Negative Air Ion (8) イスラエルとソビエトを挙げるIonizer販売サイト

In Israel, the soldiers' performance, such as alertness, response time, strength, decreases when the dry, dusty and hot wind called “Sharav” blows in from east and researchers found that the wind contains high concentration of positive ions, which increase the level of serotonin.



In the late 1950's, Dr Felix Sulman began a study in Jerusalem to discover why the Sharav made people sick. His research revealed that victims of "wind sickness" were producing up to 1,000 percent more serotonin than normal, and that serotonin-blocking drugs or negative ions provided fast relief.

1950年代後半にエルサレムのDr.Felix Sulmanは研究を開始し、Sharavが人々に病気を起こす理由を発見した。彼の研究で、"風の病気"になった人々は最大で通常の1000%のセロトニン量になっていて、セロトニン阻害薬品か陰イオンが救急治療になることがわかった。

FG Sulmanが陰イオンを研究していたのは、1970〜1980年代のことだが...

==>Negative Air Ion (7) 大気イオンの健康への影響研究メモ

In the former Soviet Union, negative ions were used to improve the performance of Olympic athletes. They were trained in rooms equipped with negative ion generators and their performance increased greatly. Afterward more studies have been performed to increase the productivity of factory workers with negative ions, and the results have been good, too.

こっちは具体的記述がないが、Elanra製造/販売元だと、Pavlov Instituteという固有名詞を挙げている:
At the Pavlov Institute in Russia, scientists conducted an incredible 30 years' research into various treatments for asthma. Being aware of the potential benefits of negative ion exposure, they included this in their experiments. The results were astounding, showing that 85% of patients obtained relief: 35% reported a reduction in symptoms, while an amazing 50% claimed to be completely cured!


In studies conducted by the Soviet Union just after World War II, negative ion generators were used during training of Track and Field athletes, Gymnasts, Swimmers and Boxers, as part of a new Soviet policy decision to dominate international sports.

Canadian ion scientist, Guy Cramer, has been studying the effects of ions on human behavior for 15 years. In this capacity, he has consulted for the NHL. In 1993 he confirmed that the Russians were still using these negative ion generators with the Russian Red Army and Olympic hockey teams as recently as 1989. This information was verified with former Russian hockey players now playing in the NHL.


カナダのイオン科学者Guy Cramerは15年にわたり人間の行動に対するイオンの効果を研究してきた。彼はその能力を買われて、NHLに対してコンサルティングを行っている。1993年に彼はロシアが、オリンピックのホッケーチームで少なくとも1989年まで陰イオンジェネレータを使っていたことを確認した。この情報は、かつてロシアのホッケー選手で、現在はMHLでプレイしている選手たちからも確認された。

[Special Olympic Report: Secret Russian Sports Weapon Disclosed (2000/09/21)]

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