Prince's Foundation for Integrated Health(統合医療皇太子財団)の医療部長であり、イングランド南西部のデボン州Cullomptonの開業医であるDr. Michael Dixonが、代替医療を擁護して、"Trick or treatment"の共著者Edzard Ernst教授に対して反撃した。

==>Michael Dixon: "Evidence-based medicine is not a cure-all" (2010/03/08)

Dr. Michael Dixonは「自分ではホメオパシーは使わない」とことわったうえで、以下のような論点を挙げている。基本的には開業医は治療することが仕事であって、証拠があろうが無かろうが、患者に快方に向かうと希望を持たせるのだという反撃である(反論にはなっていない):

  • The new fundamentalists rarely, if ever, think about the patient. That is not surprising. Most are not doctors. Even Professor Ernst hasn’t faced a real live patient for at least seventeen years.

  • For us who are GPs, healing is our job. We try to make some sense of the complexity of our patients' problems and offer them hope. What, I wonder, would Professor Ernst and the rest of his coterie say to the patient who comes to us in pain and distress from their fibromyalgia or chronic tiredness or frequent infections? Or the other hundred and one conditions where science has no effective answer?

  • They seem not to have grasped the central fact about long-term conditions. They are long-term precisely because there is no treatment – EBM or otherwise – that will cure them. All we as doctors can do is alleviate symptoms and possibly, just possibly, delay the progression of the disease.

  • Evidence based medicine is not the cure-all it is made out to be.

  • homeopathic doctors are neither gullible idiots nor liars. They treat their patients with compassion and professionalism, and often achieve worthwhile results.

  • it is not true that science has proved homeopathy is nothing more than placebo. There is a small number of good quality, RTC trials of homeopathy... that appear to demonstrate a small but significant effect greater than placebo.

  • If a GP, whether a homeopath or not, tells a patient in good faith that he or she will get better, then what is the problem? If the patient gets better – even if faith, placebo or the human effect is the catalysing factor – the point is that the patient gets better.

  • Professor Ernst is not interested in whether the patient gets better. He wants doctors to serve science first and our patients last, inhabiting a grey and nihilistic desert that denies the role of the doctor as healer and condemns us to being slaves of population-based statistical totalitarianism.
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