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Nick Matzkeによる2006年12月7日付のPanda's Thumbのエントリ「Libya vs. Evolutionary Science: Will the Tripoli Six be sentenced to death by firing squad?」によれば:
I only just heard the full story of the "Tripoli Six": five foreign nurses and a doctor that the Libyan government has imprisoned for seven years, tortured, and sentenced to death by firing squad for allegedly causing an outbreak of 400 cases of AIDS in a Libyan children's hospital in 1998. Apart from the problems with torture and firing squads, the major problem here is that these poor people didn't do it. The infections were caused by poor hygiene practices, like reusing needles, that existed at the hospital long before these nurses arrived in 1998. But the Libyan government is scapegoating some foreigners to distract the populace from the fact that the government is the real criminal here.

"Tripoli Six"について全容を聞いたところだ。5名の外国人看護婦と1名の外国人医師が、リビア政府に7年にわたり拘束され、拷問され、1998年にリビアの子供病院で400名のAIS発症を引き起こしたとして、銃殺執行隊による死刑を宣告された。拷問と銃殺執行隊に関する問題は別として、ここの重大な問題は、6名の外国人がそんなことはしなかったということだ。感染症は劣悪な衛生状態に起因した。そして、看護婦たちが1998年に到着するずっと前に、病院では注射針を再利用していたようだ。しかし、リビア政府は、政府がここの本当の犯人であるという事実から民衆の目をそらすために、一部の外国人に罪を着せた。


The co-discoverer of HIV, Luc Montagnier, and other scientists, have already told the Libyan court that the Tripoli Six couldn't possibly be responsible, since the HIV infections occurred both before 1998 and after the Six were arrested (Nature has Montagnier’s report online (free PDF)). The first time this happened, in 2003, the Libyan court ignored their report and sentenced the Six to death anyway. Their lives were saved, temporarily, because diplomatic pressure forced the Libyan government to throw out the original trial and give the Six another chance. So a second trial was held this year, again with scientific testimony, and the verdict and sentencing are scheduled for December 19 – only 12 days from now.

HIVの共同発見者であるLuc Montagnierと他の科学者たちは、HIV感染が1998年以前に起きて、"Tripoli Six"が逮捕された後も起きている(Nature誌のMontagnierのレポート)ので、"Tripoli Six"がこの件に関係などありえないとリビア法廷に伝えている。これが始まった2003年に、リビア法廷は彼らのレポートを無視して、"Tripoli Six"に死刑を宣告した。"Tripoli Six"にチャンスを与えるようにという外交圧力によりリビア政府が最初の裁判を撤回したため、彼らの生命は一時的に救われた。これにより、再び科学的な証言で、第2の裁判は今年開廷された。そして、評決と判決は12月19日の予定である。

Just yesterday, Nature, which has been beating the drums about this since September, published (free PDF) a fast-tracked paper from the lab of evolutionary biologist Andrew Rambaut of the University of Edinburgh, formerly of the Oxford Evolutionary Biology Group.

ちょうど昨日(12月7日)に、9月以来この件について警告してきたNature誌が、元Oxford Evolutionaryの生物グループの、現在はUniversity of Edinburghの進化生物学者Andrew Rambautの研究室によるファーストトラック論文を出版した。

Basically, with molecular phylogenetics and statistical modelling, Rambaut and co. were able to prove that each of the various HIV-1 strains found in the Libyan children had a common ancestor that predated March 1998, the time when the foreign nurses arrived. More than that, all of the 95% confidence intervals for the estimated date of common ancestry of both the HIV-1 virus, and three strains of HCV (Hepatitis C), another blood-born pathogen which was co-infecting patients, all fall months-to-years before March 1998. This means that nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections had been occuring for years.


ReutersのLamine Ghanmiによる東部時間2006年12月19日6:21付の記事「Foreign medics sentenced to die in Libya HIV case」によれば:
TRIPOLI (Reuters) - A Libyan court sentenced five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor to death on Tuesday for deliberately infecting hundreds of children with the virus that causes AIDS, provoking a chorus of Western condemnation.



Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ivailo Kalfin said: "The decision is deeply disappointing. The Libyan court did not take into consideration all the proof of the nurses' innocence."

ブルガリア外相Ivailo Kalfinは「この決定には失望した。リビア法廷は看護婦の無実を証明するものをまったく考慮しなかった」と述べた。

Western analysts have said the case is embroiled in power politics and forecast a solution could take many more months.


Some analysts suspect Libya is likely to keep the six as bargaining chips until talks yield a financial payout from the international community to appease the children's families.



Tripoli has demanded 10 million euros ($13.11 million) in compensation for each infected child's family. Bulgaria and its allies have rejected this, saying a payout would admit guilt. But they are trying to arrange a fund for treatment at European hospitals for the children


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