Andrew Wakefieldが一歩も引かなくても

2009年2月に「自閉症とMMRワクチンの関連を示す」論文のデータがフェイクだったことが明らかになり、そのニュースは世界を駆け巡った。これはBrian Deerの成果である。

そして、翌2010年1月には英国医療委員会は研究遂行時の倫理性の問題に関して調査を行い、Dr. Andrew Wkaefieldが不誠実かつ無責任だとの判断を下し、同じ2010年5月にDr. Andrew Wkaefieldの医師活動を禁じた

2004年からAdrew Wakefieldを追跡していたBrian Deerが、さらに2011年1月にAdrew Wakefieldの詐欺・利益相反行為を明らかにした。

==>Brian Deer: "How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed", BMJ 2011; 342:c5347 doi: 10.1136/bmj.c5347
==>解説・訳 by KumikoKatase

既に、科学としても医師としてもDr. Andew Wakefieldは終わっているが、それでも、本人も支持者たちも一歩も引かない。

おそらく、彼らが非を認めることがあると考えている人はいないだろう。たとえば、2年半ほど前にも、Dr. Tara C Smithが「自閉症とワクチンの関係がないことを示した研究」を紹介した際に言っていた。
[Tara C. Smith: "Vaccination doesn't cause autism volume what-are-we-up-to-now?" (2008/09/04) on Aetiology

A decade ago, a paper by Andrew Wakefield and colleagues was published in The Lancet, detailing the cases of 12 children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Anecdotal reports from parents of several of these children suggested that the onset of their condition followed receipt of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine. Wakefield concluded following this research that the MMR vaccine was unsafe, and could play a causative role in the development of autism as well as gastrointestinal disease--the first volley in the latest incarnation of anti-vaccination fear-mongering that's as old as vaccination itself. Well, to the surprise of few, a study has been published in today's PLoS One showing yet again no link between vaccination and autism--and, as in the original Wakefield study, the authors here looked at the presence of measles virus RNA in intestinal tissue. More after the jump.

Originally, Wakefield had suggested that because MMR contains live virus (particularly live measles virus), an inappropriate immune response to the viruses in the vaccine may cause other pathologies, including autism spectrum disorders and bowel disease. The 1998 Lancet paper laid out this link:

10年前(1998年)、Andrew Wakefieldと共同研究者たちによる、自閉症スペクトラム障害(ASD)の子供たち12人の症例を詳細分析した論文がThe Lancetに掲載された。これらの子供たちうち数名の親たちからの聞き伝えの報告は、症状の開始がMMRワクチン接種に引き続いて起きたことを示唆していた。Wakefieldはこれらの研究に従い、MMRワクチンは安全ではなく、自閉症及び消化器系疾患の原因となる可能性があると結論した。これは、ワクチンの誕生以来続く、反ワクチン狂の一例である。ほとんどの人々が驚くことではないが、今日(2008/09/04)のPLoS Oneに、ワクチンと自閉症の関連がないことを示す研究が掲載された。この研究では、Wakefieldの研究と同様に、組織上の麻疹ウィルスRNAの存在を見ていた。

We have identified a chronic enterocolitis in children that may be related to neuropsychiatric dysfunction. In most cases, onset of symptoms was after measles, mumps, and rubella immunisation.

Like the original study, this one was fairly small (though notably, still about 4 times as large as Wakefield's). 47 kids were recruited, and 38 were included in the final analysis. They also used a case-control study design, rather than the original case series (in which the selection of kids was a huge conflict of interest, as Wakefield was actually paid by many of the childrens' parents to find evidence of a vaccine-autism link).

They then examined the cases and controls using a molecular assay to detect measles virus RNA. Because other investigators couldn't repeat Wakefield's finding of measles virus RNA in kids with ASD, this study repeated all the assays in 3 independent labs, which were blinded as to the status of the samples.

So, what did they find? Obviously, no association. In addition:

Wakefieldの研究と同じく、このPLoS One掲載の研究も対象の子供の数は(Wakefieldの研究の4倍ではあるが)少なく、47名が参加し、38名が研究の最終分析に使われた。彼らは、対照群を使う研究デザインを使った(Wakefieldの研究では、子供の選択に巨大な利益相反があり、Wakefieldは子供たちの親からワクチンと自閉症の関係を示す証拠を見つけるために資金を受け取っていた)。


そして、彼らは何を見出しただろうか? もちろん、関連性がないことを。そして:
We found the age at the time of exposure to MMR relative to onset of GI problems in cases and controls and the temporal order of MMR administration, GI episodes, and AUT onset in cases to be inconsistent with a causal role for MMR vaccine as a trigger or exacerbator of either GI disturbances or autism.



It should be noted that there are several of limitations with the study. Most notably, the size was still small, but it's difficult to do a large study like this because of the rather invasive nature of the sampling (bowel biopsy). However, the investigator blinding and replication of results in three separate laboratories help to offset the size issue.

Do I expect these negative results to make a damn bit of difference with the Jenny McCarthy crowd?



この研究が、Jenny McCarthyたちを少しでも動かすことがあるだろうか?


Mady Hornig, Thomas Briese, Timothy Buie, Margaret L. Bauman, Gregory Lauwers, Ulrike Siemetzki, Kimberly Hummel, Paul A. Rota, William J. Bellini, John J. O'Leary, Orla Sheils, Errol Alden, Larry Pickering, W. Ian Lipkin, Mark R. Cookson (2008). Lack of Association between Measles Virus Vaccine and Autism with Enteropathy: A Case-Control Study PLoS ONE, 3 (9) DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0003140
それでも年1回くらいは繰り返し、批判を続けていく他ない。Dr. Andrew Wakefieldたちが一歩も引かないとしても、普通の人々が引き込まれるのを少しでも阻止するためには。

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