Huo Luo Jing Dan(活絡金丹)による死亡事例

[Woman waiting for liver transplant dies (2010/12/21) on AsiaOne]

SINGAPORE - The 51-woman who suffered liver failure after taking herbal pills has passed away.

Madam K. H. Leong had been diagnosed with kidney problems and acute liver failure after taking a herbal product called Huo Luo Jing Dan. Doctors said that she had sustained damage to 80 per cent of her liver and urgently needed a liver transplant. Although her family members offered to donate part of their livers, they were all found to be unsuitable.

Madam Leong was then put on a waiting list for a liver from a dead person. She passed away on Sunday, while waiting for a suitable liver.

51歳の女性がハーブ錠剤を服用後、肝障害で死亡した。Madam K.H. LeongはHuo Luo Jing Dan(活絡金丹)と呼ばれるハーブ製品を服用後、腎臓障害と急性肝障害と診断された。医師たちは彼女の肝臓の80%がダメージを受けており、肝臓移植が緊急に必要だと述べていた。彼女の家族は肝臓の提供を申し出たが、不適合だった。

Madam Leongは死者からの肝臓移植の待機リストに加えられた。適合する肝臓が見つかる前に、彼女は日曜日(2010/12/19)に死亡した。
この死亡の原因となったとみられるHuo Luo Jing Dan(活絡金丹)について...
[Woman suffers liver failure after taking pills (2010/12/11) on AsiaOne]

Round black pills from Malaysia that claim to be homemade from a secret recipe of herbs.

The product - called Huo Luo Jing Dan - claims to treat joint pain and is not sold in Singapore.

Madam Leong had been suffering pain in both her wrists for some time. She resorted to taking the pills after an operation in August last year did not relieve the pain.

Her friend had recommended the pills which were priced RM18 (S$7.50) for about a month's supply.

マレーシアから輸入された円形の黒い錠剤は、秘密のハーブレシピによる自家製だと主張されていた。このHuo Luo Jing Dan(活絡金丹)と呼ばれる製品は、関節の痛みに効くと主張され、シンガポールでは販売が禁止されている。

Madam Leongは両腕の関節の痛みに苦しんでいた。彼女は昨年8月手術を受けたが痛みが消えず、この錠剤に救いを求めていた。彼女の友人が一か月分を18マレーシアリンギット(7.5シンガポールドル)で提供すると錠剤を奨めてきた。

[Woman waiting for liver transplant dies (2010/12/21) on AsiaOne]

Upon testing the pills, the Health Sciences Authority (HSA) discovered that they contained a steroid and an antihistamine, both of which are both illegal in herbal medicine here.

HSA has informed its Malaysian counterpart of the possible danger posed by the product.


In 2009, HSA issued an alert on a product also called Huo Luo Jing Dan, which was made in China and packaged in glass bottles.

2009年にHSAは、中国で生産され、ガラスのボトルにパッケージされたHuo Luo Jing Dan(活絡金丹)と呼ばれる製品に対して警告を出していた。
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