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Vatican Observatory's new director discusses faith, science, planets」が、バチカン観測所長を退任するCoyne神父の後任であるJose Funes神父が「it's important to distinguish between the scientific study of natural causes and the religious beliefs of faith(自然の原因の科学的研究と信仰との区別が重要である)」という発言を報じた。

Father Funes dismissed speculation that Father Coyne had been forced out of the job because of his strong comments in support of evolution and criticism of the "intelligent design" movement.


"It's simply not true that this was the reason he left," Father Funes said. He said the appointment was a natural development after Father Coyne's long tenure and one of many personnel changes being made at the Vatican under the new pope.



He said Father Coyne would remain as head of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, which raises funds for the Vatican's Mount Graham International Observatory in Arizona. The Arizona research facility relies on donors and is always looking for more of them, Father Funes said.

Funes神父は「Coyne神父は、アリゾナにあるバチカンのMount Graham International Observatoryの資金を確保するためのバチカン観測所財団の長として留任する。アリゾナの研究施設は資金提供者に依存しており、常に新たな資金提供者をさがしている」と言った。
As for his own views on evolution, Father Funes emphasized that he was an astronomer specializing in galaxies, not a biologist, and so did not plan to make statements about Darwinism and intelligent design.


Father Funes' specific field is nearby galaxies, which he described as galaxies "only" 50 million or so light years from Earth. It's part of an exciting area of astronomy, he said.



The discoveries about the universe certainly raise the possibility of life on other planets, he said.
"Even in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, we have 100 billion stars. It's possible some stars have planets similar to Earth, and that life could develop, could evolve -- it's OK with me to use the word 'evolution,'" he said.


The idea of discovering intelligent life elsewhere in the universe does not trouble Father Funes from a faith perspective.


"I don't see that this would pose a problem to theology or to our faith, because these creatures, or beings, or 'ETs' if you want, could also be creatures of God," he said.
"It would fit perfectly, I would say, in the scheme of creation," he said.


このあたりは、インテリジェントデザイン運動の宇宙版が主張するタイプの"ファインチューニング論"と相反する主張であり、Coyne: The Dance of the Fertile Universe(肥沃な宇宙と踊る)と変わらぬ主張である。


  • バチカン観測所George V. Coyne所長(73歳)が退任するが、観測所にはとどまる
  • George V. Coyne神父は1年間のサバティカルに入る
  • George V. Coyne神父は休暇中でコメントがとれなかった


  • インテリジェントデザインな"teach controversy"にシンパシーを示し
  • (超自然の説明に持ち出さず、超越的神の存在を取り扱い対象外とする方法論的自然主義ではなく)神様は存在しないとする形而上学的自然主義を批判し
  • 反進化論を唱えず
  • 創造科学を教会は支持しない
  • 批判すべきは経済学と結合した観念論的ダーウィニズム
とあわせて見ても、Discovery InstituteのBruce Chapman所長の言うインテリジェントデザイン絡みの解任という説を裏付けるとは考えにくい。

Coyne, who is undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer, has been forced to quit because of the pressures of work at a prestigious astronomy lab that has offshoots all over the world, including Arizona in the US .


Shortly before filing his retirement request this month, the stargazer penned an article for the authoritative science monthly Newton in which he said "God isn't a designer and life is the fruit of billions of attempts" .


The Vatican has denied a report in the London-based Daily Mail that the ailing prelate was "removed" because he had "irritated" the pope .


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