HIV否定論を語るBryan Fisher

福音主義キリスト教や保守思想と、HIV否定論(HIVはAIDSの原因ではないという主張)は連鎖している部分がある。アンチゲイでも有名なAmerican Family AssociationのBryan Ficherもその一人。彼は最近こんなことを言っている。
“Duesberg’s answer can be found in one word: drugs,” Fischer writes. “And specifically, drug use connected with the kind of sex that is far too common in the homosexual community. While the average heterosexual has somewhere between seven to 14 sexual partners in a lifetime, it is not uncommon for homosexuals to have hundreds, even thousands, of sexual partners.”


“Why can’t he get funding for such research? Easy. If AIDS is behaviorally induced, then the solution is simple: stop the behavior. If using amyl nitrites is the cause, then stop using amyl nitrites. If men having sex with men is the cause ... then tell men to stop having sex with other men. If shooting up with needles is the cause, then stop shooting up.”

Fischer continues, “HIV does not cause AIDS. So let’s immediately stop spending billions of dollars trying to kill a harmless microbe. And secondly, let’s tell homosexuals to stop sleeping with other men, stop using poppers, and stop shooting up.”


「何故、彼[Peter Duesberg]は研究資金を得られないのか? 簡単なことだ。AIDSがある種の行動で起きるんまら、解決策は単純だ。その行動をやめればいい。アミル亜硝酸塩が原因なら、それをやめればいい。男が男とセックスすることが原因なら、そんな男に男とセックスするなと言えばいい。針が原因なら、やめればい。


[Trudy Ring: "Antigay Leader: HIV Doesn’t Cause AIDS, Drugs and Sex Do" (2012/01/06) on Advocate]
似たようなことはインテリジェントデザインの父たるPhillip Johnsonも述べている

Even the admission that Kaposi's sarcoma is not caused by HIV did not cause the HIV-scientists to pause for reconsideration, or to reexamine the thousands of cases that were diagnosed as "AIDS" without antibody testing, solely on the basis of KS. KS occurs frequently in HIV-negative persons and in America is specific to gays rather than other HIV-infected groups; hence something specific to this group, like the use of amyl nitrites (poppers), must be the primary cause of KS. Virologists, who outrank toxicologists in the hierarchy of HIV- science, prefer to attribute KS to a mystery virus which has never been discovered. In any case, the virus is not HIV. KS was the original AIDS-defining disease, and the discovery of KS in many HIV-free gay males should have sparked a major reexamination of the assumptions upon which the HIV theory was founded. It actually had no effect on HIV-science whatever. Observing this consistent refusal to reason scientifically convinced me that HIV-science is pseudo-science, and that its inflated claims are unworthy of belief.

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