all Africa.comが転載したEric Wamanjiによる2007年1月12日付けのThe East African Standard (Nairobi)の記事「Kenya: Evangelicals Wage Anti-Evolution War」によれば、福音主義者たちが博物館からのヒト科化石の撤去運動を行っている:
Adoyo, the Chairman of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya that represents 35 churches with a membership of six million faithful, says the theory confuses children who frequent the museum on educational tours. ...
Saturday Standard has learnt that the alliance has enlisted a number of Western institutions to raise funds for anti-hominid campaigns in the media and through religious sermons. ...
The church plans to hold major demonstrations to the museum to press for the removal of the bones.

"Saturday Standard"は、ケニヤ福音主義連合が欧米の複数の機関をリストアップして、メディアおよび宗教説教による反ヒト科化石キャンペーンの資金協力を求めたことを知った。
But the NPC(Nairobi Pentecostal Church) cleric insists that evolution is an archaic theory meant to perpetuate racism. "Even Darwin on his death bed expressed surprise that people believed his theory," Adoyo says. "Pure science has overtaken palaeontology.
The advent of DNA testing has helped us to trace the origin of man to Adam and Eve," he says. "Palaeontologists do not want to admit this because it will crumble their scientific edifice," he says.

思い切りバカレベルの創造論者である。Bryan Sykesの"Adam's Curse: The Science That Reveals Our Genetic Destiny"(アダムの呪い)と"The Seven Daughters of Eve"(イヴの七人の娘たち)くらい読んでおけとでもいいたくなるところ。

At the heart of the controversy is what Dr Mzalendo Kibunjia, NMK(National Museums of Kenya)'s director of sites and monuments, calls "our jewel" - an almost complete skeleton of Homo erectus commonly known as the 'Turkana Boy'.
Mr Kamonya Kimeu unearthed the 1.7 million-year-old skeleton in 1984 at Nariokotome, Lake Turkana. It is the most complete Homo erectus skeleton in the world.

論点は、ケニヤ国立博物館のサイトとモニュメントの責任者であるDr. Mzalendo Kibunjiaは、トゥルカナボーイとして知られるホモエレクトゥスのほぼ完全な骨格の化石を"我々の宝石"と呼ぶ。
Mr. Kamonya Kimeuは、トルゥカナ湖のNariokotomeで1984年に170万前の骨格の化石を発掘した。これは世界で最も完全なホモエレクトゥスの骨格である。

The museum's rich hominid collection are a result of keen archaeological expeditions that led to unearthing of fossils dating millions of years in the Great Rift Valley, particularly around Lake Turkana. The findings paid credence to Charles Darwin's evolution theory as described in his Origin of Species.

この至宝たるトゥルカナボーイについてケニヤ博物館の古生物学主任のDr. Emma Mbuiは次のように述べている:
NMK Chief Palaeontologist, Dr Emma Mbui, says hominids are an ecological reality, a God-given gift to humanity that is irreplaceable. "The biological body undergoes change, not the soul," says Mbui.
She says Kenyans should be proud of the collections instead of fighting them. "South Africa, Chad and Ethiopia are very proud of their collections. What is the problem with us?" she poses.


The East African Standard (Nairobi)は担当大臣Mr. Suleiman Shakomboから本件についてコメントを取れなかったが、政府は圧力には屈しないとの関係者非公式コメントを得ている。

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