"The War Game" (BBC 1965)(日本語字幕)

"The War Game"とはBBCが制作したドキュドラマで...
The War Gameは核戦争の英国への影響を描いたテレビドキュメンタリースタイルのドラマである。Peter WatkinsがBBCの"The Wednesday Play"シリーズのために脚本・監督・制作したもので、BBC内部及び政府を狼狽させ、BBCは1965年8月6日(広島原爆投下20年)のテレビ放映を取りやめた。「映画の影響は、あまりに恐ろしくテレビ放映に適さないとBBCが判断した」と会社側は述べている。しかし、1966年に幾つかの劇場で公開され、"Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature"を受賞した。しかし、英国で全編放映されたのは1985年のことである。[Wikipedia:The War Game]

‘YES, THE BBC ARE RIGHT TO BAN THIS .... the only possible effect of showing it to the British public at large would be ... to raise more unilateral disarmament recruits.’ (Defence Correspondent, Evening News)

「BBCは正しく、これの放送を止めた。これを英国一般人に見せた場合の考えられる影響は、大きくとも、一方的軍縮主義者の増加だろう。」(防衛担当, イブニングニュース)

‘BRILLIANT. BUT IT MUST STAY BANNED. It is a brilliant film, a brutal film. But I would never let any son of mine see it ... I object to this film because it is propagandistic and negative in its approach, politically calculated in its effect. What producer Peter Watkins has made here is not a film about The Bomb, but a plea to ban it ... It excluded hope. In that I judge it to be irresponsible. It excluded any reasoned argument on why we must have The Bomb. The powers-that-be have the right to censor ‘The War Game’, for it is a game to be played seriously and responsibly. It is better left to the powers-that-be than to Mr. Peter Watkins.’ (Daily Sketch)

「すばらしい。しかし、放送してはならない。これは鮮やかな、そして、残忍な映画である。しかし、私は息子たちには絶対に見せない。私がこの映画に異論があるのは、これがアプローチにおいてプロパガンダ的かつネガティブであり、政治的に効果が計算されてるからだ。これでプロデューサーのピーター・ワトキンスンが作ったもの核爆弾についての映画ではない。核爆弾を禁じることを求めていない。希望を除外している。だから私は無責任だと判断した。我々が核爆弾を保有しなければならない合理的な論を除外している。ゲームが真剣かつ責任をもって行われているかについて、権力者は"The War Game"を検閲できる。ピーター・ワトキンスではなく、権力者に委ねる方がいい。」(デイリー・スケッチ)

‘WHAT DOES IT REALLY ACHIEVE? It is hard to argue with Mr. Watkins’ appalling predictions. Nobody can accuse him of exaggerating the effects of nuclear war. Nuclear war cannot be exaggerated. Perhaps he cannot even be accused of hysteria. Nuclear war may entitle him to hysteria. But throughout ‘The War Game’ there is not a glimmer of human resilience. And humans are incredibly, wonderfully resilient ... All ‘The War Game’ has to offer is a screen of protest and blame. Not an opportunity is missed for a sneer at the Civil Defence or the Church.’ (The Sun)

「本当のところ何を実現したのか? ワトキンスのぞっとする予測を論じることは難しい。誰も彼が核戦争の影響を誇張したと非難できない。核戦争の影響は誇張できるようなものではない。ヒステリーだと非難することさえできないだろう。核戦争はヒステリーを起こさせるものだろう。しかし、"The War Game"を通して、人間のわずかな回復力がない。人間には信じられないくらい、すばらしい回復力がある。"The War Game"は抵抗と非難の映画である。あらゆる機会に、民間防衛と教会をあざ笑っている。」(ザ・サン)

‘MUDDLE-MINDED MR. WATKINS. This monstrous misrepresentation so accurately mirrors the claims of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament that it is a mystery how the BBC was induced to put up 10,000 pounds to make the film, which could more accurately be called ‘The C.N.D. Game.’ (Daily Express)


‘ONE BAN THE BBC NEED NOT HAVE DEFENDED ... the real horror is the stark documentary quality of the film. It reproduces with sickening realism charred limbs, crushed faces and eyes melting in their sockets. This, as the BBC rightly decided, could not have been borne by the millions of viewers sitting at home.’ (Daily Mirror)


‘The film is the most sickening in the world today and one the public should never see.’ (Manchester Evening News)


‘The BBC is failing in its duty in keeping it from the public ... packed with things people have forgotten or not bothered to read.’ (Leicester Mercury)


‘Shocking ... leaves the impression of sadness and madness.’ (Oxford Mail)


‘Horrifying, but so also would be a nuclear war.’ (Evening Mail, Birmingham)


‘THIS FILM MUST BE SHOWN ... No wonder the Establishment wants to stop the film being widely shown. If several million people saw it, the campaign for the banning of nuclear weapons would receive an enormous impetus.’ (The Daily Worker)


‘A WARNING MASTERPIECE. It may be the most important film ever made. We are always being told that works of art cannot change the course of history. Given wide enough discrimination, I believe this one might ...‘The War Game’ stirred me at a level deeper than panic or grief ... It precisely communicates one man’s vision of disaster, and I cannot think that it is diminished as art because the vision happens to correspond with the facts. Like Michelangelo’s ‘Last Judgement’, it proposes itself as an authentic documentary image of the wrath to come - though Michelangelo was working from data less capable of verification.’ (Film and theatre critic, The Observer)

「警告の傑作。今までに制作された映画で最重要かもしれない。我々は常に芸術作品が歴史の流れを変えることはできないと言われてきた。ここまで広く差別されたということから見て、歴史の流れを変えるものかもしれないと私は思う。"The War Game"はパニックや悲しみよりも深いレベルで私を掻き乱した。ひとりの人の災厄のビジョンを正確に提示している。私はこれを芸術として済ませたくない。これは事実を反映したビジョンだ。ミケランジェロの"最後の審判"のように、それ自体が、来るべき怒りの本格的ドキュメンタリー映像としての地位を提唱している。もっともミケランジェロは検証能力の低いデータで作品を作ったが。」(映画評論家, ジ・オブザーバー)

[The War Game on Peter Watkins Film]


また、部分的に引用されていたStephen Vincent Benétの詩"Song for Three Soldiers"の全文は以下の通り:
[Stephen Vincent Benét (1898-1943): Song for Three Soldiers (1940)]

Oh, where are you coming from, soldier, fine soldier,
In your dandy new uniform, all spick and span,
With your helmeted head and the gun on your shoulder,
Where are you coming from, gallant young man?

I come from the war that was yesterday's trouble,
I come with the bullet still blunt in my breast;
Though long was the battle and bitter the struggle,
Yet I fought with the bravest, I fought with the best.

Oh, where are you coming from, soldier, tall, soldier,
With ray-gun and sun-bomb and everything new,
And a face that might well have been carved from a boulder,
Where are you coming from, now tell me true!

My harness is novel, my uniform other
Than any gay uniform people have seen,
Yet I am your future and I am your brother
And I am the battle that has not yet been.

Oh, where are you coming from, soldier, gaunt soldier,
With weapons beyond any reach of my mind,
With weapons so deadly the world must grow older
And die in its tracks, if it does not turn kind?

Stand out of my way and be silent before me!
For none shall come after me, foeman or friend,
Since the seed of your seed called me out to employ me,
And that was the longest, and that was the end.

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