英国で創造論を教えるフリースクールGrindon Hall Christian schoolが2012年9月に開校

Guardianなどの報道(2012/07/17)によれば、2012年9月に、公的資金によるフリースクールとして、創造論を理科の授業で教えるGrindon Hall Christian schoolが開校する。

フリースクールGrindon Hall Christian Schoolへの公的資金利用を承認したMichael Gove英国教育相は、NewsThumpによれば、次のように述べて、創造論を教えるフリースクールへの公的資金利用を擁護した。
With dinosaur denying and rib counting expected to form part of the curriculum, Mr Gove said that the schools would provide a unique opportunity for pupils to experience education from a completely different perspective.

恐竜を否定し、肋骨を数えることがカリキュラムの一部を形成することについて、Michael Gove教育相は、その学校は、まったく違った観点からの教育を経験することというユニークな機会を児童に提供していると述べた。

“Up until now schools have adopted an approach that enables children to gain an understanding through the use of facts, and one that allows pupils to ask questions to further that understanding,” he explained.

“But facts don’t always tell the whole story.”

“Sometimes it’s important to form a child’s understanding of the world on stories that are so far-fetched they make Lord of the Rings look like a fly-on-the-wall documentary.”

“It’s all about choice.”


[Creationist school syllabus only takes 7 days, insists Michael Gove (2012/07/18) NewsThump]
一方、Grindon Hall Christian Schoolは以下のステートメントを公表し、創造論を理科として教えると明言している。
Creation [copy on BHA]

We will affirm the fact that “God created the world and everything in it”. We will affirm that he did so “ex nihilo” – out of nothing.

We believe that God, as sovereign Lord of the universe, is capable of creating the world in a few 24-hour days, or over a period of millions of years.

We do not share the rigid creationist’s insistence on a literalistic interpretation of the first chapters of Genesis. We believe it is honouring to, and consistent with a belief in, the inerrant Word of God to accept that the opening chapters of Genesis, as do many other places in Scripture, contain much that appears to be poetic. Thus, to insist on a literalistic interpretation of the passage(s) in question – which most Christians certainly do not feel obliged to do in regard to other instances of poetry and apocalyptic writings in the Bible - might in fact be very mistaken.

We are therefore very happy to believe that God could have created the world in six days. But we do not feel that it is helpful to affirm it as an unarguable fact.

We do not believe that the very plain evidence supporting a lengthy process of evolution needs to be challenged by Christians.

However, we vigorously challenge the unscientific certainty often claimed by scientists surrounding the so-called “Big Bang” and origins generally.

We believe that no scientific theory provides – or ever will provide – a satisfactory explanation of origins, i.e. why the world appeared, and how nothing became something in the first place.

We will teach evolution as an established scientific principle, as far as it goes.

We will teach creation as a scientific theory and we will always affirm very clearly our position as Christians, i.e. that Christians believe that God’s creation of the world is not just a theory but a fact with eternal consequences for our planet and for every person who has ever lived on it.

We will affirm that to believe in God’s creation of the world is an entirely respectable position scientifically and rationally.











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