今週は英国下院科学技術委員会で、英国政府主任科学顧問Sir John Beddingtonが、「NHSによるホメオパシーへの支出が、人々にホメオパシーに効果があると誤認させ、通常医療忌避のリスクをもたらす」との発言を行っている。
[Ian Sample: "NHS funding for homeopathy risks misleading patients, says chief scientist" (2010/10/27) on TheGuardian]

Sir John Beddington, the government's chief scientific adviser, said patients might believe homeopathic treatments could protect them against serious illnesses, or treat existing conditions, because GPs and hospitals are allowed to prescribe them on the NHS.

英国政府主任科学顧問であるSir John Beddingtonは「一般医や病院がNHSのもとでホメオパシー治療を処方可能であるため、ホメオパシー治療が重病から患者を守ってくれると信じてしまうかもしれない。」と述べた。

Professor Beddington said ministers agreed to fund homeopathy on the grounds of "public choice", despite there being "no real evidence" that the remedies work.

"I have made it completely clear that there is no scientific basis for homeopathy beyond the placebo effect and that there are serious concerns about its efficacy," Professor Beddington told the Commons science and technology committee today.


He went on to warn that government funding for homeopathy risked legitimising unproven treatments and that patients could harm their health by choosing these over conventional vaccines and medicines.

"There is a danger that the public will think that there is real efficacy for some serious conditions and I believe we have to work on that and make clear that this is not correct," he told the committee.

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