Philly.Comの報道によれば、レスリングの練習で背骨に重傷を負った高校生を治療をめぐって、ハーブ療法師および自然療法師である母親が、搬送先の病院と争っている[via insolence]。

この高校生Mazeratti Mitchellは、トマスジェファーソン病院にいる。
Lying stock-still in a bed Friday at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, his neck and chin gripped in a rigid plastic collar, 16-year-old Mazeratti Mitchell could barely move his jaw.

But the Boothwyn teenager, whose spine was severely injured in a high school wrestling accident Tuesday, smiled faintly as he spoke of the escalating battle between his mother, an herbal healer, and mainstream medicine over his care.

"One of the doctors said I needed surgery because I'd be paralyzed the rest of my life if I moved my head just a millimeter," he murmured, then lifted his left arm about three inches and wiggled his fingers. "I'm OK."

He was taken to Jefferson after butting heads at practice with another wrestler at Chichester High School in Delaware County. He had fallen to the floor, unable to move for several minutes.

金曜日(2011/02/04)に、首と顎をギブスで固定されて、トーマスジェファーソン大学病院でベッド横たわる16歳のMazeratti Mitchellはほとんど顎を動かせないでいる。彼はBoothwynに住み、火曜日(2011/02/01)に高校のレスリングでの事故により重傷を負った。しかし、、ハーブ療法士である彼の母と主流医療の彼の治療をめぐる戦いが激化していることについて、彼は話しながら、かすかにほほ笑んだ。



[David O'Reilly, Inquirer Staff Writer: "Wrestler's injury pits traditional vs. alternative medicine" (2011/02/05) on Philly.Com]
The hospital has wanted to secure his bruised spine with pins and plates while it mends. Vermell Mitchell, a naturopath who goes by the title "Dr. Mitchell," is fighting to have her son released so she can heal him with herbal remedies, such as liquid chlorophyll and a compound she calls "Super Trio."

Jefferson won a temporary court order to supervise the youth's care, and he was put in the protective custody of the Delaware County Office of Children and Youth Services. But on Monday, the hospital and the parents are to meet in Delaware County Court to press their cases.

Vermell Mitchell said Friday that, in addition to the surgery, she is resisting the hospital's effort to give her son steroids and blood pressure medication. She admitted she had squirted a "small" amount of chlorophyll into his mouth to "promote blood circulation." ... "For every medicine, there's an herb" alternative, she said as she sat beside the boy - one of eight children - in the traumatic intensive care unit.

病院側は骨折が治るまで、彼の傷ついた背骨をピンとプレートで固定したいとかなえている。Dr. Mitchellと称している自然療法師(ナチュロパス)である母親Vermell Mitchellは、クロロフィル液や彼女がスーパートリオと呼ぶところの化合物などのハーブレメディで治療するために、彼を退院させるように求めている。


母親であるVermell Mitchellは金曜日(2011/02/04)に、手術に加え、病院側によるステロイド剤および血圧の薬の投与に抵抗していると述べた。彼女は「血液循環を促進するために彼の口に微量のクロロフィルを入れた」と認めた。
... 「あらゆる薬品に対して、それを代替するハーブレメディがあります」と外傷集中治療室で、彼女は8人の子供のひとりである彼の側に座って語った。

[David O'Reilly, Inquirer Staff Writer: "Wrestler's injury pits traditional vs. alternative medicine" (2011/02/05) on Philly.Com]
ハーブ療法師であり自然療法師である母親Vermell Mitchellは、あらゆる通常医療に反対し、すべてハーブレメディで代替できると考えているようである。

Delaware County child welfare officials will keep temporary custody of a 16-year-old Chichester High School student who suffered a spinal injury during wrestling practice last week, a county official said.

Treatment for the injured teenager, Mazeratti Mitchell, could be delayed until Thursday while the boy's parents seek additional medical advice, said county solicitor John McBlain. Doctors testified at a closed hearing in Delaware County court Monday that they believed the teen would remain stable through Thursday, McBlain said. ... But Judge Mary Alice Brennan could also decide to rule on the boy's treatment at any time, McBlain said.


「傷を負ったMazeratti Mitchellの両親が治療についてさらなる助言が得られる木曜日まで、治療は延期される。デラウェア郡裁判所での月曜日(2011/01/07)の非公開審理で、医師たちは木曜日までは少年の容体は安定しているだろうと証言した」と、郡弁護士John McBlanは述べた。 ... しかし、Mary Alice Brennan判事は少年の治療について判決を下せると、McBlainは述べた。

[Joelle Farrell, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER: "Hurt wrestler, 16, to stay in custody of county" (2011/02/07) on Philly.com]
A Delaware County judge ruled this morning that a 16-year-old injured Chichester High School wrestler must be treated by doctors, overriding the teen's parents, who wanted to treat him at home without drugs or surgery.

Judge Mary Alice Brennan faxed an order to doctors at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where the teen, Mazeratti Mitchell, has been bedridden since he suffered a spinal injury during a wrestling practice last month.

Delaware County Solicitor Don McBain said the order allowed the hospital "to proceed with the medical treatment. When and what will be up to the doctors at Jefferson."

He said surgery is necessary and "that is what the judge ordered.

薬剤および手術なしに家庭で治療したいという少年の両親の要望を退け、チチェスター高校でのレスリングで負傷した16歳の少年の治療を医師に委ねる判決を今朝(2011/02/10)下した。Mary Alice Brennan判事は、先月レスリングの練習で脊髄損傷した少年Mazeratti Mitchellをベッドに横たわっているトマスジェファーソン病院の医師たちに命令をファックスした。

デラウェア郡弁護士Don McBainは「命令により病院は治療を進めることができる。いつ何をするかは病院の医師たちに委ねられる。手術は不可欠である。それが裁判所命令である」と述べた。

[Dan Hardy, Inquirer Staff Writers: Chichester wrestler needs surgery, judge rules (2011/02/10) on Philly.Com]
Mazeratti Mitchellの治療はこれからだが、とりあえず無治療は避けられた。


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