Harold Campingのラプチャー5月21日予言がハズレて迎えた日曜日。信者たちは...
'Judgment Day' came and went on Saturday, and John Ramsey hasn't been able to sleep. ...

He has to find a new job. So does his mother. His 19-year-old brother, who had quit high school the year prior ("It's pointless to graduate," the brother had said), is thinking of re-enrolling or finding employment.

His wife, Marcia Paladines, had come to accept that she might never meet her unborn baby, whom she and Ramsey had named John Moses. Now, she's praying for a healthy birth. The child is due as early as Friday.

"Life goes on," Ramsey said Sunday. "I get to live. I get to be a dad."

土曜にに審判の日は来て、去って行った。John Ramseyは眠れなかった。彼は新しい仕事を見つけなければならない。それは彼の母も。彼の19歳の弟は「卒業する意味がない」と言って高校をやめたが、再入学や就職を考えている。

彼の妻Marcia Paladinesは、夫婦でJohn Mosesと名付けた、お腹の中の子供に会うことはないのだと思っていた。しかし、今は子供の健康を願っている。早ければ金曜日には生まれる。

John Ramseyは「人生は続く。子供が生まれる。私は父親になる」と日曜日に言った。

[Jaweed Kaleem: "May 21 'Judgment Day' Believers React To Being Alive On May 22" (2011/05/22) on HuffingtonPost]

"It's not [Camping's] fault," said Ramsey, who added he also won't ask for his money back. "Nobody held a gun to my head. I read the Bible. The math added up. I don't think anybody would do something like this without meaning it."

"If he makes another prediction, I can't tell you what I am going to do," said Ramsey. "But I've really taken an interest in the Bible. I know it's the word of God. And I've been reading into more parts today."

「これはCampingの誤りではない。彼にお金を返せと言うつもりはない。誰も自分の頭に銃を突きつけない。私は聖書を読んだ。数字も加えた。誰も意味もなくこんなことをする者はいないと私は思う」とJohn Ramseyは言う。


「Harold Campingが新たな予言をしたなら、私がどうするかは言えない。しかし、私は本当に聖書に興味を持った。私は神の言葉を知った。今日も私は聖書を読む」と述べた。

[Jaweed Kaleem: "May 21 'Judgment Day' Believers React To Being Alive On May 22" (2011/05/22) on HuffingtonPost]
そして、聖書を読むようになったことは意味があるのだと言う。Harold Campingを信じてよいこともあったのだとい正当化。

"I guess no man knows the day or the hour," said Peter Lombardi, a 44-year-old from Jersey City, N.J. who had had taken an "indefinite break" from his job in April to preach about May 21.

He had fitted his Dodge minivan with stickers proclaiming the "awesome news" of Judgment Day and paraded with neon green Caravans through Manhattan's business districts to hand hundreds of fliers about the date. On Sunday, he was peeling the stickers off.

Lombardi said he is going back to work -- he owns a construction business -- and said he has "no regrets." He added, "I'm not disappointed. I'm still living today." He believes Camping and others must have read the Bible incorrectly.

Lombardi had donated $1,100 to Family Radio in recent months to help the organization purchase thousands of billboards and other ads throughout the country, but said he doesn't expect any of his money back.

"What can you do?" he said. "I don't think they were scamming me, but I am definitely waiting to see what they say Monday on the radio show."

"I have learned to study the Bible really well. This guy has opened my eyes to a lot of truths," said Lombardi.

ニュージャージー州Jersey Cityの44歳のPerter Lombardiは「誰もその日、その時を知らないと思う」と言う。彼は4月から、5月21日を説教するために仕事を無期限中断した。



Lombardiはここ数カ月、Family Radioが全米で数千の看板や広告を買うんを助けるために1100ドルを寄付した。「しかし、お金が返ってくるとは思っていない」




[Jaweed Kaleem: "May 21 'Judgment Day' Believers React To Being Alive On May 22" (2011/05/22) on HuffingtonPost]

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