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Alternative remedies which could be dangerous to pets are being targeted by the Government in a major drive to improve animal health and welfare.


Some herbal and homeopathic products are claiming medicinal benefits without scientific proof, meaning they may not properly treat or prevent serious diseases, leaving pets at risk.

The Veterinary Medicines Directorate’s (VMD) Director of Operations, John FitzGerald, said:

“Some of these products are claiming to be effective and safe when no scientific evidence has been presented to us to show they are.

“Animal owners have a right to know if a product does what it claims. The products claim to treat diseases which can cause serious welfare problems and in some circumstances kill animals if not properly treated. So in some cases owners are giving remedies to their pets which don’t treat the problem.”


動物医薬品局のJohn FItzGerald部長は「これらの製品の一部は、科学的証拠を我々に提示していないのに、効果があり、安全だと主張している。動物の飼い主には、製品が主張された効果を持つか知る権利がある。これらの商品は、動物の福祉に重大な影響を与える可能性があり、適切に治療しないと場合によっては死亡するような病気を治療できると主張している。したがって、飼い主が、病気を治療できないレメディをペットに与えている場合がありうる」と述べた。

A number of unauthorised products are being targeted, including:

  • Homeopathic ‘nosodes’ – which are derived from diseased animal tissues, in the belief they act as a vaccination to prevent infection.

  • Animal food supplements – known as neutraceuticals, which claim to treat diseases or bring extra health benefits such as improved mental ability in pet animals.

  • Herbal liquids, powders and pellets – sold as herbal wormers – claiming to irritate and repel parasitic worms from the guts of horses, livestock, and pets.

From now on, the VMD will be contacting manufacturers to ensure that they demonstrate the products are safe and provide the benefits which they claim to. If this is not the case the manufacturers will be required to re-brand the products to make it clear they are not medicinal.


Supporting the action, British Veterinary Association President Harvey Locke said:

“As veterinary surgeons we rely on the use of safe, effective and quality medicines for the health and welfare of animals under our care – and there must always be sound scientific evidence to back up medicinal claims made by the manufacturer of any product.

“Some of these unauthorised products may at the least be ineffective and at worst could cause harm because serious life-threatening diseases may go undiagnosed. We would urge animal owners always to check with their veterinary surgeon before giving any remedy or supplement to their pet.”

この動きを支持して、英国獣医学協会のHarvey Locke会長は「獣医として、我々が治療にあたる動物の健康と福祉のために、我々は安全で効果があり品質の高い医薬品に依存している。いかなる製品の製造業者による医療効果についての主張も、正しい科学的証拠に支持されなければならない。これらの承認されていない製品の一部は、少なくとも効果がなく、悪い場合には有害である。というのは生命の重大な危険のある病気が治療されないままになるからである。我々は動物の飼い主に対して、いかなるレメディやサプリをペットに与える場合でも、事前に獣医といっしょにチェックすることを強く求めている。」と述べた。

飼い犬の狂犬病予防にホメオパシーが使われたりすれば、それはペットだけの問題にとどまらない。人間にも実害をもたらす。今回の英国政府DEFRA(Department for Environment Food and Rural Affiars)の動きは、人間を守ることにもつながる。

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