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[ExxonMobil: safety & environment -- Managing climate change risks (via Jamie Vernon)]

Our strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is focused on increasing energy efficiency in the short term, implementing proven emission-reducing technologies in the near and medium term, and developing breakthrough, game-changing technologies for the long term. Technological innovation will play a central role in our ability to increase supply, improve efficiency, and reduce emissions. Approximately 90 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions generated by petroleum products are released when customers use our products, and the remaining 10 percent are generated by industry operations. Therefore, technology is also needed to reduce energy-related emissions by end users.


[ExxonMobil: safety & environment -- Managing long-term climate risks ]

Rising greenhouse-gas emissions pose significant risks to society and ecosystems. Since most of these emissions are energy-related, any integrated approach to meeting the world’s growing energy needs over the coming decades must incorporate strategies to address the risk of climate change. ...

これまで、ExxonMobilが温暖化否定論研究に資金提供してきたことが知られており、違和感を感じるものがある。たとえば、温暖化否定論で有名なDr. Willie Soonについて、これまで相当額の助成金を出してきた。
Documents provided to Greenpeace by the Smithsonian under the US Freedom of Information Act (FoIA) show that the Charles G Koch Foundation , a leading provider of funds for climate sceptic groups, gave Soon two grants totalling $175,000 (then roughly £102,000) in 2005/6 and again in 2010. In addition the American Petroleum insitute (API) , which represents the US petroleum and natural gas industries, gave him multiple grants between 2001 and 2007 totalling $274,000, oil company Exxon Mobil provided $335,000 between 2005 and 2010, and Soon received other grants from coal and oil industry sources including the Mobil Foundation, the Texaco Foundation and the Electric Power Research Institute.

US Freedom of Information Act(米国情報自由法)に基づいて、GreenpeaceへSmithsonianから提供された文書によれば、温暖化懐疑論者への主要な資金提供者であるCharles G Koch FoundationはSoonに対して、2回2005/6年と2010年に合計17万5000ドルの助成金を出していた。さらに、米国の石油および天然ガス業界を代表するAmerican Petroleum insituteは2001年と2007年に合計27万4000ドルを、石油会社Exxon Mobilは2005〜2010年に33万5000ドルを提供していた。SoonはこのほかにMobil FoundationとTexaco FoundationとElectric Power Research Instituteなどからも助成金を受けていた。

[John Vidal: "Climate sceptic Willie Soon received $1m from oil companies, papers show" (2011/06/28) on Guardian]

FunderGrant Description from sourceGrant Year(s)Grant AmountSource
Electric Power Research Institute1994-1999??Soon published papers
American Petroleum Institute1994-1997??Soon published papers
Mobil Foundation1995-1997??Soon published papers
Texaco Foundation1996??Soon published papers
American Petroleum InstituteSun's impact on climate over the last 1000 years2001, 2002$58,380Smithsonian FOIA
American Petroleum Institute1000 years of solar variability2003$60,053Smithsonian FOIA
American Petroleum InstituteThe 11-22 year climate responses2004, 2005$50,178Smithsonian FOIA
ExxonMobil Foundationlisted by Exxon as a grant to SAO2005$105,000ExxonMobil Worldwide Giving Report 2005
Charles G. Koch FoundationKoch/Mobile Charitable foundation2005, 2006$110,000Smithsonian FOIA
American Petroleum InstituteUnderstanding Arctic Climate Change2005, 2006$50,000Smithsonian FOIA
ExxonMobil FoundationListed by Exxon as "project support" to SAO.2006$105,000ExxonMobil Worldwide Giving Report 2005
Southern CompanyUnderstanding Arctic Climate Change2006, 2007$110,000Smithsonian FOIA
American Petroleum InstituteThe solar influence of arctic climate change2006, 2007$55,000Smithsonian FOIA
ExxonMobil FoundationExxon-Arctic climate change2007, 2008$55,000Smithsonian FOIA/Exxon Giving Report
ExxonMobil FoundationExxon-soon solar variability2008-2010$70,106Smithsonian FOIA/Exxon Giving Report
Free to ChooseThe sun's influence on climate change2008$19,383Smithsonian FOIA
Southern CompanySolar variability and Climate Change signals from temperature2008, 2009$120,000Smithsonian FOIA
Charles G. Koch FoundationUnderstanding solar variability and climate change2010$65,000Smithsonian FOIA

[CASE STUDY: Dr. Willie Soon, a Career Fueled by Big Oil and Coal on Geenpeace]
Geenpeaceだけだと怪しい気もするが、Reutersによれば、Dr. Soonはこれを認めている。
Soon agreed he had received funding from all of the groups and companies, but denied any group would have influenced his studies. "I have never been motivated by financial reward in any of my scientific research," he said.


