カメルーンのAIDS研究センターにも出現している、あのLuc Montagnier

Natureによれば、カメルーンのAIDS研究センターの暫定責任者に、あのLuc Montagnierが任命され、それに35人のノーベル賞受賞者グループが抗議しているという。
A fledgling AIDS research centre in Cameroon, already struggling to find a scientific leader, is now facing insurrection from an unlikely quarter: a group of 35 Nobel prizewinners.


The laureates are calling for the centre’s interim scientific director, fellow prizewinner Luc Montagnier, to be removed from the part-time post. Observers say that unless the leadership crisis is resolved quickly and decisively, it could harm the prospects of the Chantal Biya Inter-national Reference Centre (CIRCB) in Yaoundé.

ノーベル賞受賞者たちは、センターの暫定科学責任者である、ノーベル賞受賞者Luc Montagnierを非常勤ポストから退任させるように求めている。オブザーバーは、科学責任者問題が迅速かつ決定的に解決しないと、YaoundéにあるChantal Biya Inter-national Reference Centre (CIRCB) の展望に実害をもたらしかねないと述べている。

The centre has a comprehensive AIDS research and health-care programme, in particular testing and treating newborn babies to reduce maternal transmission of HIV. It is the only research institution in central Africa with the technology and expertise to monitor people with HIV thoroughly, and one of the few African sources of hard data about the spread of the disease. It has an annual budget of about US$1 million, an array of inter-national collaborations and around 20 local staff members, most of whom trained abroad.


Nature has learned that the Nobel laureates wrote on 9 June to Paul Biya, president of Cameroon, asking him to reconsider Montagnier’s appointment. Montagnier, head of the World Foundation for AIDS Research and Prevention in Paris, shared the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for discovering HIV.

Natureは、ノーベル賞受賞者たちが2012年6月9日に、カメルーンのPaul Biya大統領に、Montagnierの任命の再考を求める書簡を出したことを知った。パリにあるWorld Foundation for AIDS Research and Preventionの長であるMontagnierは、2008年にHIV発見によりノーベル生理医学賞を共同受賞している。

The laureates argue that his embrace of theories that are far from the scientific mainstream, as well as what they claim are anti-vaccination views, risk hurting the CIRCB’s research, health-care programme and reputation. Montagnier has suggested, for example, that water can retain a ‘memory’ of pathogens that are no longer present[1]; that the DNA sequences of pathogens emit electromagnetic waves that could be used to diagnose disease[2, 3]; and that stimulating the immune system with antioxidants and nutritional supplements may help people to fight off AIDS[4].


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Luc Montagnierといえば、怪しいHIVネタひどい実験装置ホメオパシーなどで名の知れた、ノーベル生理医学受賞者である。2010年暮れには上海交通大学に席を移したと思っていたが、非常勤でカメルーンにも顔を出していた。

The current crisis compounds problems caused by the centre’s lack of stable full-time leadership. In March, its management committee appointed Montagnier to replace former interim scientific director Vittorio Colizzi, an AIDS researcher on secondment from the Tor Vergata University in Rome, who had held the post since 2009. Colizzi was standing in until a full-time scientific director could be hired, but a recruitment process last year failed to settle on an agreed candidate. Some candidates had also expressed misgivings about the job, because at the time the scientific director and administrative director had to share power, a situation that caused tensions, says Colizzi. To address this issue, a presidential decree issued on 31 May merged the positions to create the post of permanent director, with full control of the centre. The move should make it much easier to attract a leading scientist to the post, says Jacques Theze, an immunologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, a former member of the CIRCB’s scientific board.

現在の問題は、常勤フルタイムの責任者の不在に起因する。3月には、運営委員会が、2009年から暫定科学責任者だった、ローマのTor Vergata Universityから出向してきたAIDS研究者Vittorio Colizziに替えて、Montagnierを暫定科学責任者に任命した。Colizziはフルタイムの科学責任者の任用まで暫定の座にいることになっていたが、合意できた候補者についての昨年の任用プロセスがうまくいかなかった。Colizziによれば、当時は科学責任者と事務責任者が権限を二分していて、緊張状態が発生するので、職務に懸念があると言う候補者たちもいた。この問題を解決するために、この二つのポストを統合し、センターの全権をにぎるセンター長を置く大統領令が5月31日に出された。これにより著名な科学者をこのポストに惹きつけやすくなったと、パリのPasteur Instituteの免疫学者で、元CIRCBの科学委員会の委員 Jacques Thezeは述べた。

[Declan Butler: "Nobel fight over African HIV centre -- Laureates question choice of interim scientific director." (2012/06/19) on Nature]
The CIRCB, founded in 2006, is named after President Biya’s wife, who has championed efforts to fight AIDS in Africa. Montagnier’s AIDS foundation was a founding partner; Montagnier is also president of the now-defunct scientific advisory board, and vice-president of the management board.



The decree also required that many of the centre’s posts and committees be disbanded or renewed, creating an uncertain transitional period. On the day that Roberts resigned, for example, the scientific board was officially dissolved, and no clear timetable has been set to reestablish it. Colizzi is concerned that this deprives the centre of its main mechanism for enforcing rigorous peer-review and ethical oversight of research proposals. Montagnier says that he intends to continue all research previously approved by the board, and that he will ask the next board to review the programme. He also plans to embark on new research, including a “key project” using his electromagnetic-wave theory to detect reservoirs of HIV in the body that persist after antiretroviral treatment. Any new projects, including his own, will need to be approved by the centre’s science board and ethics committee, he says.


[Declan Butler: "Nobel fight over African HIV centre -- Laureates question choice of interim scientific director." (2012/06/19) on Nature]
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