RandiのChallengeを取り上げるLos Angeles Times

ジェームズ・ランディのホメオパシーへの挑戦状について、Los Angeles Timesが報道している。
Magician James Randi, who has devoted the latter part of his career to exposing fraud, scams and charlatans, and a network of skeptics known as the 10:23 Campaign launched a major campaign Saturday against the manufacturers of so-called homeopathic drugs, charging that the companies that sell the drugs are packaging worthless products that are cheating customers out of their money.


"Consumers have the right to know what they are buying," he said. "No one should walk out of a drugstore with a homeopathic product without knowing these basic facts: There is no credible evidence that the product does what it says. There is not one bit -- not a single atom -- of the claimed 'active ingredient' in the package, and no U.S. health agency has tested or approved the product."

「消費者は自分たちが買っているものが何なのか知る権利がある。以下のホメオパシーの基本的事実を知らずに、薬局でホメオパシー製品を買っていく人がいてはならない。1. 製品が言っていることを支持する信頼できる証拠がないこと。2. パッケージに書かれた有効成分が1原子も入っていないこと。3. 米国の医療健康期間が試験も認証もしていないこと。」とジェームズ・ランディは言う。

[Thomas H. Maugh II:" Magician James Randi, skeptics launch attack on makers of homeopathic 'drugs'" (2011/02/05) on LosAngeles Times]
Respected skeptic Steven Barrett is more blunt. He says this about homeopathy: "Homeopathic 'remedies' enjoy a unique status in the health marketplace: They are the only category of quack products legally marketable as drugs." That's just the beginning of his essay. Read the full post on Barrett's site, Quackwatch.

評価の高い懐疑論者Steven Barrettはもっと過激だ。彼はホメオパシーをこのように言っている「ホメオパシーレメディは医療健康市場でユニークな立場を享受している。それらは詐欺商品を合法的に薬品として販売できる唯一のカテゴリだ。」それが彼のエッセイの書き出しだ。

[Mary Forgione: "James Randi's challenge and the search for science in homeopathy" (2011/02/07) on Los Angeles Times]

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