Memo on Dr. Busby on 8 Oct. 2011

Some guy said that the guy interviewed Dr. Christopher Busby on suspicious CBFCF:

Here in Japan, we all need your help but are confused as well.

Some people say CBFCF and the tablets (source) are fraud business or something.

I think that’s just because the marketing caused a kind of misunderstanding in Japan or some people are trying to get rid of you.

Dr C.Busby:

it is a nightmare.

The CBFCF is genuine enough but I have no control over what the web designers say and cant read Japanese. I have had various friends in Japan read the CBFCF sites and they say that they are OK but a bit commercial. But as soon as I got together with the guy who has the money to do this and make the supplements the CBFCF was attacked as a fraud and It was suggested I was a fraud and a snake oil salesman trying to get rich on the back of the children. etc. Interestingly, we were attacked by the harmonics life outfit that I went to help over the Koriyama lawsuit.

[Original has been already removed. Here is a copy on megalodon]
Bottom line is:

  • Dr. Busby see CBFCF genuine enough
  • Dr. Busby and CBFCF are making the supplements
  • Dr. Busby thinks the CBFCF was attacked as a fraud.

Apparently Dr. Busby defends the CBFCF (James Ryan mentioned as "the guy who has the money to do this") and the supplement.


Original entry has been re-stored. However Japanese translation is omitted.


In Sequel, Dr. Busby admits that the supplements were his idear:
Dr. Busby replies:

The supplements were my idea, not the sponsor. He was more interested in setting up a lab in Japan that people would trust because I would guarantee the measurements. The idea was to buy a large number of proper radiation detection machines and make them available

I organised this, but so far he has not bought anything. Maybe quite right since if we are seen as a false operation no one would trust them and he would be left with a lot of expensive machinery. I dont think it was a money making operation; certainly not on my side. The supplements were my idea and I still think they would be valuable.

We agreed that any profit from the supplements and lab would be paid to the CBFCF to help the children evacuate, through advice and grants to the families. I said that the supplements should be sold on a non profit basis on the youtube “Sweden Swing” video.

[Interview Part2]
Also Dr. Busby say that he has made some agreement with CBFCF:
Dr. Busby replies:

No one has consulted me on this although my agreement to be involved was that I must see everything that is published and agree it or it doesnt go out.

[Interview Part2]
But in the part 1, Dr. Busby says that he cant read Japanese. So he may check English translation of Web site.

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