San Onofre原発停止のコストの消費者への転嫁が承認された

カリフォルニア州南部などに電力を供給するSouthern California Edison(SCE)の電気料金の、世帯あたり月7ドルの値上げが承認された。
Almost 5 million Southern California Edison Co. customers in hundreds of cities and communities across the southern, central and coastal parts of the state will be hit with higher electric bills early next year and bigger hikes in each of the following two years.

The decision, which Edison says will add an average of $7 a month to residential bills for the first year, covers Edison's costs to provide service, which amounts to about half a ratepayer's bill. Other costs for buying fuel and contracting for power deliveries fluctuate and are passed directly to consumers.

The California Public Utilities Commission unanimously approved new rates, retroactive to the beginning of this year, on Thursday as part of an every-three-years process of reviewing finances at the heavily regulated utility.
Edison, the decision notes, has faced "two significant challenges to operations" in the last year: a December 2011 wind storm that damaged the grid, and the extended shutdown of two nuclear power reactors at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station in San Diego County.

カリフォルニア州の南部・中央部・沿岸部の数百の自治体の、Southern California Edison Coの500万顧客は、来年初及び続く2年で電気料金が大きく上がる。


決定によれば、SCEは昨年は運営に対して、2つの重大な問題に直面した。2011年12月の吹雪でグリッドにダメージを受け、今年はSan Diego郡のSan Onofre原発の停止期間の延長されている。

[Marc Lifsher: "Electricity rates to rise for Southern California Edison customers" (2012/11/29) on LA Times]
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