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[John Timmer: "How the craziest f#@!ing "theory of everything" got published and promoted" (2012/01/27) on Arstechnica]

Physicists have been working for decades on a "theory of everything," one that unites quantum mechanics and relativity. Apparently, they were being too modest. Yesterday saw publication of a press release claiming a biologist had just published a theory accounting for all of that−and handling the origin of life and the creation of the Moon in the bargain. Better yet, no math!


Where did such a crazy theory originate? In the mind of a biologist at a respected research institution, Case Western Reserve University Medical School. Amazingly, he managed to get his ideas published, then amplified by an official press release. At least two sites with poor editorial control then reposted the press release−verbatim−as a news story.

どっから、そんなクレージーな理論が出てきたかって? まっとうな研究機関たるCase Western Reserve University Medical Schoolの生物学者からだ。驚くべきことに、彼はその考えを論文掲載し、さらには大学のプレスリリースにも載せた。編集がいい加減な、少なくとも2つのサイトが、そのままの形でこのネタを掲載した。

Gyres all the way down

The theory in question springs from the brain of one Erik Andrulis, a CWRU faculty member who has a number of earlier papers on fairly standard biochemistry. The new paper was accepted by an open access journal called Life, meaning that you can freely download a copy of its 105 pages if you're so inclined. Apparently, the journal is peer-reviewed, which is a bit of a surprise; even accepting that the paper makes a purely theoretical proposal, it is nothing like science as I've ever seen it practiced.

問題の理論はCWRUの学部メンバーであり、まっとうな生化学学術誌に論文を複数掲載しているErik Andrulisの脳内から湧いて出た。論文はLifeというオープンアクセス誌に掲載されているので、見たければ105ページの論文をタダでダウンロードできる。見たところ、ちょっとびっくりすることに査読付きだ。まったくの理論提案として受理したとしても、これまで私が見てきたような科学ではまったくない。

The basic idea is that everything, from subatomic particles to living systems, is based on helical systems the author calls "gyres," which transform matter, energy, and information. These transformations then determine the properties of various natural systems, living and otherwise. What are these gyres? It's really hard to say; even Andrulis admits that they're just "a straightforward and non-mathematical core model" (although he seems to think that's a good thing). Just about everything can be derived from this core model; the author cites "major phenomena including, but not limited to, quantum gravity, phase transitions of water, why living systems are predominantly CHNOPS (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and sulfur), homochirality of sugars and amino acids, homeoviscous adaptation, triplet code, and DNA mutations."

基本的なアイデアは、原子以下の粒子から生物まですべてが、著者が言うところの"Gyres"というヘリカルシステムに基づいていて、それが物質・エネルギー・情報を変化するというもの。これらの変換は生物であれ何であれ様々な自然のシステムの特徴を定めている。ではGyreとはな何なのか?ちょっと言い難い。Andrulisすらもが、まったくのストレートフォワードで数学のないモデルだと言っている。本人はそれが良いことだと思っているようだが。そして、何でもかんでも、このコアモデルから導けると言う。そして、量子重力から水の相転移、そして生物が炭素・水素・窒素・酸素・リン・硫黄で主としてできている理由、さらには砂糖やアミノ酸のホモキラリティーやホメオビスカス適応や トリプレット暗号やDNAの突然変異を含むが、これらに限らず主要な現象を挙げている。

He's serious about the "not limited to" part; one of the sections describes how gyres could cause the Moon to form.


Is this a viable theory of everything? The word "boson," the particle that carries forces, isn't in the text at all. "Quark" appears once−in the title of one of the 800 references. The only subatomic particle Andrulis describes is the electron; he skips from there straight up to oxygen. Enormous gaps exist everywhere one looks.

これは有効な万物理論なのか? 力を伝搬する粒子「ボソン」という単語はまったく見当たらない。「クォーク」は800ある参考文献のひとつのタイトルにあるだけだ。Andrulisが原子以下の粒子として記述したものは電子だけ。そこから酸素まで、すっとばす。あらゆるところギャップだらけだ。

The theory is supposed to be testable, but the word "test" only shows up in the text twice. In both cases, Andrulis simply claims his theory is testable in specific areas of study. He does not indicate what those tests might be, nor what results would be predicted based on his gyres.


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[Radical Theory Explains the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Case Western Reserve University (already removed)]

[Radical Theory Explains the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life, Challenges Conventional Wisdom (2012/01/26) on ScienceDaily]

ScienceDaily (Jan. 26, 2012) − Earth is alive, asserts a revolutionary scientific theory of life emerging from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The trans-disciplinary theory demonstrates that purportedly inanimate, non-living objects -- for example, planets, water, proteins, and DNA -- are animate, that is, alive. With its broad explanatory power, applicable to all areas of science and medicine, this novel paradigm aims to catalyze a veritable renaissance.
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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by Case Western Reserve University, via Newswise.

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