxy's most deeply cherished beliefs" and "undermine the standard climate computer models". Monday's Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph repeated the claims.

"Mail on Sunday"に「Latifの結果が、地球温暖化についての正統理論の最も深い部分にある信条に疑問を呈するものであり、標準的な気候コンピュータモデルを損なうものだ」と報道した。さらに月曜日にDailyMailとDaily Telegraphが同様の主張を繰り返した。

The reports attempted to link the Arctic weather that has enveloped the UK with research published by Latif's team in the journal Nature in 2008. The research said that natural fluctuations in ocean temperature could have a bigger impact on global temperature than expected. In particular, the study concluded that cooling in the oceans could offset global warming, with the average temperature over the decades 2000-2010 and 2005-2015 predicted to be no higher than the average for 1994-2004. Despite clarifications from the scientists at the time, who stressed that the research did not challenge the predicted long-term warming trend, the study was widely misreported as signalling a switch from global warming to global cooling.

"Mail on Sunday"の記事は英国をつつむ北極気象と、Latifの研究チームが2008年にNature誌に掲載した研究を結び付けようとした。その研究は「海洋温度の自然の変動が世界的な温度に予想されるより大きい影響を及ぼす可能性がある」というものだった。特に、その研究では「海洋の冷却により地球温暖化が相殺されて、2000〜2010年および2005〜2015年の平均気温は1994〜2004年の平均を超えない」と結論していた。その当時の科学者たちは、この研究が予測される長期的温暖化トレンドに疑問を呈するものではないと強調していたが、この研究は地球温暖化から地球寒冷化への転換を示すものだと広く誤って報道された。

The Mail on Sunday article said that Latif's research showed that the current cold weather heralds such "a global trend towards cooler weather".

It said: "The BBC assured viewers that the big chill was was merely short-term 'weather' that had nothing to do with 'climate', which was still warming. The work of Prof Latif and the other scientists refutes that view."

"Mail on Sunday"の記事は「Latifの研究は現在の寒い天気は、冷涼な天気への向かう地球的トレンドを告げるものであることを示した。BBCはこの大寒波は短期天気な気象であって、温暖化を続ける気候とは何の関係もないという見方を保証した。しかし、Latif教授たちの研究はこの見方を論破するものだ」と述べていた。

Not according to Latif. "They are not related at all," he said. "What we are experiencing now is a weather phenomenon, while we talked about the mean temperature over the next 10 years. You can't compare the two."

He said the ocean temperature effect was similar to other natural influences on global temperature, such as volcanos, which cool the planet temporarily as ash spewed into the atmosphere reflects sunlight.

"The natural variation occurs side by side with the manmade warming. Sometimes it has a cooling effect and can offset this warming and other times it can accelerate it." Other scientists have questioned the strength of the ocean effect on overall temperature and disagree that global warming will show the predicted pause.



Latif said his research suggested that up to half the warming seen over the 20th century was down to this natural ocean effect, but said that was consistent with the 2007 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. "No climate specialist would ever say that 100% of the warming we have seen is down to greenhouse gas emissions."


The recent articles are not the first to misrepresent his research, Latif said. "There are numerous newspapers, radio stations and television channels all trying to get our attention. Some overstate and some want to downplay the problem as a way to get that attention," he said. "We are trying to discuss in the media a highly complex issue. Nobody would discuss the problem of [Einstein's theory of] relativity in the media. But because we all experience the weather, we all believe that we can assess the global warming problem."


気候変動について素人が議論できると思えてしまうという指摘も重要。あたりまえの話だし、地球電磁気・超高層大気のDr. SI Akasofuだって気候変動に学術誌に論文投稿するようなネタがないと自らも認めているくらいなのだが。
Since I am not a climatologist, all the data presented in my Notes on Climate Change can be found in papers and books published in the past; that is why I do not want to publish Notes on Climate Change as a paper in a professional journal....

私は気候学者ではないので、私の"Notes on Climate Change"で提示するデータはすべて、過去の文献・本に載っているものだけである。なので、私は"Notes on Climate Change"を学術誌に掲載しようとは思わない。...
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