[US climate skeptic Soon funded by oil, coal firms (2011/06/28) by Reuters]

で、その後、昨年はDr. Willie Soonは研究資金を手にできていない。
According to the documents, Exxon provided $55,000 for Soon to study Arctic climate change in 2007 and 2008, and another $76,106 for research into solar variability between 2008 and 2010.

Exxon spokesman Alan Jeffers said this week the company did not fund Soon last year, and that it funds hundreds of organisations to do research on climate and the environment.

Southern gave Soon $120,000 starting in 2008 to study the Sun's relation to climate change, according to the FIA documents. Spokeswoman Stephanie Kirijan said the company has spent about $500m on funding environmental research and development ,and that it did not fund Soon last year.

公開された文書によれば、ExxonMobilはSoonに対して、北極の気候変動について2007年と2008年に5万5000ドル、2008〜2010年に太陽変動について7万6106ドルの研究助成金を提供した。ExxonMobilの広報担当Alan Jefferは今週「当社は昨年はSoonには資金提供しておらず、数百の気候・環境研究機関に資金援助した」と述べた。

FIA文書によれば、Southern Companyは2008年からの、太陽と気候変動の関係研究に対して12万ドルを提供した。Southern Companyの広報担当Stephanie Kirijanは「当社は環境研究・開発に5億ドルを費やしてきたが、昨年はSoonには資金提供していない」と述べた。

[John Vidal: "Climate sceptic Willie Soon received $1m from oil companies, papers show" (2011/06/28) on Guardian]

The move comes ahead of the firm's annual meeting today in Dallas, at which prominent shareholders including the Rockefeller family will urge ExxonMobil to take the problem of climate change more seriously. Green campaigners accuse the company of funding a "climate denial industry" over the last decade, with $23m (£11.5m) handed over to groups that play down the risks of burning fossil fuels.

The ExxonMobil report says: "In 2008 we will discontinue contributions to several public policy research groups whose position on climate change could divert attention from the important discussion on how the world will secure the energy required for economic growth in an environmentally responsible manner."

Nine groups have reportedly lost the company's support, including the George C Marshall Institute, the Washington DC-based think tank that asserts there is no scientific consensus on climate change, and that changes in the sun, not greenhouse gases, could be responsible for rising temperatures.



「気候変動には科学的コンセンサスがなく、温室効果ガスではなく、太陽活動が気候変動の原因である」と主張してきたWashington DCに本拠地を置くシンクタンクGeorge C Marshall Instituteなど9つのグループがExxonMobilの研究助成金を失ったと伝えられている。

{David Adam: "Exxon to cut funding to climate change denial groups" (2008/05/28) on Guardian]
ExxonMobilはGeorge C Marshall Instituteなどへの資金提供を2008年にやめ、個人Dr Willie Soonへの資金提供も2010年で終了。

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ExxonMobil contributed papers on climate science

いちばんよく名まえが出てくるHaroon Keshgiさんは、地質学者らしく、炭素のゆくえが専門で、IPCCの第3次でも第4次でも報告書の著者に加わっています。勤務先のサイトには個人紹介が見あたりませんが、学会のセミナー講師紹介
アメリカ政府のU.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program, Carbon Cycle Scientific Steering Groupの委員紹介

ExxonMobilが資金を出していたロビイスト団体による温暖化懐疑論宣伝の代表例である、1996年のGeorge Marshall InstituteのSeitzやScience and Environmental Policy ProjectのSingerなどによる気候研究者Santerへのいじめは、SanterがIPCCの約束を破ったという趣旨(いいがかり)になっており、IPCCの国際組織としての権威は認めていました。ExxonがIPCCに貢献しながらGMIやSEPPに資金援助したことは、かなり無理がありますが、たてまえとしては矛盾しなかったと言えるでしょう。

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