[Toxic cocktail kills two]

Nagpur, Dec 17 - A lethal combination of a homoeopathic tonic and alcohol has claimed two lives and impaired five others' vision here and in a nearby area amid fears that many more cases could have gone unreported.

One person who died Friday at a hospital in Chandrapur, 160 km from here, was a homoeopath. While two others are in a critical condition, the third man is recovering, doctors said.

The homoeopath, Mahendra Gundawar, had apparently consumed a homoeopathic tonic in combination with some alcoholic drink regularly for a fortnight before taking ill, Kuber Kotpalliwar, a doctor, told IANS.

The tonic, Satis-F, recently introduced in the market, contained 44 percent alcohol and was sold in retail in 30 ml packs. It was available to practitioners and wholesalers in packs of 100 and 400 ml, said a homoeopath, Sanjay Tambe.

Nagpur 2007年12月17日: ホメオパシー強壮剤tとアルコールの致死的組み合わせにより2名が死亡し、5名が視覚障害となり、この近隣では報道されない被害が多く出ているのではないかと主張されている。


Kuber Kotpalliwar医師がIANSに語ったところによれば、ホメオパスMahendra Gundawarは病気になる前の二週間に、定期的にホメオパシー強壮剤とアルコールを飲んでいた。

強壮剤Satif-Fは最近、市場に出荷されたもので、44%のアルコールを含んでいて、30mlパックで小売されている。ホメオパスや卸は100〜400mlパックを購入できると、ホメオパスSanjay Tambeは語った。
[http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/HC-orders-forensic-analysis-of-tonic/articleshow/2688359.cms">Vaibhav Ganjapure: "HC orders forensic analysis of tonic" (2008/01/10) on Times of India]

NAGPUR: The Nagpur bench of Bombay high court on Wednesday directed the state government to file a report of forensic analysis about adverse effects of the homeopathic tonic ‘Sati-F' which was reported to be responsible for deaths of three persons.


As per the information, on December 12, Pravin Khedkar and his two friends − Prashant Lakhe and Dinkar Bedarkar − allegedly consumed ‘Sati-F' with alcohol. After consuming lethal mixture, the trio fell unconscious and was rushed to a hospital in Dhantoli. Khedkar died in the course of treatment, while Lakhe and Bedarkar lost their eyesight. Khedkar is said to be died of cardiac arrest, respiratory and nervous system failure.

During investigations, the police learnt that Dr Deo had prescribed the homoeopath tonic to him. Subsequently, police raided Deo's clinic and arrested him on the charges of negligence. The police also sent the samples of those tonic to forensic laboratory for medical analysis.

‘Sati-F' tonic was made by an Indore-based pharmaceutical company and contains methyl alcohol as a major component. It is generally prescribed for neurasthenia, fatigue, sleeplessness and as an appetiser in convalescence.



12月12日に、Pravin Khedkarは二人の友人、Prashant LakheとDinkar Bedarkarは"Sati-F"とアルコールを飲んだ。その致死的な組み合わせを服用後、3人は意識を失い、Dhantoliの病院に搬送された。Khedkarは治療中に死亡し、LakheとBedarkarは視力を失った。Khedkarは心停止、呼吸器および神経系の障害で死亡したとされる。

捜査で、警察はDr Deoがホメオパス強壮剤を彼に処方したことを発見した。また警察は医学分析のため科学捜査研究所に強壮剤のサンプルを送った。


[Homeopathy: An Introduction on National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine]

Liquid homeopathic remedies may contain alcohol. The FDA allows higher levels of alcohol in these remedies than it allows in conventional drugs. However, no adverse effects from alcohol levels have been reported to the FDA


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