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[Steve Mayes: "Judge orders state custody, medical care for Oregon faith healers' child" (2010/07/02) on OregonLive]

OREGON CITY -- A Clackamas County judge ruled Thursday that a couple who belong to a church that embraces faith healing must surrender their child for failing to provide medical care.

Circuit Judge Douglas V. Van Dyk gave the state temporary custody of the child and ordered medical treatment as directed by doctors at Oregon Health & Science University.

The age and medical condition of the child were not disclosed.

Timothy J. Wyland, 44,and Rebecca J. Wyland, 23,of Beavercreek appeared in court without an attorney. The couple, members of the Followers of Christ church, seemed stunned by events and close to tears.


巡回法廷裁判官Douglas V. Van Dykは、Orgon Health & Science Universityの医師たちの指示に従って、子供の一時保護および医療治療を命じた。


Beavercreek在住のTimothy J. Wyland (44歳)とRebecca J. Wyland (23歳)は弁護士の付き添いなしで法廷に登場した。夫妻は"Folloers of Christ"教会の信者で、この出来事に驚いたようで、涙が出そうになっていた。

The 1,200-member Followers of Christ church has received extensive media attention in recent years. The church rejects secular medicine and relies on faith-healing rituals -- laying on of hands, anointing with oil, prayer and fasting -- to treat illnesses.

At least a dozen Followers of Christ members attended Thursday's hearing, including Carl Worthington, who was convicted last summer of criminal mistreatment for failing to provide adequate medical care to his fatally ill 15-month-old daughter.

Worthington served two months in jail. His wife, Raylene, was acquitted.

In a separate case in February, Jeffrey and Marci Beagley, who are the parents of Raylene Worthington, were found guilty of criminally negligent homicide in the death of their teenage son. Neil Beagley died of complications from an untreated urinary blockage. His parents were sentenced to 16 months in prison.

"Folloers of Christ"教会の1200名の信者は、過去数年にわたりメディアの強い関心を引き付けてきた。教会は世俗的治療を拒否し、手かざしと、祈りの油注ぎと、祈りと、断食によって病気を治療するという信仰療法の儀式に依存している。

"Folloers of Christ"教会の信者のうち少なくとも12名が木曜日の聴聞に参加した。その中には、生後15か月の娘に適切な医療を受けさせなかったとして、犯罪的虐待で昨夏に有罪判決を受けたCarl Worthingtonも含まれていた。

Carl Worthingtonは2ヶ月間の刑期を務めた。彼の妻Raylene Worthingtonは無罪判決を受けた。

これとは別件で2月に、Raylene Worthingtonの両親であるJeffrey BeagleyとMarci Beagleyは、ティーンエイジだった息子の死について、過失致死の有罪判決を受けた。息子Neil Beagleyは尿閉塞の治療を受けられずに、その合併症で死亡した。両親は懲役16か月の判決を受けた。

The Wyland case is unusual because the authorities intervened before a child died.

A petition filed by the Clackamas County district attorney's office to give the Department of Human Services temporary custody alleges that the Wylands' failure to obtain medical care resulted in serious physical injury.

"All that anybody wants to achieve is to remove that risk," Van Dyk told the Wylands.

"Is there any chance we can appease DHS and keep our child?" Timothy Wyland asked Van Dyk.

The judge advised the Wylands to get an attorney to try to work out an agreement with the state child-welfare officials or request a trial to challenge the state's actions. The case will be reviewed at a July 22 hearing.

Juvenile court records are not public, and court hearings, while open, typically make fewer details public than hearings involving adults.

How the Wylands came to the attention of child-welfare workers is unclear. In the past, concerned relatives of church members called a DHS hotline to report medical neglect.


Clackamas郡地区検察局は、福祉事業局(Department of Human Services)に対して、Wyland夫妻が適切な医療を受けさせなかったことによって子供が重体になったとして、子供一時的保護を求める申立てを行った。

Van Dyk裁判官はWyland夫妻に「誰もが達成したいことはリスクの削減である」と述べた。

Timothy WylandはVan Dyk裁判官に対して「福祉事業局に対して、子供の養育を続けられるようにできないか」と質問した。

Van Dyk裁判官はWyland夫妻に対して、「弁護士を入れて、州児童福祉当局と合意を形成するか、州の行動に対する裁判を起こすか」が可能であると助言した。この事件についての聴聞が2010年7月22日に行われる。



The Wylands also could face criminal prosecution.

"Any decision about criminal charges will not be made until the investigation is completed," said Greg Horner, chief deputy district attorney.

After decades during which Followers of Christ children died from treatable medical conditions, the district attorney's office has taken a hard line with the church. The state medical examiner's office reported that during the past 30 years more than 20 children of church members had died of preventable or curable illnesses.

Ongoing concerns about child welfare prompted Clackamas County District Attorney John Foote to send a letter to 415 church families in April.

Foote said he hoped to start a dialogue between the church and law enforcement, and reach an understanding about when parents should take their children to a doctor or hospital.

"It is not our preference to prosecute parents for failing to give their children medical care," Foote wrote. "Our first preference is to have parents take on that responsibility so that children do not die."


「操作が完了するまで、刑事告発に関する決定はなされない」と地方副検事Greg Hornerは述べた。

"Followers of Christ"教会の治療可能な子供たちが死亡して数十年、地方検事局は強い立場で教会に対応してきた。州の検死事務所は過去30年に、"Followers of Christ"教会の子供20人が、予防可能あるいは治療可能な病気で死亡したと報告している。

児童福祉について進行中の問題について、Clackamas郡地方検事John Footeは2010年4月に415名の教会信者家族に書簡を送った。


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